World Bank BBL Series on Agricultural Innovation Systems

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What is our underlying philosophy? How are we vertically integrated?

Gap Diagram Bottom-up Community based / village-based Value farmer knowledge, knowledge of place, traditional ecological knowledge. Social action group created. Holistic, participatory Health, education, agriculture not separate functions, part of each other. Local community empowered. Farmer-driven. Village chief and elders first level of involvement. Village womens association major role.

Vertical integration with local school system. Coordinated with national ag research organization and host country university What do we know that works in these specific cultures? To what do we need to pay attention? 4-Way Matrix US / European business models

Electronics Not physical, face-to-face communication Not including the chief and elders in process Written reports and record keeping Gap Diagram Who are the actors with the Center?

IER, lInstitut dEconomie Rurale, Mali national agricultural research organization IPR/IFRA, lInstitut Polytechnique Rurale et Institut Formation Recherches Appliquee, Mali national agricultural university US universities Tribal college (Montana) Actors and Incubators Montana externs At time of design (2004)

At time of Launching (2007) Now, at time of Hatching (2009) IER, National Agricultural Research Organization of Mali IPR/IFRA, National Agricultural University ENI, National Engineering University US Universities and Tribal College Faculty Students

Select 7 trainees Begin English/graduate program Obtain basic training in holistic / participatory / Farmer First process Complete graduate program, villagebased M.S. thesis Launch Incubator Center / individual, village-based incubators Mutualistic collaboration farmers, the Mali Incubator Center, US university faculty/students

Six incubators are in various stages of development and progressing toward hatching Mutualistic collaboration US / Malian Schools of Engineering - faculty/students, the Mali Agricultural Business Entrepreneurial Incubator Center Actors and Incubators Certified Disease-Free Seed Potato Incubator Sustainable Cooling System Incubator Longterm Cowpea Storage Incubator

Malaria Handicrafts Incubator Seed Potato Cowpeas Malaria Handicrafts BORKO SEED POTATOES 2,000 farmers in seed potato production 5 Cool storage

providers 20 providing transportation assistance 200,000 farmers in table potatoes SUSTAINABLE COOLER Faculty / students Metalsmiths Cool storage providers COWPEA INCUBATOR

1,000 in Sanambele 5 entrepreneurs MALARIA HANDICRAFT INCUBATOR 23 women in Sanambele 1,000 potential persons receive benefit in village Eventually 12 neighboring villages can receive benefit, ca. 12,000 persons. COSTS

Training Center members Training $400,000 (USAID-HED); $99,000 (Montana State Univ.) Launching University programs/Incubators $250,000 + $300,000 + $462,000 All of these funds were officially matched 1:1 Additional match has been documented. Hatching, SelfSufficiency proposal

TOTAL NUMBER FARMERS /OTHERS BENEFITTING 202,000 X 6 = 1,212,000 Farmers/ Villagers or $2.20 per farmer/villager 200 new Malian university graduates 35 non-village entrepreneurs BENEFITS TO INCUBATORS

BENEFITS TO U.S. UNIVERSITIES No cost expertise Training Lifetime collaborators Discovery-based flow chart UST externs Support for the Quiet Revolution in International issues Awards (campuswide and national) to

faculty and students at all partner universities and tribal college Montana Externs Mutualist Diagram Kenya, Khesara District, Bozeman Engineers without Borders Pakistan schools for village girls and boys Bangledesh Grameen Bank and other countries village-based, women-based

microfinance systems Lessons learned What would we do differently next time? Revenues coming in Benefits to local businesses Integration of research and

development How would we scale up? Local ideas Local issues Local volunteers/entrepreneurs Think holistically

Foreigners exit fast

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