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WELCOME! Ventures Winter Guard September Meeting WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS President of the Board of Directors Lynne Feehan Director Jacquie Renaud Introduction of the Board Members BOARD OF DIRECTORS CON'T Shannon Adams Vice President

Tracey McKelvie Treasurer Larissa Robertson - Secretary Kathy Schaeffer Tracey Sanders Shannon Vona Erica Davidson JACQUIE VISION AND MISSION ONE TEAM~ ONE JOURNEY MISSION STATEMENT

The Ventures is a youth activity committed to the personal, societal and artistic education of each participant through the medium of a winter guard. We believe in excellence and innovation in all that we do. Accountabilit y Accept the responsibility for the outcomes expected of you.

Good Stewardshi p The responsibility of overseeing & protecting something considered worth caring for & preserving.

Our Beliefs Communicatio n To have engaged and united teamwork based on open communication and superior listening skills.

Integrity & Kindness Do the right thing even when no one is watching and be kind in your words and actions. One Team. One Journey. Continuous Improveme

nt & High Expectation s Value excellence and sustained effort through commitment and a strong work ethic.. Celebrate success! Teamwork

Move away from the word me and think we! Working together to benefit the entire Venture organization. BUDGET TRACEY MCKELVIE Income includes things like

Corporate contributions Grants Fundraising bingo, calendars Profit from Home Show Membership dues Uniform fees Expenses includes things like

Administration fees Program expenses Consultation Equipment Uniforms Transportation Accommodations

Facility rentals INCOME INCOME Donations Grants 750 15,000 City of Waterloo, City of Kitchener Bingo 15,000 Other Fundraising 9,800 Chicken, Calendars, Raffle,

Lasagna dinner Other revenue 10,600 PSB Rebate, Guard Show Membership 15,400 Dues TOTAL 66,55 0 EXPENSES EXPENSES General Program

Cadets Program 12,500 15,000 IA Program 35,000 WGI Administration Foreign Exchange Vehicle

15,000 3,000 7,500 6,200 TOTAL 94,200 Shortfall 27 650

Banquet, Registration fees, Director Equipment, Uniforms, Staff, Transportation Equipment, Uniforms, Staff, Transportation Hotel, Fees, Tickets, Food Website, Bank Fees, Liability Insurance The cost of dealing in US$ (incl WGI) Fuel, repairs and insurance for the truck CADET DUES

Option #1 2 payments Option #2 7 equal payments October 15 - $210 Due on the 15th of every month - $65 January 15 - $210 A GUARD DUES Option #1 2 payments Option #2

7 equal payments October 15 - $350 Due on the 15th of every month January 15 - $350 $105 FUNDRAISING Sunday October 6th Annual Lasagna Dinner and Cake Auction Tickets $10 in advance available here today and at both guard practices Tickets $15 at the door Upcoming Fundraising Elmira Poultry, Cash

Calendars, Lotteries and Draws more to be determined POLICE CHECKS The Vulnerable Sector Check is restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteering, in Canada, who are in a position of authority or trust relative to vulnerable individuals. It is a collection of offence information, including convictions, outstanding warrants, charges and judicial orders available from a local police agency's records management system and other systems/records where authorized. This check will include sexual offence convictions for which the individual has received a record suspension where authorized by the Minister of

POLICE CHECK Can I apply? You must reside in the Region of Waterloo. Proof of address is required upon record check pick up. How much? $40 for up to five applications at the same time, per person. The fee will be reduced to $10 for volunteers. Where to apply? Apply ONLINE now! A credit card is required for online submission. Applications can also be submitted at the Police Reporting Centre, 150 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge, Ontario; however, wait times can be unpredictable. It is recommended to apply well in advance. Acceptable identification is required, as well as proof of address. Applicants can

choose which location they would like to pick up the completed record check. POLICE CHECK Who needs one? Instructors Chaperones Floor crew WHO CAN RIDE ON THE BUS? Instructors Members Chaperones

Floor crew Members of the Board of Directors BINGO EACH MEMBERS PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST VOLUNTEER FOR 4 BINGOS STARTING WITH THE 2019-2020 THE PAYOUT OPTION WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE this change is due to the lack of volunteers and we cannot afford to lose this fundraiser SLACK TUTORIAL Slack is a collaboration hub where parents, instructors and members can

work together to get things done. Everyone will have access to rehearsal times and changes, fundraising reminders, and much more! In Slack, all information will be communicated in something called a channel There will be a member, parent, instructor and board of directors channel Why are we using Slack? Slack will allow us to simplify communication. How do I get Slack?

Slack is free to use. You can download slack wherever you download apps for your device. Please check your email for your invitation to join ventureswinterguards.slack WGI BREAKOUT MEETING Cadet parents youre free to go please make sure you have signed in with your name, mobile number and email address. A guard members and parents stay tuned WGI DETAILS This trip is NOT confirmed.

If enough funds are not raised to go on the trip, the trip will be cancelled. COMPETITION DATES TRAVEL DATES Travel dates - The guard would need to depart on Tuesday March 31, 2020. Our return date is still to be determined but the maximum date would be Sunday, April 5th late in the day. There will be a component of missing school and parents should discuss this will their member before committing to this trip.

EXPENSES Transportation Accommodations Miscellaneous Exchange Total $6000 $8000 (10 rooms) $500 $2800 $17 800

WGI- FUNDRAISING 18 members - $990/member The board is willing to split the cost of the trip with the members. That would mean that the members are responsible for raising approximately $8900. (this amount could change based on confirmed membership numbers). This represents approximately $500 per member. This is in addition to the regular fundraising already included in the budget. (Chicken, Lottery, Calendars, WGI FUNDRAISING OPTIONS #1 - Parents and members make an additional payment

of the full amount. #2 -Parents and members make an additional partial payment and fundraise the rest of the required amount. This amount will not be determined until February 1st after fundraising amounts received are calculated. #3 - Parents and members fundraise the entire amount. WGI - FUNDRAISING IDEAS Ideas for fundraising: Christmas baking - the members will bake and sell Christmas baking for sale during the Christmas Season. Medium Reading Fundraiser - a reading night with a medium will be held. Tickets will be sold to the event.

Sponsorship - Members seek sponsorships/donations from businesses, family, friends, alumni

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