Year 3 and 4 Condover Hall Residential 2016

Year 4 Condover Hall Residential 2019 What does the price include? Within the price, children will be provided with: Food and drink Accommodation Day and evening activities Travel to and from Condover

Insurance All activities are led by fully trained leaders. Activities are planned throughout the day, including an evening activity. Children will all take part in the same activities over the period of the stay. What is Condover Hall? A residential activity centre in Shropshire, specialising in Childrens adventurous activities. The site is run by a group called JCA, who organise and train leaders to ensure the children get the most out of the residential. Children develop stronger teamwork skills and begin to learn life

skills, such as being able to take care of themselves in a new environment. Children will challenge themselves, which is also important in the classroom to ensure they make good progress. Children develop new friendships with other people in their own and other year groups. Its fun! Which activities will my child be taking part in?

Condover Hall has a wide variety of activities on offer. We have booked to take part in the following activities: Thursday 9.00 - 10.45am - 2.00 10.30am 12.15pm 3.30pm Friday 3.45 5.15pm 7.15 8.45pm 9.00 - 10.45am 10.30am 12.15pm ABSEIL CLIMB GLADIATOR WALL LASER MAZE/GRID OF



GLADIATOR WALL Children are not forced to take part in all activities, but will be encouraged to ensure they get the most out of the residential. You can view some of these activities on Youtube. Facilities Swimming Pool Gift Shop Cinema Room Restaurant Classroom NEW Aerial Course

Themed Rooms Dance Studio Spell Room Grid of Stones Tunnelling Room Laser Maze Buzz Room Where will the children stay? Children will sleep in dormitories that vary in size.

They sleep 6-10 children. We will group the children, taking into account their preferences. Their dorm groups will be different to their activity groups to ensure that the children get the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people. The children will not know of their groups until we arrive. If you have any concerns please speak to your childs teacher. During lunch and dinner, children have a hot meal in the canteen. A wide variety of food is provided and the hall will cater for any specific dietary needs (please let us know ASAP if your children requires a special diet- This should have been on the medical form).

At breakfast, children have a choice of cereal and cooked breakfasts, such as bacon cobs (Menus will vary). What does my child need to take? We have completed a comprehensive kit list for you to complete with your child. We do encourage the children to help with packing their case so that they are aware of everything that is in it! We advise that you put in enough clothing for both days and a possible spare set in case the children get muddy. Waterproofs are essential as the activities still take place in wet weather (within reason!). Will my child need a packed lunch?

As we do not arrive at Condover until around 12 O'clock, the children will need to bring a packed lunch to eat when we arrive. Your child will be provided with an evening meal on the Thursday, and breakfast and dinner on the Friday. The food was fantastic during our last stay and there was a wide variety of food to choose from. Medication Any medication needs to be clearly labelled with the childs name and put in a clear plastic bag. All medication should be passed to your childs teacher

along with clear instructions regarding administration. A parental consent form for the administration of medicines will be provided and should be returned with the medication on the morning of the trip. The same applies to travel sickness medication. Accommodation Accommodation comprises several blocks, all of which are completely refurbished. A member of JCA staff is on call 24 hours a day. In the evening Senior Staff are on duty until 10:30pm and night security patrol between 10:30pm and 7am. Each entrance is secured with a key code lock. Teaching staff are on call all night (and day) should any child require our assistance! Spacious Dormitories Quotes from childrens letters after visiting Condover. I really enjoyed going to Condover and would really like to go there again just to see the instructors as I miss them already. Everyone was working together. The instructor was really encouraging and so was the team. My favourite activities were rock climbing and caving because you encouraged everyone to have a go! That was the best

residential trip ever. As soon as I stepped into the vortex it looked amazing! Quote from a parent helper after visiting Condover. I was impressed with the reception we got on arrival and introduction to the centre. After a pleasant guided tour of the house we went straight into activities. I can say that all the instructors were very knowledgeable of each of the activities and the feedback from the children was very positive. Overall the experience at Condover Hall was excellent and a great start for the childrens social interaction. I wish there was these type of facilities when I was 9/10 yrs old. This is a very recommendable place for all ages and will leave a long lasting memory for myself and the children who attended, my own son included. Once again thank you for an excellent stay and if the chance arises again for me to visit I shall jump at the chance. weve had a phenomenal time thanks to everyone at JCA. The children have taken away memories that will last a lifetime On the day of the trip

We will not be departing for Condover Hall until around 10 Oclock so children should aim to be at school at the normal time. Rather than coming into class, all children will be able to make their way into the main hall. This is to ensure that all children attending the trip are present and it gives parents the opportunity to hand over any medication to the staff. During the morning, the children will have the opportunity to participate in some team building games before we depart. Commonly asked questions

Q: How long does it take to get to Condover Hall? A: Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. We will inform the office when we arrive and a text message will be sent out to let you know that we have arrived safely Q: My child still has problems with bed wetting. Are there plans in place for this? A: Yes, all beds at CH have plastic sheeting covering them. We will be able to discuss with the centre if your child has an accident, and they will discretely deal with sheet changing whilst the children are out of their rooms. We can also help children discretely change if they wear pull ups etc. Please make Mrs Clayton aware of any children who may need assistance in this area.

Q: Will my child have to do all of the activities? They are scared of heights! A: We encourage children to challenge themselves and take risks, but will never force any child to take part in any activities. Pupil welfare and safety is our number 1 priority. Q: Can my child take a mobile phone/ electrical items with them? A: We strongly discourage this. All staff will have a phone, as does the centre, along with emergency contact details. Electrical items are also discouraged as if they are lost or damaged, RJS or Condover Hall cannot take responsibility. As a result, it is best to not take these objects with us to prevent upset. Any Questions?

If you have any questions that you would like to discuss in private please do not hesitate to contact any members of staff attending the trip. Also, take a look at the Condover Hall website, where you will see photographs of activities and find information about accommodation and activities.

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