World CP Day 2016

World Cerebral Palsy Day 2019 Sponsorship Proposal [insert your logo and the prospect organization's logo] World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day is global a social movement of, by and for people with CP. Our vision is to ensure that everyone with CP has the same rights, access and opportunities as anyone else in their community. About cerebral palsy (CP) Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood.

Globally, there are 17 million people with CP, and 350 million family members and caregivers. CP is caused by an injury to the developing brain, usually before birth. For most cases, the cause is unknown. CP is a lifelong disability that affects

movement and is often accompanied by speech, swallowing, cognitive, vision and hearing impairments. World CP Day: October 6 World CP Day is an opportunity to: Celebrate the lives and achievements of people with CP Create a powerful voice for people with CP

and their families to change their world Showcase the best projects or campaigns through the annual World CP Day Awards. Connect organizations across the globe so they are better equipped to meet the needs of people with CP

Act as a catalyst for social change to create solutions to universal challenges. World CP Day: How it Works 72 countries, 450 organizations. Thousands of individuals and families share their stories on the map. Website with tools and educational resources for partner organizations and individuals to

adapt and use for local campaigns. A network of volunteers, organizations and ambassadors to advise, support, and coordinate in-country efforts. Promotion and storytelling through video, print and digital channels to celebrate the lives and achievements of people with CP and their supporters.

About Us [INSERT: Name of your organization] was formed in [INSERT: Year] We provide services to [INSERT: children and adults] with disabilities: e.g

Therapy and treatment Family support and information Equipment and technology Day programs for adults [INSERT: How we make a difference to the lives of people with CP/disabilities] [INCLUDE ENGAGING IMAGES] Plans for World CP Day Our organization plans to mark World CP Day 2019 by:

[INSERT: Details about how your organization will celebrate, take action or focus attention on an issue for World CP Day. Include engaging images] World CP Day 2019 [INSERT: Your specific financial request and budget] e.g. ITEM Venue and equipment hire Event promotion, e.g. marketing collateral, signage, printing Catering Prizes

Transport $ Partnership benefits In acknowledgement of your companys generous support, we will: [INSERT: the partnership benefits you can offer to a sponsor/partner] Examples Brand exposure e.g. logo on website or event signage Keynote speech at launch of event Promotion through local media, such as newspapers, radio and TV Promotion through social media channels Samples of your product at an event Staff engagement activity

Opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the inclusion of people with a disability. World CP Day 2019 [Describe how your prospective partner/sponsor can make a significant difference by supporting World CP Day campaign] Thank you!

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