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Students K 50 <1% 1st 46 AfricanAmerican Caucasian 97%

2nd 52 Hispanic <1% 3rd 48 F/R Lunch 30% 4th

48 5th 52 Total 296 w/Disabilities 3% Female 51% Male

49% KPREP Results 74.4 Raw Score 97 Percentile Rank Distinguished School of Distinction Achievement 87.5 Gap 59.1 Growth 76.1

Achievement Chart Proficient / Distinguis hed 3rd (%) 4th (%) 5th (%) Reading

71% 81% 57% Mathemati cs 72% 87% 56% Science

93% KPREP Results Gap Chart Proficient / Distinguished Reading Growth Chart Percent (%) 63% Mathematics 55% Science

83% Social Studies 56% Writing 22% Language Mechanics 83% Reading - % Making Typical or Higher

Annual Growth Math - % Making Typical or Higher Annual Growth Combined Reading and Math Growth Points Total 67.3% 84.7% 76% Vision/Mission/Expectations

S Support of the Whole Child H Hard Data A Accountability R Relationship Building E Enrichment Mindset Shadow says: Be Positive Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Successful Be a PROUD PANTHER 1st Grade Activities Everyday Counts

Calendar Math MaryAnn Lisle, 1st grade teacher 3rd Grade Activities Carol Clements, 3rd grade teacher abcteach.com readinglady.com Instantdisplays.com opencourtresources.com kimsKorner4teachertalk.com adrianbruce.com

spellingcity.com vocabulary.com kidblog.com tweentribune.com pandora.com pinterest.com youtube.com mathletics.com

reading a-z.com mart Board & Websites 5th Grade Activities English Language Arts in Technology Shawna Mitchell, 5th grade teacher Buckle Down and COACH and Core Clinic ELA materials Kid Blog with Reader's Response and Writer's Notebook(s) http://kidblog.org/home/ McMillian / McGraw-Hill Online Resources http://macmillanmh.com/ccssreading/treasures/treasures.html Classroom Webpage (info not public due to student photo release and confidentiality)

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    Location EMS Awareness Training - USDA ARS

    Inventory Management Tips set up an inventory tracking system label all containers with contents and date to avoid costly and hazardous "unknowns" store material carefully to prevent spills and leaks rotate inventory so older material is used first Prudent Purchasing...
  • Training and OJT for SSO and FO - USDA

    Training and OJT for SSO and FO - USDA

    Links there include going to assigned reading in the NSSH, SSM, and other standards, and website locations for info belonging to others. Note that if a quiz is involved to measure learning, the answer file is provided as a job...
  • The Structure and Properties of Polymers

    The Structure and Properties of Polymers

    The Structure and Properties of Polymers Also known as Bonding + Properties What is a polymer? A long molecule made up from lots of small molecules called monomers.
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    Chapter 5 Nomenclature Chemical BONDING Chemical Bond A

    PowerPoint Presentation Draw Lewis Dot Structures Draw the Lewis Dot Diagram for polyatomic ions Draw Polyatomics Types of Covalent Bonds Types of Covalent Bonds non-polar MOLECULES Polar molecules (a.k.a. Dipoles) PowerPoint Presentation Water is asymmetrical Water is a bent molecule...
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    Fejlett Programozási Technikák 2.

    Title: Fejlett Programozási Technikák 2. Author: Vanda Last modified by: bilickiv Created Date: 2/1/2002 7:50:30 PM Document presentation format
  • Cryptography - University Of Maryland

    Cryptography - University Of Maryland

    Define a randomized exp'tPrivK. A, ... This does not contradict asymptotic security. What about real-world security (against this particular attacker)? n=40: A breaks scheme with prob. 1 in 6 weeks. n=50: A breaks scheme with prob. 1/1000 in 3 months.
  • Geoffrey Chaucer&#x27;s The Canterbury Tales - MVRHS

    Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales - MVRHS

    Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales History of the Tales Geoffrey Chaucer began writing the tales around 1387 AD Uncompleted manuscript published 1400AD, the year he died First book of poetry purposely written in the English language Set a precedent and...
  • The Kerr Effect is over 100 years old!

    The Kerr Effect is over 100 years old!

    The Kerr Effect is Useful for Chemistry. Dynamic Kerr Effect (<0.1 THz) Optical Kerr Effect (~375 THz) Beevers, M. S., et al. Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 2: Molecular and Chemical