Wireless City Lightning Slides

Knoxville Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Laboratory Wireless City: Integrated, CoResident Mobile Broadband and Industrial Shared Spectrum Devices and Systems: Demonstrated in Knoxville TN Presenters: Peter Fuhr, Ken Tobin Q1: "What would you do?" Deploy coordinated shared spectrum devices for: (1) Mobile broadband in metro-Knoxville (RCSim modeling for aggregator deployment locations for optimal RF coverage) (2) Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) integration and performance

verification in regional utilities (3) Conduct Cyber security vulnerability detection and analysis (4) Utilize virtualization and laboratory facilties at ORNL to link with other Wireless Model Sites (5) Leverage DOE-sponsored Building Energy Efficiency IoT S&T with in-service urban structures Questions posed in 30MAR15 email from Wendy Wigen (NITRD) Q2: "Why?" Addressing the communications needs of the community.

(metro-wide connectivity without a fiber infrastructure mortgage). Coverage and connectivity for underserved community members (business, personal). Address and demonstrate shared spectrum solutions to the RF congestion issues associated with wireless industrial sensors deployed in factories, utilities, plants. Utilize the wireless, sensors, energy delivery systems RD&D underway at ORNL. Hybrid virtualization (@ORNL) and field deployment (@Knoxville) for performance monitoring of advancing shared spectrum IoT devices in a realistic wireless city setting. Q3: "How would you do it?" Model Spectrum Arbitrage on Nations largest HPC systems @ ORNL Coexistence Verification: Deployed and Coresident Mobile

Broadband & Industrial IoT Devices (renting spectrum) + see how it works in practice Shared Spectrum IoT Devices Partners: Standards

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