Safe Schools and Bullying Prevention CCSD Board Report, February 2019 Bullying Prevention Education Layers of Coordinated Support Essential Skills for Students, Staff, and Community (link)

Students Parents and Community School Staff Transportation Staff District Staff

Investigators Bus Driver Training On January 21, 75 bus drivers attended a 1.5 hour training focused on bullying prevention and response Definition of bullying and what it is and is not Safe School Survey data related to riding the bus Impact of bullying on students On the spot interventions How to report possible bullying situations

Exit Ticket Results What action will I take on my bus about bullying?

I I I I I I I I will will will

will will will will will be more observant - 12 intervene to stop it - 9 report it to Kris Hartgrave - 8 be more proactive in preventing bullying - 5 work to develop better relationships with kids/parents - 3 talk more about behavior expectations on the bus -2

focus on the behavior and not on the student - 1 work to empower bystanders -1 Draft of online form parents can use for reports of bullying behavior Parent Newsletter about Bullying and Harassment (sent in November) An Elementary School Context:

Prairie View Bully Prevention in the Elementary School Olweus Definition of Bullying: Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.

Olweus Elementary Bully Prevention Weekly Class Meeting with Support Staff (Prevention) Definition of Bullying (Prevention) Bully Circle (Prevention) CCSD Intake/Investigation Plan (Response) Safety Plans/District Data Collection (Response)

Safe Survey View 3rd & 4th Grade Results (Response) A Secondary School Context: Prairie Point Bully Prevention Point 101 We believe that culture must be purposely developed and managed to optimize the chance to live our mission, become our vision, and fulfill

our educational purpose and responsibilities. Point 101 is developed to build a positive school culture, by having students connect with school staff through culture building activities and the teaching of school-wide expectations. Digital Lessons lessons) (new students/refresher Homeroom Curriculum

Community Partnerships Responding to Reports of Alleged Bullying Behavior Screening and Investigating CCSD Intake & Investigation

Data: Safe Schools Survey, Data: Founded Incidents of Bullying/Harassment Number of Total Investigations Number of Founded Cases of Bullying 2015-2016 32

25 2016-2017 23 13 2017-2018 9

9 2018-2019 (as of 1.17.19) 8 5 Year Interconnected

Systems Framework Prairie Crest and Prairie View Pilot Project Update Strategic Plan Connections Focus 1: We are committed to creating caring, safe, and equitable school environments that meet the social, emotional, academic, and overall wellness needs of ALL students - ALL means ALL. Goal 1d: By June of 2019, 85% or more of all students will have 0 to 1 discipline referrals. Focus 4: We are committed to partnering with parents and our

larger community to provide supports, opportunities, and learning experiences to maximize student success. Goal 4b: By June of 2019, we will convene a District Community Leadership Team (DCLT) to support student mental health and social-emotional needs. The purpose of the DCLT is to develop structures to efficiently and effectively collaborate across sectors to: Purpose

CCSD DistrictCommunity Leadership Team (DCLT) Support the mental health of all students, families, and staff. Increase the resilience of all students, families, staff, and community. Increase mental health education and decrease the stigma of mental illness in

our community. Representatio n CCSD DistrictCommunity Leadership Team (DCLT) Unity Point Behavioral Health Mercy Behavioral Health University of Iowa Tanager Place

Project SAFE CRCA HACAP First Five Four Oaks United Way CR Police Department Foundation 2 CCSD Parent School and district staff What is our focus? School Teams

DCLT Provide multi-tiered supports for all students to meet their social and emotional needs Network with one another to overcome barriers to crosssector collaboration Plan for the implementation of Universal Screening of socialemotional wellness

Determine data that would inform our next steps, aligned with our purpose Map Tier I, II, and III interventions and in-on-out criteria Provide input for the Universal Screening process for socialemotional wellness Next meetings

Prairie Point Project Room February 20, 8:30 - 10:00 April 28, 8:30 - 10:00 Questions for our team?

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