Week 1

Week 2 Introduction to Project Management 1 Processes of Project Management IPECC 1. Initiating 2. Planning 3. Executing 4. Controlling & Monitoring 5. Closing 2

Project Life Cycle Review "The life cycle is the only thing that uniquely distinguishes projects from non-projects". Is fundamental to the management of projects 3 What is the Project Life Cycle? Sequence of phases through which the project will evolve Fundamental to the management of projects Exact wording varies between industries and

organization 4 Basic Project Lifecycle Initiating Closing Controllin g Planning Executin g

5 Phase 1 INITIATING Getting commitment to start the project approval from SPONSOR to proceed

Goals & objectives established Answers questions: Teams formed Tasks are developed What problem is to be solved How will it be solved 6

Phase 1 INITIATING cont. Initiating cont. Preliminary planning Present proposal Kicking off

Gather data Identify needs Establish goals, objectives, stakeholders, risk level, strategy, potential team, alternatives Approval to continue 7 Phase 2 PLANNING Planning Figure out how the project will perform how are you going to reportto whom, how often

Schedules laid out Answers questions: Budgets created Risks analyzed

What is the plan? How do we know when we are done? 8 Phase 3 EXECUTING Executing Putting the plan into action Status reports generated 9

Phase 4 CONTROLLING/MONITORING Controlling Sometimes referred to as Monitoring Ongoing responsibility to see if the project is going according to the plan

QUALITY level monitored and maintained Forecasts made and updated 10 Phase 5 CLOSING Closing Sometimes referred to as Realizing Obtain client sign off

CELEBRATE!! 11 12 Project Management Approaches 13 Project Management Approaches 2 Approaches Traditional (Life Cycle/Processes)

Note: This course will cover the Traditional approach Agile 14 Traditional Approach We can complete the processes IN ORDER of the Project Life Cycle Works well when we are FAMILIAR with the project GOAL and SOLUTION are easy to identify Scope and deliverables are clear

15 AGILE APPROACH 16 Agile Approach Goes thru ITERATIONS (LOOPS) to get closer to and eventually reach the desired outcome Goal can be described, however the Solution is not clear

Completed when we dont know what the solution looks like Goes through iterations to get closer to and eventually reach a successful outcome 17 How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean" How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace "There's no 'I' in 'team" By working together, people can accomplish far more than they could alone. Staff can be more productive when they work together. Studies find that teamwork improves:

INNOVATION ENHANCES PROBLEM-SOLVING AND BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY Starting the group Set GROUND RULES at beginning of task or project. Each team member has equal SHARE of work so no one feels frustrated or resentful GUIDELINES regarding individual contributions to

group. For example: Everyone will come to meetings on time. Encourage everyone to contribute to discussion and the generation of ideas. Effective Communication Listen carefully to what others are saying,

hearing ACKNOWLEDGE other team members' INSIGHTS and offer ENCOURAGEMENT Build on SUGGESTIONS offered by other team members Keep a record of what is said during team meetings, and overall progress

Solve problems and resolve disputes Team leader resolves conflicts effectively. REFLECTIVE LISTENING Did you: Allow speakers to state their thoughts or opinions without INTERRUPTING Actively try to remember the important facts or points made by others Jot down any details or points raised by others REPEAT BACK or SUMMARIZE, points of view expressed?

Giving and receiving constructive feedback in groups If you describe what you actually SEE and HEAR, this reduces the other person's inclination to react defensively. Reveal your own position or feelings.

For example, "I FELT intimidated when you argued your point," rather than: "You were very aggressive." Describing your own reaction leaves the other person free to use this feedback or not 23 Stakeholders 24 Who is a Stakeholder?

Includes individuals and organizations who: Are INVOLVED in the project May positively or negatively affect the project May exert INFLUENCE over the project or results 25 Stakeholders


27 PROJECT MANAGEMENT GROUP ASSIGNMENT cont. "OTTAWA" specific CHARITY Select one of these charities. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT OVERWRITE SOMEONE ELSES CHARITY Each charity has to be UNIQUE (no duplicates) only 1 person per group, (NOT each member) signs up

Add the name of the charity, purpose, and the first and last names of all group members LAST NAME 1st, in ALPHABETICAL order 28 EXAMPLE OF: OTTAWA CHARITY The following is an example of: 1. NAMING your Charity Fundraiser 2.

giving your Charity Fundraiser a purpose 3. listing your group members: The name of my Charity Fundraiser is: KIVA". The purpose is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Our group members will be: Cramer, John; Jones,

Cassandra; Jones , Jill; Luke, Lucy; Smith, Jason; Miles, Jason; and Wyman, Bill. Please note that when you input your team members, that you include both the First name, and the Last 29 Name, LAST name 1st. Project Stakeholders (This will become slide #3 in your PowerPoint Presentation) In groups, take 5 minutes to come up with a list of

project stakeholders for an: ONTARIO CHARITY-FUNDRAISER; 1 member/spokesman will write the list of stakeholders in a Word doc. on his/her laptop, SAVE YOUR GROUP WORK EACH WEEK, AS IN WEEK 13, YOULL BE PRESENTING ALL YOUR GROUP WORK 30 Who May Be a Stakeholder? End users

Internal External (environmental, technological, market changes, competitive initiatives) Upper management Suppliers Sub contractors Team members

Regulatory agencies Sponsors 31 Phase 1: Initiating Projects 32 INITIATING Initiatin g Projects Planning Executing

Controlling Closing INITIATION is successfully beginning the project to create success in the end. -is the most CRUCIAL phase in the Project Life Cycle, as it's the phase in which you define your SCOPE and HIRE YOUR TEAM. One of the most important details at this stage is theReturn On Investment (ROI) . Youre asking MANAGEMENT to make an investment management expects to get some type of Return on the investment.

clearly DEFINING your target so you'll know 33 when OBJECTIVES have been met. PURPOSE of Initiation Process Set the overall SOLUTION direction Define top-level project objectives Broad, general objectives, some people call them "goals", that policymakers deal with, eg: "improve economic growth", fall into the top level

and are called "policy objectives". Secure: Necessary approvals Resources Assign Project Manager 34

Initiating Projects 35 INITIATING PROJECTS cont. INPUT: Project Selection Criteria: done based on a panel, only some which are funded, they have to

go in and select which projects theyre going to spend their money on HISTORICAL INFO: relevant data, projects of similar nature (successes/failures), sales, increasing in size/volume in sizes STATS PROCESS: PROJECT SELECTION METHODS:

how the COMPANY goes about selecting what projects theyll do and not do, what their priorities are, cost etc. EXPERT JUDGMENT: subject matter expert in that field 36 PROJECT INITIATION 37

eTEXT You will be creating/editing 1 file throughout the lesson. At the END of the lesson, you will be doing a number of Competency, Proficiency, and Master Assessments exercises. By the END of this lesson, you will have created/edited 5-7 files. You do NOT submit these files in Brightspace; I will be viewing them IN CLASS. For your PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEST, I will be asking you to SUBMIT 1 of these files 38 eTEXT

NOTE: Your etext will ask you to OPEN certain files throughout the lessons. Download ALL the Lesson Files you will need for the etext. Do not bother downloading all the chapters just download chapters, 1-4, & 10 IN ADDITION: When you get to the KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT questions, you can COPY & PASTE content into an MS WORD doc., by going to the Texidium ONLINE reader 39 eTEXT cont.

Click on the TABLE OF CONTENTS icon at the left margin UNIT 1 > LESSON 1 KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT Fill in the Blank True/False Matching

40 MS PROJECT HOMEWORK, CH. 01 CHANGING TASK DEPENDENCY DOUBLE click on teeny little arrow (Task Dependency Line). this will bring up the Task Dependency dialog box. Click on the drop-down arrow beside TYPE 41 THE ANSWERS TO THE textbooks:

e 1.FILL IN THE BLANK, T/F, & MATCHING end-of-chapter questions: are always found in the following weeks: Brightspace > WEEKLY FOLDER folder 42 MS PROJECT & MS ACCESS 2016 Instructions on downloading/installing MS Projec t and/or MS

Access You can also use MS PROJECT and/or MS ACCESS 2016 from any of the Open Access Center locations . In addition you can use MS PROJECT and/or MS ACCESS 2016 from Algonquin Colleges Virtual Desktop Note: If you are using the Virtual Desktop FROM HOME HAVING PROBLEMS WITH DOWNLOADING MS OFFICE/ACCESS & MS PROJECT?? If, after viewing the video on how to download MS OFFICE/ ACCESS , you are still having difficulty downloading Do NOT wait until my Office Hours, next

week. ITS are aware of any issues were having with MS OFFICE/ACCESS & MS PROJECT. ITS also has a CD with both programs on it, which you can borrow. 44 Working with Groups Watch this video on how TRELLO works for GROUP WORK Google Groups Google Hangouts Hybrid / Homework Read Chapter 1 of your MS Project 2016 etext

Complete all activities required while reading chapter 1, including end of chapter practical assignments. Complete the Fill in the Blank for Chapter 1 Complete the T/F for chapter 1 When you get to these KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT questions, you can COPY & PASTE content into an MS WORD doc., by going to the Texidium ONLINE reader 46

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