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winning with leadership! annual conference 2011 aston business school 18h may 2011

who the hell is andy hanselman? i research, write about, talk about and work with high performance

organisations (and have been for over 20 years!) how I work. awareness

assessment actio www.andyhanselman.com

www.twitter.com/ andyhanselman [email protected] what do we want

from our committed motivated, effectiv

what do our people want from

5 key things..... the ability to convey a clear vision the ability to deal with challenges a commitment to high quality valuing employees (and their opinions) having the confidence of employees

the kenexa research institutes 2010 worktrends research report, exploring leadership and managerial effectiveness were not performing! less than 50% of

uk employees believe their leaders are performing effectively in the kenexa researchthese institutes 2010

worktrends research areas! report, exploring leadership and managerial effectiveness whats the difference

between manageme nt and leadership? managers maintain the status quo

monitor situation allocate resources communicate targets measure the results feedback on the trends leaders

strategic thinkers look forward and create visions challenge motivate inspire engage

7 ideas to help you win with your leadership idea 1 on, not in!

on in strateg ic operational tactical

its ok to go for a walk! idea 2 get that vision thing getting that vision thing

creating a clear picture of the future that stimulates, excites and inspires

what does a vision look like? a vision....... is not simply a set of financial figures or

targets is not a business plan is not a pie in the sky idea is more than words in the principals annual speech at the staff conference a vision

is a picture of the future that we want is a point of strategic focus for the leadership of the organisation or team is something for everyone to work towards

a leader's job is to rally people toward a better future marcus buckingham

imagine the future - what does it hold for your college? err.......are you sure? well-informed people

know it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires and that were it possible to do so, the thing would be of no practical editorialvalue

in the boston post 1865 heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible lord kelvin,mathematician, physicist, and president of the british royal society, 1865

the telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. the device is inherently of

no value to us western union internal memo,1876 i think there is a world market for

about five computers thomas watson, chairman of ibm, 1943 there is no reason for any individual to have

a computer in their home ken olsen, president of dec at the convention of the world future society, 1977 640k ought to

be enough for anybody bill gates, 1981 by the end of the year the ipod will be

dead, kaput, finished sir alan sugar, early 2005 youll look great wearing that hat at

the wedding sis beatrice to eugenie and eugenie to beatrice, 2011 what does your vision look like?

what will we have in place by the end of what will we

have in place by the end of people tell us they need to know: how is this vision relevant to me?

what specifically do you want me to do? how will I be measured? what consequences will I face?

what tools and support are available? whats in it for me? how are we doing? the leaders

role? to help people answer idea 3 - get engaged

what uk workers really think about work ?? % are actively engaged

?? % arent engaged ?? % are actively disengaged = 100% ?? % want to work hard and do their best % worked just hard enough

avoid being fired! ? % believe they could be gnificantly more productive Source: Gallup 17 % are actively engaged

63 % arent engaged 20 % are actively disengaged = 100% 88 % want to work hard and do their best % worked just hard enough avoid being fired!

5 % believe they could be gnificantly more productive Source: Gallup the benefits of

an 50% more likely to have lower staff turnover source: gallup

56% more likely to have higher than average customer loyalty source: gallup 38%

more likely to have above average productivity source: gallup 27% more likely to report

higher profitability source: gallup give your people a amn good listening t

12 questions to 1. do i know what is expected of me at work? consider..... 2. do i have the materials and equipment that i need in order to do my work right? 3. at work, do i have the opportunity to do what i do

best every day? 4. in the past seven days, have i received recognition or praise for doing good work? 5. does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person? 6. is there someone at work who encourages my development?

Source: Q12, The Gallup Organisation 12 questions to consider..... 7. at work, do my opinions seem to count? 8. does the mission or purpose of my company

make me feel that my job is important? 9. are my coworkers committed to doing quality work? 10.do i have a best friend at work? 11.in the past six months, has someone at work talked to me about my progress? 12.this past year, have i had opportunities at work

to learn and grow? Source: Q12, The Gallup Organisation idea 4 create leaders, not followers P






idea 5: create an UBER culture what exactly is

culture? a classic definition of culture a pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems of external

adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well enough to be considered valid and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel inedgar relation

to those problems schein, organisational culture and leadership, 199 my definition of culture the way we do things

around here creating an UBER culture!

people Understand whats expected of them in terms of behaviours and behave accordingly and consistently systems and processes are Built to reinforce those behaviours people are Engaged, Empowered and

Encouraged to act in line with them people are Rewarded and Recognised for doing so! its not what you say

ts what you do what do you do to reinforce your values in your

i never had control, and I never wanted it. if you create an environment where the people truly herb kelleher, founder,

participate, yousouthwest dont airlines need control there may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 4 ways out of this airplane." your bags will be available on carrousel x. if you

do not find them, they will be available in 2-3 weeks on eBay. in order to enhance the appearance of your flight crew, we will be dimming the cabin lights. we entrust every single ritz-carlton

staff member, without approval from their general manager, to spend up to $2,000 on a guest. and that's not per simon f cooper, president ritz carlton year. it's per incident we interview

people for culture fit. we want people who are passionate about what zappos is aboutservice. i dont care if

theyre passionate tony hsieh, CEO, zappos about shoes the more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to

determine russell, president, harley-davidson euro what you john should be doing

idea 6: champion your champions spot people doing things well!

idea 7: walk the talk! only

45% feel that their managers behave in a way which is consistent with Source: mercer hr some questions..... 1. what are you like as a role model?

2. which of your behaviours reinforce your organisations values? 3. which of your behaviours contradict your organisations values? 4. how do you know? theres no

i in team, but there is a me if you look hard enough




conclusion s successful leaders recognise that people need to understand: how well the organisation is

performing against goals and targets their contribution to the aims of the organisation and the team their tasks, what is expected of them, and to what standard the behaviours expected of them how well they are performing against

these things personally they also ensure that people have the opportunity to contribute!

when two people in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary william wrigley jr

encourage, welcome and praise loyal opposition renee carayol

my door is always open does not count! ive always said I would put my employees first, customers second and shareholders third, but if you do that the customers and the shareholders benefit anywayrichard branson

when people leave companies, they tend not to quit the company, they are more likely to have quit the boss. ken blanchard

7 ideas..... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. work on not in get that vision thing get engaged! create leaders not followers develop an UBER culture

champion your champions walk the talk! so, what are you going to do?

leaders ake action, not note vision without action is

andy law, st.lukes take the first tep in faith. You do not have to ee the whole taircase.

ust take he first tep. martin luther king scare yourself, otherwise

youre not doing anything new mary murphy hoye, head of r & d, intel people can be

divided into three groups those who make things happen hose who watch things happen

hose who ask what happened dont just stand there.. do something! dick dastardly

you can find out more at: www.andyhanselman.com you can follow me at: www.twitter.com/andyhanselman you can email me at: [email protected] you can buy my books too!

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