Week 1 - Manville School District

DO NOW Greek and Latin Root Words What does the root word bio mean? What does the root word scrib mean? Can you think of any words that have Can you think of any words that have

bio bi bios scrib script in them? in them? Week 2 Greek Root bi/bio/bios = life Latin Root scrib/script= to write

biography biodegradable autobiography biopsy

inscription prescribe subscribe transcribe General Vocabulary synthesize infer SAT Word laudable Literary Device foreshadowing

biography (n) Definition: A detailed description or account of a persons life. Sentence: The biography written about S.E. Hinton is very detailed and provides a great deal of information about her life. S.E. Hinton Biography 1 S. E. Hinton Biography 2 biodegradable (adj) Definition:

A product that has the ability to break down safely and quickly, by biological means. Sentence: Experts are now stating that just because a plastic water bottle says biodegradable on its label, it doesnt break down any faster than typical plastic. autobiography (n) Definition:

An account of a persons life written by that person. Sentence: William Giraldi, a former body builder from Manville, wrote an autobiography about his life titled, The Heros Body. biopsy (n) Definition: the removal of tissue, cells, or fluids from someone's body in order to check for illness.

punch biopsy Sentence: After the doctor conducted a biopsy of the lump on my dogs belly, he discovered that the lump was just fatty and noncancerous. inscription (n) Definition: words that are written on or cut into a surface Sentence: A tablet on the Statue of

Liberty includes an inscription of a poem by Emma Lazarus. prescribe (v) Definition: Recommended as something beneficial. Sentence: The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for her ear infection. subscribe (v) Definition:

Arrange to receive something regularly, typically a publication, by paying in advance. Sentence: You'll receive a user name and password when you subscribe. transcribe (v) Definition: To put thoughts, speech, or data into written or printed form.

Sentence: The senator's speech was transcribed. synthesize (v) Definition: To combine a number of things into a coherent whole. Sentence: He synthesized old and new ideas to form his theory. infer (v)

Definition: A good guess made by reading in between the lines. Sentence: From these facts we can infer that crime has been increasing in our town. SAT Word: laudable (adj) Definition: deserving praise Sentence: The firefighters efforts to

save the child and dogs from the burning fire were considered laudable. Literary Device: foreshadowing (n) Definition: -a literary device in which a writer gives an advance hint of what is to come later in the story -hint usually comes at the beginning of a chapter and helps a reader develop expectations Sentence:

In The Outsiders, Ponyboys attack by the Socs in Chapter 1 is a foreshadowing of negative events to follow, later in the novel.

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