Welcome to Curriculum Night for 7th Grade

Welcome to Curriculum Night Math Instructor: Ms. Laura Christian Aprende Middle School Home of the Jaguars A little about me

Bachelors & Masters degrees from ASU! Married and have a 2 year old, Max, and 7 month old, Luke Have 2 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats Went to Pueblo and Corona Teach extracurricular dance and theatre Professional choreographer and dancer A few hobbies and interests: Norms for Middle School

It is a students responsibility to write down their homework assignments and daily goals in their agenda, as well as get makeup work from me if absent. Assignments and test dates are written on board in class and also available on Ms. Christians website. This is the primary go-to reference for parents to get info on class. All students are expected to be in their 1 st Period Class ready to learn with materials out.

We begin at 8:10am everyday. Students must have all of their supplies with them Communication Please update your email address and phone number in the Synergy gradebook system. This is the contact info all teachers will use to reach you. You should received weekly Aprende newsletters from Mrs. Kory and the front office. It has all the school info you need! I will also email out information specific to my math classes occasionally, but check my website for up-to-date math Classroom Rules

I have one main classroom rule and that is to be respectful. Schools NO GUM POLICY. You will be sent to ISI for gum and given a time out referral. Repeat offenders will face further consequences. Schools NO DRINK POLICY. Please drink all Starbucks type drinks, Arizona Iced Teas, etc. at home or before the first bell. You will be asked to throw away these kinds of drinks when you enter the classroom. (healthy snack ok in p.3 dependent on teacher) Aprende Discipline Policy Warning In Class Time Out / Refocus Area Supplies

3-Ring Binder 1 or 1 size 5 Tabbed Dividers LOTS of Loose Leaf Lined Paper LOTS of Pencils Erasers Pens Highlighters Optional: Sticky Notes/Flags

Ruler Graph paper Scientific or Graphing Calculator Classroom Requested Donations Please consider donating items to my classroom and for me to share with students in need! Anything is greatly appreciated -Individually wrapped candy -Highlighters -Hand Sanitizer -Graph Paper -Colored Printer Paper -Post Its

-Kleenex -Colored Pencils -Dry Erase Markers -Markers -Clorox Wipes -Loose leaf paper -Pencils -Scissors (adult sized) -Rulers -Block Erasers Show My Website http://www.kyrene.org/lchristian

Great resource if you are absent or need help on HW Check my website for daily HW assignments and test dates. Use the Weekly Assignment Calendar page to look up daily hw if you forgot to write it down in class. You can find digital copies of worksheets to print if you lost yours. Use the Notes and Help page for additional resources and powerpoints with notes and concepts that we are covering in class to use for extra support!

Grading 80% Assessment tests, quizzes, mathia, projects 20% Classwork homework, warmups, classwork Grade Book Check regularly. Very up-to-date! Missing work entered as 0 MI If due to absence, you need to grade and turn in

and it will be replaced with the full credit it would have earned If not due to absence, you can complete the assignment for partial credit before that unit Advanced Course Requirements This is an Advanced Class. It will have a rigorous pace and work load. You need to maintain an 80% or higher. If your grade falls below 80%, you need to seek help and actively work to raise your grade. If even after extra help, you struggle in the course, we may discuss a schedule change to better accommodate an appropriate level of math class Homework

Expect homework 4-5 days per week. It will usually take about 30 focused minutes to complete. Some days longer, some shorter If you dont understand a problem or assignment, you still must attempt the problems showing work and effort. This is what it takes to avoid no credit if you are really confused. On your homework, please show all of your work

and all of the steps we discuss in class/write in notes. Blank problem or No work =No points We will grade homework for accuracy in class daily. Some assignments are entered into the gradebook for completion credit and some earn points for accuracy. Students are expected to High School Algebra Outline (9th grade level math for advanced 8th graders) 1st QUARTER Functions Sequences Linear Functions (equations, slope, intercepts, graphs, tables) Scatter Plots (correlation, regression)

2nd QUARTER Solving Equations in One Variable Solving and Graphing Inequalities Absolute Value Equations Solving Systems of Equations Exponential Functions Growth and Decay 3rd QUARTER Finish Exponentials Quadratic Functions Polynomials Factoring Completing the Square Quadratic Formula

4th QUARTER Finish Quadratics Course Info Carnegie Textbooks Consumables Student Centered learning Inquiry Based and Direct Instruction Mix Mathia Carnegies Online self paced program that follows our curriculum 1 day per week during class time / 4 th hour Additional work may be necessary as Homework Students must complete each unit as we take

chapter tests in class and the percent score they receive on that unit in entered as a Mathia test score in the gradebook. If students do not score well on a unit in Mathia, they may recomplete the unit on their own time, In Conclusion I am here to partner with you to help your child learn all they can this year. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please call or email me:

Email: [email protected] Phone: 480-541-6352

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