WIOA & Data Validation

WIOA & Data Validation Module 16 2019 WIOA National Performance Training U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration WIOA & Data Validation - Definition WIOA section 116(d)(5) requires the Departments to establish data validation guidelines to ensure the information contained in program reports is valid and reliable. Todays Objectives Review Joint Data Validation Requirements

Identify where States are in achieving the framework Discuss feedback for DOL only guidance, best practices, challenges 3 Toto, Ive got a feeling were not in Kansas anymore. ~ Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

4 WIOA Data Validation: The Next Generation DOL, in collaboration with the Department of Education, published Training and Employment Guidance (TEGL) 7-18 DOL to provide States with a general framework for data validation Applies to the six core programs: WIOA title I: Adult program, Dislocated Worker program, and Youth program, Title II: The Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) program, Title III: Employment Service program authorized under the Wagner-Peyser Act,

as amended by WIOA title III and administered by DOL; Title IV: Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program authorized under title I of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended by WIOA title IV and administered by ED. 5 WIA vs. WIOA No specific statistical validation methodology No specific data validation

software No performance report State agencies develop their own data validation procedures for their programs 6 Do I have to. Develop a joint procedure with the six core programs?

Conduct data validation jointly? Submit a report? Jointly? Use software? Whose? NO 7 What IS Required? Procedures Training

Monitoring Written procedures: Process for identifying and correcting errors or missing data. Train Staff: At least once a year. Monitoring protocols: Ensure staff are following the written data validation procedures and take appropriate corrective action as needed. 8

What IS Required? (cont.) Review Document Assess Regularly review program data (quarterly) for errors, missing data, out-of-range values, and anomalies. Document errors are corrected.

Regularly assess effectiveness of the data validation process (e.g., at least annually) and revise as needed. 9 Source Documentation Same concept as WIA Allows

electronic, paper, or mix of options States can customize source documentation 10 Source Documentation: A Closer Look States must include regular data element validation through core program monitoring on 24 common data elements in the joint WIOA Participant

Individual Record Layout (PIRL) which are listed in Attachment I of the guidance. States may: Maintain supporting documentation for program-specific data elements not included in this joint guidance. Conduct additional source document validation on more data elements. Require additional source documentation in their procedures. Attachment I contains instructions and definitions that ensure all programs are interpreting different types of source documentation consistently. 11

Source Documentation: A Closer Look Example Employed in the 2nd Quarter after Exit The State program may choose any of the source documents listed, as appropriate. 12 Coming Soon: DOL Only Guidance ETA is drafting data validation guidance that expands upon TEGL 7-18 for titles I and III, and includes instructions for DOLonly funded grant programs to ensure that data contained in

all program reports submitted to DOL is valid and reliable. This upcoming DOL-only data validation guidance will have additional data elements where ETA prescribes source documentation. 13 Examples: What States are Saying Data Validation

Incorporated into Monitoring Accountability specialist who regularly monitors the local program data and provides technical assistance. Audits completed at eligibility.

State uses a comprehensive monitoring tool including data elements. Monitors incorporating data validation quarterly monitoring visits.

MIS monitoring is focused on data validation. Mandatory data validation checks on participant files during annual program monitoring. Electronic reviews: Reviewing data regularly for errors and outliers.

14 Reporting No separate data validation report Tell us your methodology in the annual report narrative Different Title programs are not expected to report jointly 15 Monitoring DOL will incorporate data validation into grants management Check for processes

Procedures Training Corrective action File review and source documentation Ongoing data analysis 16 Discussion Questions 1. To what extent have you developed data validation procedures consistent with the framework outlined in the TEGL? a. Develop written DV procedures?

b. Conduct regular reviews or data? c. Document issues? 2. Have any states implemented (or plan to implement) a statistical sampling methodology? 3. Have any states required data element validation beyond the 24 required elements? If so, how were they chosen, and how did you develop the requirements for source documentation? 4. What additional guidance would be useful that could be included in the DOL only Data Validation? 17 Any Questions? 18

Contact [email protected] 19 Please complete your evaluations. 20

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