WELCOME TO BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT! Mr. Watkins, Mrs. Cacioppo, & Mrs. Mahoney 5th Grade Room 13, Room 18, & Room 19 Class Expectations Be RESPECTFUL Be RESPONSIBLE Be FRIENDLY Be SAFE Be PRODUCTIVE Classroom Management

Students will be rewarded for appropriate behavior in the following manner: 1. Positive behavior! o Compliments from the teacher o Community circles (character education) o Compliments from other students 2. Group points 3. Silver Horseshoes (all staff members) 4. Classroom jobs o Reinforce positive classroom behavior o Promote community o Classroom money---end of trimester auction *Donations

Classroom Management The following consequences are the result when a student is not following the classroom expectations: 1. REMINDER- Teacher re-directs student 2. WARNING- Fine (classroom money) 3. LOSS OF RECESS- Fine and loss of 1 recess 4. PARENT CONTACT- Phone call or email home and/ or sent to a time out classroom. (Fine) 5. PRINCIPAL- All the behavior and discipline plans exhausted (Fine) NOTE: Curriculum The fifth grade curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards. Please refer to the grade level

standards for more details. (link in back to school packet) Language Arts: Benchmark Advance , Accelerated Reader, Learning Center (based on i-Ready assessment needs) Writing: LOTS OF IT! Magic Lens grammar, 5-step writing process, focus on Opinion, Informative/Explanatory, Narrative writing Math: enVision MATH, emphasis on problem solving Curriculum Science: Amplify Science based on new NGSS standards Social Studies: Social Studies Alive! Americas Past, U.S. Constitution, States & Capitals Life Skills: organization, problem solving, study skills, Second Step: Skills for Social & Academic

Success, community circle, Autism and special needs awareness Other Activities: Computers (Chromebooks), Music, Art, P.E., Innovation Station (STEM Lab), A.S.S.I.S.T. Daily Schedule 8:25-9:10 Talk Morning Routine / HW / DOL / Walk & 9:10-10:00 on Language Arts/P.E./Music (depending day)

PE: 9:10 Watkins--Tues. 9:15-9:45 Cacioppo--Wed. 8:40-9:10 10:00-11:00 Language Arts/Science 11:00-11:40 Lunch 11:40-1:00 12:55-1:15 1:15-1:40 Math *Additional PE time may vary. Music:

Recess Second Step/Science/S.S. Thurs. 9:10-9:45 Friday 9:10-9:45 Library: 1:40-1:55 Agendas, pack up 1:55-2:35 Mahoney--Tues. 8:40- Learning Center (Mon-Thurs) TBA

Homework Purpose Students responsibility o Agendas o Time management o Expandable folder o Reading Daily Assignments o Always due the next day o Late assignments are due by the end of the day or they will be counted as NO CREDIT o Students will finish homework at recess if needed o Amnesia

MONDAY TUESDAY MATH Practice math facts P 1-1 (left side) LANGUAGE ARTS Silent book

reading book WEDNESDAY P 1-2 (1, 5, 6, 7, 10, 15) (11-14 challenge) SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES All About Me Job Application

___OTHER_ __ Supplies/ headphones Supplies/ headphones Supplies/ headphones Back to School Night Wednesday in multi

6:30-7:30 Back to School Night Wednesday in multi 6:30-7:30 Back to school checklist (due Monday) Back to School Night

Wednesday in multi 6:30-7:30 THURSDAY FRIDAY Accelerated Reader Students will have an Accelerated Reader assignment depending on their homeroom teacher. The quizzes must be within their reading level. They will be due the Friday before the end of each trimester. This not only counts for effort grades but also for reading grades.

It is your CHILDS RESPONSIBILITY to take quizzes. Grades Homework/Class * Honor Roll: 3.5 Assignments1-10 ptsgrade Tests100 pts Quizzes25 or 50 pts point average or better Teacher Observations * Principals List: All Reports AR No extra credit

A's * All subjects are averaged * A student may not Middle School Honors MATH HONORS ENGLISH 5th Grade Math=As or Bs CAASPP = 3 or 4 i-Ready = level 5 or greater

5th Grade Reading =As 5th Grade Writing =As i-Ready = at least 653 CAASPP overall score exceeded standard Option to skipsee me in the Spring ***These are LAST years requirements*** Volunteers

ALL PARENTS who work in the CLASSROOM and GO ON FIELD TRIPS need to be FINGERPRINTED (CAT II) The process can take up to 2 weeks. All parents MUST sign in at the office and have a badge on. Life Touch will be taking pictures for badges on picture make-up day. Russell Ranch PTA Please JOIN! Box Tops Please JOIN! New tables and umbrellas, agendas, Friday folders, and LOTS more

Field Trips ColomaOctober Aquatic CenterMay ($40) In-n-OutMay ($6) Coloma Outdoor Discovery School Oct. 2-4 www.cods.org Cost $260 (due by Sept. 4) Last years deposit of $100 credited Payments to teacher: Checks addressed to Russell Ranch Elementary Coloma Volunteers

Need 17-20 parent volunteers Must be cleared through the office as a volunteer (TB & fingerprinted) Interested? Parent questionnaire If we have more volunteers than needed, we will draw names. Coloma Volunteers Parents will not be in the same learning group as their child. Why? Outdoor school is an opportunity to grow for many children. We've found that students perform better when independent from Mom or Dad. Remind parents that they will have times to reconnect: at meals, free

time, during the evening program, and in the bunkhouse (if specifically requested). Coloma Outdoor Discovery School Cabins At the most 12 individuals in each. Each cabin will be supervised by 12 Parent Counselors. Cabins are climate-controlled Flushing toilet and sink Additional shower houses are available. Cafeteria

3 meals a day Menu available online Seconds If your child has a dietary need, please let your teacher know. o prepare ready-to-eat, supplemental food, packaged for each meal. Once on-site, access to refrigeration and a microwave is available. Medications All medications, including over-thecounter (OTC) medications, must have a written statement on the Medical Information and Release Form (provided by CODS) from your authorized health care provider AND the parent

or guardian. All medications must be turned in to the office by Sept. 13. Miscellaneous Thank you for all of the supplies!! Friday Folders (please sign and return on Monday) Math Facts Electronic Book Readers -fill out release Envision Math PowerSchool Parent

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