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WELCOME TO JOHN BARSBY Essential information 2019-2020 DISTRICT GOALS 1. Continuous improvement of instruction and assessment 2. Safe, caring and heathy learning and working environment that is inclusive of the diversity of our entire learning community. 3. To be a leader in environmental stewardship and sustainability 4. Truth and Reconciliation SCHOOL MOTTO Try your Best, Do the Right Thing, Get Better Each Day - Its the Barsby Way!! STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT

Awareness I am aware of my own behaviour. Character I do what I say Im going to do; I can be trusted. Be honest Persevere through tasks Do what is expected and right Strive to accomplish personal goals Excellence Through what I do impacts the world around me. To Yourself

Wear appropriate clothing Maintain personal hygiene Keep your body healthy Present yourself properly To Others Hands/feet to yourself There is a time to listen and a time to speak Use appropriate language for the situation Use social media respectfully and responsibly Be a good friend Be trustworthy Admit, fix, and learn from your mistakes

Be part of a productive learning environment Words are powerfuluse them positively (no put downs) Accept others To Your Learning Appreciate others right to learn Recognize your own learning opportunities Try your best Do your own work Respectful use of cellphone Complete all work Ask for help Listen to instruction

Meet deadlines Study for tests & quizzes To the Environment Report vandalism/graffiti Clean up after yourself Use all equipment appropriately Keep your school clean Make visitors feel welcome Participate/support school events/activities Recycle Prevent vandalism To the Community

Be aware of and respect the people around you Report any worrisome behaviours you witness at school or on social media Pay it forwarddo something nice for someone else Set a good example Be a positive role model Make our community better for yourself and others Attend all classes Arrive on time Bring materials Make up missed work DRESS CODE

Students are allowed to wear anything they choose as long as it conforms with the school Code of Conduct requirements for the intended activity and does not promote drugs or alcohol, display offensive images or language, or encourage discrimination. Appropriate dress is important in any school setting. Students cleanliness, neatness, and appropriateness are all factors that transfer into their adult lives. ELECTRONICS During instructional time students are not to use any personal electronic device, unless deemed for educational purposes by the instructor of the class. Inappropriate use of technology within the building includes, but is not limited to loud music, recording

of images, sound or video without explicit permission and sharing or transferring of others personal information through social networking. John Barsby reserves the right to extend the school code of conduct policy on personal technology for the purpose of maintaining safety of students and staff. John Barsby Community School is not responsible for electronic devices that are lost, stolen, or damaged while on school property. ATTENDANCE Educational research has shown that the largest predictor of student success is regular, consistent attendance. As a staff, we will be focusing on this in 2019-2020. We ask that parents phone in and excuse all absences. Students who are late in the morning report to the counselling area to sign in. This is a change from last year and is so that counsellors and Child and Youth Care workers can

help to monitor attendance patterns. Students who are late after lunch should report to the main office to sign in. Unexcused absences will be deemed as skipping and students will be held accountable John Barsby has an amazingly supportive staff- come to school and be successful! OTHERS THINGS TO NOTE: SMOKING/VAPING: Students are reminded that there is no smoking, vaping, or chewing in the school building or on school property or in vehicles while you are on school grounds. Students found outside of this policy will be subject to school discipline. PLAGIARISM AND CHEATING: Both of these are against our values as a learning community at John Barsby. Students who cheat on tests or major assignments, plagiarize, or who allow another student to copy their work: a) May receive a zero mark b) Will have their parents contacted by the teacher c) May be referred to the office administration GET INVOLVED

CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES School clubs, sports and activities are another area in which students can get involved in their school and meet new friends. They allow both staff and students to pursue common interests in a non-curricular and informal setting. Although available choices may vary from year to year, a wide variety of sponsored clubs and activities are offered at John Barsby. Stay Tuned for more info! STUDY HALL: After school in Room 234 on Tuesday and Thursday. Help with your homework, assignments, projects, and test preparation in any subject. See counsellors or email Ms. Ryynanen at [email protected] STUDENT SUPPORT TEAMS Last names: A-L Last names: M-Z .

Vice-Principal Jeff Hasenauer Vice-Principal Theresa Kraeker Counsellor Haley Healey Counsellor Natalie Sorensen CYFSW Cindi Ashbee

CYFSW Margit Larsen-Rogers Indigenous Support Val White Indigenous Support Diane Neave In-Reach Mike Collier In-Reach

Rob Stevenson This year at Barsby, we have organized into teams to support our students. This is designed to increase communication, responsiveness and provide our families with a clear sense of who to connect with and what supports they can provide. CLASS CHANGES COURSE CHANGE REQUEST NAME___________________________________ 1. 2. o o GRADE___________ MISSING COURSE/ OR BLOCK: ____________________________________________________________ COURSE CHANGE REQUEST:

COURSE: _______________________ CHANGE TO: _________________________ COURSE: _______________________ CHANGE TO: _________________________ Reason for change: ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Parent Signature ____________________________ Student Signature ___________________________ APPROVED check MyEd for new schedule NOT ABLE TO CHANGE _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ If students would like a course change, they should go to counselling and get a course change form. Once this is filled in, drop it off in counselling. Students must follow their current schedule until they are notified by the counsellor/secretary of any changes.

FOOD SERVICES Cafeteria: The lunch time food service is operated by our Cafeteria Program. Chandler Hall is open during lunchtime each day and offers nutritious hot and cold items for reasonable prices! For weekly menu, please check the JBCS website. Students bringing a lunch are welcome to eat in Chandler hall. Breakfast/Lunch program: Every day at 8:00 a.m. and lunchtime, before classes start, there is a variety of healthy food available for students in Room 300, free of charge. We ask that students support the food program by keeping the room clean, putting away dishes, and being respectful of others within the room. GYM CONDUCT John Barsby welcomes all JBCS students, visiting teams, officials and spectators to our school! To make every event enjoyable for all those involved, we would ask that the beliefs that we hold at our school be respected by all those using the gym area:

No food or drink at any time (except capped water) Encourage and acknowledge good play by both teams Respect the officials and their decisions Respect the players, coaches and their support staff Respect the gym and the other facilities. Violators may be banned from the Gym. Please do not leave a mess in the stands or at the team benches. We participate in athletics for the love of the sport, but we also put it in perspective; at the end of the day, it is just a game. Cheer for your team not against your opponent WELLNESS CENTRE OPEN MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS DOCTORS AVAILABLE BY DROP-IN OR APPOINTMENT ON MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND EVERY OTHER FRIDAY COUNSELLORS AVAILABLE BY DROP-IN OR APPOINTMENT ON MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS

NURSES AVAILABLE DAILY ALL SERVICES CONFIDENTIAL KEEPING YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE Bicycles: A bicycle rack is provided outside the front of the school by the front entrance. Students are encouraged to lock bicycles to the rack. There is no inside storage available for bicycles. The school assumes no responsibility for theft or damage of bicycles. DO NOT LEAVE BICYCLES UNLOCKED OR ON SCHOOL GROUNDS OVERNIGHT! Gym lockers: Available for class use only Please label all gym clothing and equipment. Labeling of clothing and belongings with the owners name will reduce losses. Report any loss immediately to your teacher. Please do not leave anything of value (e.g. electronics) in the gym or locker room. LOCK IT UP!! STUDENT TRANSPORTATION

Parking and driving: Have your N? Please see the front office to register your vehicle. Students may park along the back area of the school only. Students may NOT drive other students to school events. School Bus: Drop off and pick up at the back of the school near the band portable. Now have SEATBELTS! This is mandatory for all riders this year. Please ensure you have registered to get your bus pass! Bikes/scooters/skateboards: For safety reasons, please dismount and walk these while on school property SCHOOL MOTTO Try your Best, Do the Right Thing, Get Better Each Day - Its the Barsby Way!!

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