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04 PETRINA HENESSY Counselor TBA Engagement SUMIT KHANAL Director of Studies EGI & PYP [email protected] WELCOME On behalf of our team, I welcome you all and wish you all the best in commencing your education at the Education Centre of Australia Graduate Institute (EGI) We promise that we will all work together to make a successful transition from EGI to Victoria University / Asia Pacific International College. So why are you here:

Experience a different culture Study hard to make your dream come true "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well." Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield Hints for Success Preserve your culture but.... 01 English comprehension is the key to success. 02 Only speak English in the classroom 03

Read English newspapers, news, movies, television and magazines 04 Interact with your trainers and fellow students to maximize your learning potential Words of Wisdom Talk to us early Communicate with the institute staff and participate in activities Student RTO Portal Login to the student RTO management system

on a regular basis Visa Conditions Comply with your Visa conditions Self-confidence Believe in yourself, challenge yourself 01 01 04 05 02 03 06

Institute Get to know your institute, your colleagues and the staff members Study Environment Have fun and enjoy the experience you are about to have MAHMUD KHAN Academic Support Lead Trainer [email protected] Classes & Materials CLASSES Classes are taught face to face 15 hours a week. Nominal Hours

Students need to allocate between 10 - 15 hours of self study time per week. Go1 You will be completing specific tasks for 5 hours a week on Go1 LMS Learner Guide Students are provided with Learner Guides and Learner Workbooks. Timetable DAY 1* DAY 2*

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 9:00 am 5:00 pm 9:00 am 5:00 pm EVENING* Monday Thursday 5:00 pm 9:00 pm *Timetable availability is subject to demand. All three versions may not be available simultaneously.

Academic Support Ongoing academic support is provided to all students to help fulfill their Course Progress requirements. Reassessment Workshop Study Plans: Regular workshops will be held where the students will be

provided additional support and an opportunity to resubmit their assessments. Students who do not demonstrate competency in the workshop will be required to undertake study plans. Cost - $150. Cost - $350. SULOV PRADHAN

Go1 LMS Support Officer [email protected] Go1 What is Go1? Learning Management System Students Activities Contributes 5 hours Monitors students logs. Online Access 24/7 Online access to the enrolled course materials. Online Activities

Weekly Online activities. Profile Easy to update profile. Username Personal email address Technical Issues Contact Go1 Support Officer. CLEMENCIA M. WITKOWSKI EGI & PYP Student Services Manager [email protected] Student Portal

RTO Manager Go to: https://egi.rtomanager.com.au/ User ID: Password: Student Number Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY) Registration Documents: These are the 2 MUST- HAVE items you will need to complete your registration: Copy of eCOE Copy of Passport/Visa EGI Website All student support forms are located under the student support tab on the EGI website

Student Support Form Library www.egi.eca.edu.au Form Library Unique Student Identifier (USI) 01 Compulsory It is COMPULSARY for all students undertaking training in Australia to have USI What is USI USI is a combination of letters and numbers unique to each student.

01 06 02 03 Student Registration All EGI students will have to apply via RTOM before registering for your class 05 04 No USI (Qualification) No Qualification will be released (Certificate awards, transcripts, completion letters or statements of

attainment) NO USI (Letters) NO Release of Holiday Letter, Confirmation Letter, Leave of Absence etc. USI uploaded to RTOM If your already have a USI, please present it to student services during registration PETRINA HENESSY Institute Counselor [email protected] Welfare and Counselling Duty of Care Trainers, Assessors and Staff are aware of their legal Duty of Care and their responsibility to care for our students.

Student Services Team If your trainer is not able to assist, then please speak to our experienced Student Services team 01 02 03 04 External Professional Bodies EGI refers students to outside professionals. Such as medical, emotional, psychological, legal, etc... First point of contact First point of contact for any issues that

may be affecting your study is your trainer. 05 EGI Support EGI understands you problems, and we appreciate and support your efforts. We will always work toward usable solutions to any of your concerns. DANIELLE SHARPE Student Services - Intervention Officer [email protected] Academic Progress Requirement

Complete Course Academic Progress Attendance Students are expected to complete their course in the expected duration. Students need to pass at least 50% of your units/subjects in a study period. Students are

expected to attend atleast 80% of the class. Warning Letters Intention of Report Failing to met academic progress, they will be sent warning letters. Intention of report will be sent if a students does not meet the course progress

Enrollment Cancellation Failing to meet the visa conditions may lead to cancellation of enrollment. Satisfying Visa Requirements Course Progress Maintain satisfactory course progress. Maintain you OSHC Maintain your Overseas Student Health Cover(OSHC) for the period of your stay. Change of Address Inform your provider and DIBP if you change your address.

Attendance Attend 80% of all classes. Work Students should work no more than 40 hours per fortnightly during their College. Make study your priority! Working in Australia If you are on a student visa, you are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the term. EGI tries to be as flexible as possible with your timetable, we may be unable to work your study around your work

hours. Please ensure that you prioritize your study commitments. During holidays you can work full time, with no restriction on hours. You can find the EGI holidays on your timetables and on the student notice board. Course Progress Requirements Students are required to maintain satisfactory course progress. This is a minimum of passing 50% of units during a course. At Risk behavior may interrupt your course progress. Such as extended absences and consecutive failed units. Trainers also monitor: language difficulty, unsuitable course and classroom behavior. Warnings may be issued in response.

Warning Procedures Intention to Report Stage Submission of formal appeal withing 20 working days with supporting documents. Interview with Director of Studies required. 2nd Warning Stage Interview with Academic Manager/Lead Trainer required. 1st Warning Stage Automatic allocation to workshop and Interview with Intervention officer required. At Risk Stage Failing to meet visa conditions, payment of fees. Satisfy your

Student Visa Requirements!! Dont ignore the warning emails YOU HAVE TO RESPOND. All EGI warnings require a response from you. If you get an email and are not sure, see the staff member who sent the email. If you have problems of any sort, come and see us as soon as possible and apply for Compassionate Leave. If you do not satisfy your visa requirements, your EGI courses may be terminated, which may affect your student visa. You have a right to appeal against being reported by EGI.

Appeals And Complaints If you are unhappy with any decision that affects your future as a student with EGI, you have a right to appeal internally: http://egi.eca.edu.au/ZBA_Forms/appeal/appeal.html If the internal appeal is unsuccessful, then you may appeal externally to the Overseas Student Ombudsman: http://www.ombudsman.gov.au/about/overseas-students If you are unhappy with the facilities, trainers, student services or procedures, you have the rights to Submit a Complaint online It will be investigated: http://egi.eca.edu.au/ZBA_Forms/complaint-new/ complaint.html

CHERRIELYN ABANES Student Services Officer [email protected] Student Requests 2-3 Working Days HolidayLetter ConfirmationofStudiesLetter StudentIDandPrinterCard Timetable/ClassChanges Requirements Paidallthefees USI Passedalltheunits

10-15 Working Days CertificateAward Transcript CompletionLetter Add Contents Title Collection is only of FRIDAYS Requirements Paidallthefees. Passedalltheunits. Completedthesurvey. Student

Support Services Update Contact Details Deferring / changing course Enrolment & registration CoE extension

Fees and refunds Student withdrawal/refund Credit transfer application Student complaints and appeals

Access to student RTOM portal Attendance General Academic enquiries Academic intervention & student plan payment

Issue Student ID/Printer Cards External Support Services Free Legal Advice FairTrade OMBUDSMAN STUDY IN AUSTRALIA Lifeline Beyond Blue

Gambling Simple PowerPoint Simple PowerPoint CISA Emergency & Support Services Dial 000 131 444 Triple Zero All Emergencies Non - Emergency

1800 333 000 1800 737 732 Crime Stoppers National Sexual Assaults, Domestic Violence Counselling Service www.crimestoppers.com.au EGI Facilities Location, Local Culture, Life in Australia. Classroom/Computer Labs. Internet and Printing Access. Kitchen and Toilets Student Area (Level 3).

Student Notice Boards Level 2 Iana Alakhverdian Student Engagement Officer [email protected] FREE Workshops & Monthly Calendar Simple Portfolio Presentation Location: 160 Sussex Street Sydney 2000 MONTHLY EVENTS CALENDAR Published monthly and available in front of the EGI Trainers room. Activities & Social Events Surf Camps

Graduation Party Day Excursions Connect with us FACEBOOK YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM GOOGLE PLUS EGI Welcomes you once again and we hope you

enjoy your study & time at EGI!!! Thank you EGI 20 Orie 18 ntati on

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