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WELCOME ! Ms.Phipps Fifth Grade 2018 Graduating Class of 2026 Welcome video When are Assignments Due? Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Math Due SSR Study new terms Math Due SSR Study new terms

Friday Math Math Due Due SSR Spelling Study test new terms SSR Spelling book list due )

signed This schedule is designed so that parents and students always know what to expect. Opening Overview INTRODUCTION Please check the email list and initial that your email is accurate! Please email me at [email protected] with your new one if its incorrect! Please write a note back to your child before we switch for math!

Weekly Schedule Writing SPECIALS Writing/Reading RECESS -LUNCH Math (switch) Science/ Social Studies Reading 9:10 10:00 10:40

11:10 12:10 1:30 2:15 SPECIALS Monday Art Tuesday PE Wednesday Library Thursday Music Friday Quest Homework

Written on the board and Less than 50 minutes per Teacher site resource Math assigned daily explained each day night Set Schedule Homework should never be a surprise Absences Homework buddies

Student is responsible for completing Missed Assignments Late assignments due the next day frequent missed assignments then parents contacted phone/email As 5th graders, students are expected to learn to budget their time. This year is an opportunity to learn to be responsible for juggling commitments while enjoying the independence of managing assignments and schedules. Readers Workshop Direct Instruction

Read Aloud Thinking skills & strategies Literacy Centers Independent activities to practice skills and strategies Writing activities Student choice - challenge Independent Reading Self-Selected books Application of learning: Summarizing and monitoring and TDAs

Guided Reading Groups Small group instruction based on skill lessons Literature Circles Mixed level groups read & discuss class novel or small-group novel Writers Workshop Modes of Writing: Narrative

Informational (Disasters) Opinion (Persuasive) Content-Related (reading, social studies science) Technology Subject-based: TCI, EDM, SeeSaw Microsoft Word/ Office 365

Technology/Presentations PowerPoint/Sway Online Study Tools/Research Databases Teacher website Social Studies Native Americans Exploration & Colonization

American Revolution Constitution & Bill of Rights Westward Expansion TCI Science Natures Recyclers Mrs. Losorelli Energy Ms. McNally Weather Ms. Phipps

Scientific Method Ongoing . FIELD TRIP: Peace ValleyWatershed October 2 FIELD TRIPS -Ropes Course October 29 30 9:05 A.M. 4:15 P.M. Parent/guardian pick-up at school required

Fanny Chapman Restocking trout Ms. Elaine Phipps The best way to contact me is: [email protected] And write a note! Jot in the homework book! Or....Call! NEWS from me: Email, SeeSaw, Teacher site, Sign-up Genius, or a Call, From the school: THE GROWL- https://www.cbsd.org/Domain/1347

https://www.smore.com/dxcsb PLEASE NOTE (absentee notes may also be forwarded to Mrs. Priscilla Muir or called in AND .. homeroom parent changes start this year! ) Fifth Grade Switches for Math Class 5th Grade Math Lesson

A Typical Lesson: Student warm-up & Flashboard review Homework: Students check work Lesson: Model & guided practice & small groups Group/Independent Work: Centers: Problem solving, patterns, skills, challenge or game Homework assigned (Resource Study Hall) It is each students responsibility to advocate for this/her learning by asking for support!

Math Curriculum Information Fast paced- 5th & 6th grade curriculum Overview of 5h grade computation with first 2 weeks.... whole number & decimal addition, subtraction and multiplication (UNIT 2) Mastery of math vocabulary: factor,

products, least common multiple, product, divisibility rules (UNIT 1 and more.) and other terms for each unit (see teacher site) Measurement / tools: ruler to measure to nearest 16th or 8th, metric conversion, compass to measure adjacent & opposite angles and coordinate grids (x,y) Formulas area and perimeter Focus on Fractions ( with division units 4,5,6) Math Homework

Given Monday through Thursday: Fact mastery expected but keep alive Studying math terms nightly see teacher website Study Links Review sheets before tests To Succeed, students need to be Organized

& Responsible Independent (and develop good study habits) Motivated Patient to accept challenges problem-solvers Advocates

for their own learning by asking questions to the teacher & parent! Ms. Elaine Phipps The best way to contact me is: [email protected] Voicemail: Ext. 1321 Write me a note! Ask for a meeting!

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