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Students K 50 <1% 1st 46 AfricanAmerican Caucasian 97%

2nd 52 Hispanic <1% 3rd 48 F/R Lunch 30% 4th

48 5th 52 Total 296 w/Disabilities 3% Female 51% Male

49% KPREP Results 74.4 Raw Score 97 Percentile Rank Distinguished School of Distinction Achievement 87.5 Gap 59.1 Growth 76.1

Achievement Chart Proficient / Distinguis hed 3rd (%) 4th (%) 5th (%) Reading

71% 81% 57% Mathemati cs 72% 87% 56% Science

93% KPREP Results Gap Chart Proficient / Distinguished Reading Growth Chart Percent (%) 63% Mathematics 55% Science

83% Social Studies 56% Writing 22% Language Mechanics 83% Reading - % Making Typical or Higher

Annual Growth Math - % Making Typical or Higher Annual Growth Combined Reading and Math Growth Points Total 67.3% 84.7% 76% Vision/Mission/Expectations

S Support of the Whole Child H Hard Data A Accountability R Relationship Building E Enrichment Mindset Shadow says: Be Positive Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Successful Be a PROUD PANTHER 1st Grade Activities Everyday Counts

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  • The 14th Israeli Symposium on Jet Engines and

    The 14th Israeli Symposium on Jet Engines and

    MIL-HDBK-516C claims that an FAA certification basis suffices for military criteria. An FAA Type Certification Data Sheet (TCDS) provides the certification basis for the airplane. AFPD 62-6 requires Tailored Airworthiness Criteria. Army Regulation 70-62 requires an Airworthiness Qualification Plan (AQP).
  • Literary devices - Rhea M. Hebert

    Literary devices - Rhea M. Hebert

    Mood is a created feeling in the work. Mood is created used various other literary devices such as images, alliteration, specific details, irony, satire, color, etc. Mood is often related to how you feel about the story, poem, film, etc....
  • Transportation FIT meeting 2-5-2014

    Transportation FIT meeting 2-5-2014

    Transportation Framework Implementation Team (T-FIT) February 5th, 2014 Agenda Reports and Demonstrations Data Sharing Agreements Brett Juul Current data sharing agreement status and data distribution Recent/Future Contracts Brett Juul Aliases and addresses on hwys Jurisdiction on all roads (MSAG) OR-Trans...
  • Intro to Cell Vocabulary

    Intro to Cell Vocabulary

    When you hear the new vocabulary…just think of a Cell Membrane The cell membrane holds the cell together and allows nutrients in the cell It's just like a turtle's skin The cell membrane is on the edge of a cell...
  • How Ecosystems Work Section 1 Chapter 5 How

    How Ecosystems Work Section 1 Chapter 5 How

    A food web shows many feeding relationships that are possible in an ecosystem. Trophic Levels Each step in the transfer of energy through a food chain or food web is known as a trophic level. A trophic level is one...
  • Node.Js


    NODE.JS SERVER SIDE JAVASCRIPT Diana Roiswati ( 7408040010) Ahmad Syafii (7408040014) Asri Taraqiadiyu (7408040021) INTRODUCTION NODE.JS Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl starting in 2009, and its growth is sponsored by Joyent, his employer.
  • Disinformation in Cyberspace

    Disinformation in Cyberspace

    Exploitation for Profit: Alex Jones. Well-known radio/TV/Internet personality. Created INFOWARS site: >$20M/year revenue. Major agent for spreading conspiracy theories. Sandy Hook shooting was faked. US gov't arranged Oklahoma City bombing. No one landed on our moon. Deep-state conspirators are working...
  • GCSE History: The American West The Plains Indians

    GCSE History: The American West The Plains Indians

    Jim Bridger: Started off on the Upper Missouri Expedition with General William Ashley. First white man to discover the Great Salt Lake in 1824. Bought the Rocky Mountain Fur Company and built a trading post (Fort Bridger) to supply migrants...