Welcome to PACE

Welcome to PACE Humble ISD CLC = Community Learning Center My Name is Mrs. Cullum

PACE Program Manager PACE Office Phone: 281-641-7487 Email: [email protected] My Name is Mrs. Alexander

Building Principal PACE and DAEP CLC Front Office Phone: 281-641-7400 My Name is Mr. Heckman Assistant Principal

PACE and DAEP Office: CLC Room 320 Phone: 281-641-7469 My Name is Mrs. Davis Attendance Specialist PACE Office

Phone: 281-641-7448 E-Mail: [email protected] What is PACE? Program for Accelerated Education PACE is a school of CHOICE. PACE is a Supervised Self-Paced

Program. What is PACE? Program for Accelerated Education PACE is an accelerated learning and earning credits education program. PACE is student centered. The

focus is on learning and achieving every part of every day. What is PACE? Program for Accelerated Education PACE is designed to help you graduate and achieve your goals.

PACE is a place for you to maintain an acceptable level of How does PACE work? Students focus on two subjects at a time, rather than six. Students have immediate access to their teachers.

How does PACE work? Students are offered multiple options to learn material, and are supported until they are successful. Students are given the opportunity to connect papers to related projects.

Success How is it achieved? Meet your minimum graduation requirements. Follow PACE Expectations regarding attendance, discipline and academic performance. Interim Progress Reports

You will be evaluated every three weeks by Mrs. Alexander. Students may be sent back to campus if they do not show progress. MODULE COMPLETIONS ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR

Graduation Requirements Minimum Texas High School Credit Plan Students must pass the Texas State Requirements for TAKS or EOC in order to receive a high school diploma.

English I - English 2 Algebra 1 - Biology & U.S. History Senior Information You are still a student from your home campus and may participate in senior activities with your class. Check your school website for announcements and dates regarding:

Senior Photos, Prom, Project Graduation and Commencement. PACE Advisors Every student will have an advisor Advisory: Thursdays 10:0010:25 Advisors assist students with goal setting and career planning

Advisors assist and monitor student progress toward high PACE Advisors Advisors will monitor student progress Advisors will adjust student graduation plans when and if necessary

Advisors will stay in constant contact with parents. Advisors will report progress to Attendance Requirements Students must clock in no later than 8:00 am EVERY DAY.

Students may not leave campus before 2:00 pm No late arrival on Thursdays. PACE time clock will be official record of your attendance. Attendance Requirements

Please call Mrs. Davis for all absences. 281-641-7448 Parent and/or Doctor notes are required following all absences. Modules Every course offered at PACE is

divided into chunks of academic work which we refer to as modules. Modules are designed to cover 9 weeks of class materials to include reading, class assignments, Goals

You will work with your advisor to set goals and create a graduation plan. Students will be required to follow the graduation plan that you developed with your advisor. Students must complete a minimum

Marketing Work Program Students may earn 1.5 3 credits by successfully completing this course. Students must have a job and work at least 15 hours per week. Marketing students have early release at 1:00 pm.

Interested? See Mrs. Ewing to apply PACE Expectations You are to expected to be respectful, responsible and safe at all times while at the CLC. All Humble ISD rules and policies

apply to every student. You are expected to work hard to achieve your goal of graduation. PACE Expectations Respect yourself & others property as well as other students right to learn. Keep the CLC building clean and

safe Do not communicate with the students in the DAEP program. Discuss all problems or issues PACE Expectations Students may not bring backpacks or large bags/purses to PACE.

Students must possess and display their Humble ISD student identification badges at all times while on campus. Students may not take textbooks Dress Code Students must adhere to all Humble ISD policies regarding

dress code. The following garments are not permitted at PACE: mini skirts, spaghetti straps, PE/Athletic sweat pants, leotards, halter tops, tube Dress Code No exposed midriff, No sleepwear.

No garments with references to drugs, alcohol, gang activity or sexual content All clothing must fit properly and may not be extremely tight or loose fitting. Dress Code Earrings may not be worn by

males. Females may wear in earrings only in the ears. No other visible body piercings. No visible tattoos. Dress Code - Hair Males must be clean shaven or they will be required to shave in

the clinic. No head coverings or hats of any type. Sideburns must be neatly trimmed not to extend below the ear. Hair is to be clean, neat and Dress Code

Electronic Devices Electronic devices are NOT to be seen or used in PACE classrooms, restrooms and/or hallways. You will be permitted to use your cell phone only during lunch and/ or in the PACE office. Humble ISD Network

Classroom Computers at PACE are to be used for class assignments only. All students must comply with the district Responsible Use Policy. Students who violate the RUP will lose computer and/or network privileges.

PACE Breakfast Breakfast will be from 7:00 7:20. The cafeteria will close at 7:20. Do not communicate with DAEP students. PACE students eat breakfast in the PACE office. PACE Lunch

PACE lunch will be from 10:25 10:55. Free and/or reduced lunch is available to those who qualify. PACE is a closed campus and students may not leave for lunch. Students may purchase lunch or bring a lunch from home.

PACE Lunch There is a refrigerator and microwave available for student lunches. For more information regarding Humble ISD Food Service, visit: http://www.humbleisd.net/ childnutrition

Transportation Humble ISD will provide bus service to students who qualify. You must complete a transportation request if needed. See Mrs. Davis. Bus Schedules and Routes are available. See Mrs. Davis

Student Drivers Students who wish to drive to PACE and park at the CLC must complete and submit a parking application in the PACE office. Students must park in the parking lot in front of the CLC. Dismissal from PACE

Students who do not follow all PACE expectations are subject to be sent back to the main campus. (3 6 9) Students who do not meet minimum attendance requirements, make academic progress or those with behavioral issues will be sent back to campus by Mrs. Alexander.

Re-instatement Parents will be notified if a student is removed from the PACE Program. Students who are removed from PACE will return to campus and must remain successful for 9 weeks before they may be

eligible to re-apply for PACE Web Page www.humbleisd.net/pace PACE Web Page www.humbleisd.net/pace Use the PACE website to locate your teachers web pages, the

PACE handbook, a list of elective courses offered at PACE, photos of PACE graduates and much, much more. SUCCESS - It is up to YOU Every decision has a consequence. It is very simple: Come to School Every Day

Stay Focused on Your Course Work Follow all PACE Expectations Be Responsible, Respectful and Safe LEARN and GRADUATE Welcome to PACE Have a Wonderful School Year. Any Questions?

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