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Web-Based Open Content Communities for Technical Education By Kwok-Bun Yue (joint work with Andrew Yang, Wei Ding & Ping Chen) University of Houston-Clear Lake Innovation 2004 at NASA JSC Gilruth Center August 20, 2004 [email protected] 1 Abstracts Describe a model for building an Open Content Community (OCC) for developing educational materials.

May 2004 Based on the Open Source Software (OSS) model. High degree of collaboration. Comprehensive. Content rich. Freely distributable. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 2 Contents

May 2004 Introduction Related Work: Existing Models The Basic UHCL OCC Model More UHCL OCC Model Details Conclusions and Future Work http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 3 Introduction: Effective Technical Education Learning and teaching customized to individuals: catering to varying

May 2004 Background Need Interest Capability Learning and Teaching Style http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 4 The Problem Domain Issues:

Quality Completeness Richness Freely Distributable Courseware Issues: Development Management Interoperability Courseware Raw Educational Materials Courseware

May 2004 http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 5 Courseware Development May 2004 Development/Management: e.g. CMS/ LMS such as WebCT, Blackboard, etc. Interoperability/reusability: knowledge captures; e.g. SCORM, OKI, etc. A lot of activities: but not our basic

concern. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 6 Educational Material Development Raw Educational Materials Instructors Courseware Learners/students May 2004 http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected]

page 7 Existing Internet Resources May 2004 Varying quality. Scattered Contents may not be rich. Contents may not be complete. May have copyright problems. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected]

page 8 Desirable Features Desirable features of educational materials: May 2004 Quality Comprehensive: completeness Rich content: abundance of materials Freely accessible/distributable Ease of uses

http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 9 Current Section May 2004 Introduction Related Work: Existing Models The Basic UHCL OCC Model More UHCL OCC Model Details Conclusions and Future Work http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue;

[email protected] page 10 One Approach: Repositories Various kinds of repositories. May 2004 May address some of the problems But usually not all. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 11

Educational Repositories Comparing different models/sites: May 2004 Merlot: http://www.merlot.org/Home.po. MITs Open CourseWare: http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html. Rices Connexion Project: http://cnx.rice.edu/. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 12

Merlot (1) Free annotations and reviewed links to external resources. http://www.merlot.org/Home.po; example resource link. Addressed: May 2004 Quality: peer review by panels.

Richness: repository. Not well addressed: copyright, completeness, ease of uses. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 13 Merlot (2) May 2004 http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 14 Merlot (3) May 2004

http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 15 MIT Open CourseWare (1) http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html About 500 open courseware now. All 2,000 courses open by 2007. Open license based on Creative Commons. Extremely successful: May 2004

Wired magazine article: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.09/mit _pr.html MITs full commitment and well funded. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 16 MIT Open Courseware (2) May 2004

High quality Open source-like copyright Ease of use: especially for students Richness: limited by courses Completeness: topics limited by MIT offering; contents set by MIT authors Collaboration: within MIT. Community: not interactive. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 17 MIT OCW Example May 2004 http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected]

page 18 Rice's Connexions Project (1) May 2004 http://cnx.rice.edu/index_html; an example: CNXML. Collaborative, community-driven approach for courseware development. Module-based and open source. Connexions modules: http://cnx.rice.edu/content/view. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue;

[email protected] page 19 Rice's Connexions Project (2) May 2004 Coarse-grained object model. Tools for authoring and browsing courseware. CNXML to capture courseware. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 20

Rice's Connexions Project (3) May 2004 Quality: post-publication communitybased reviews; smaller sets of authors. Richness: limited by modules. Copyright: open source Ease of uses: dedicated tools with high consistency. Completeness: depends on developers; no structure for support. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected]

page 21 Open Source Software (OSS) May 2004 Highly successful. Not just a software, but a development model. Applicable to courseware development? http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 22

SourceForge.net http://sourceforge.net/ Community-based site for open source software (OSS) development. Provides services, tools, visibility, etc, to OSS projects. April 28, 2004: May 2004 Hosted Projects: 80,230 (+12,000 in 7

months) Registered Users: 837,960 (+140,000) http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 23 Some OSS Lessons May 2004 Community-based: sourceforge.net. High degree of collaboration. Maintained by dedicated developers.

Natural evolution: survival of the fitness. Low cost of entry => natural evolution. Flexibility => natural evolution. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 24 Brief Summary May 2004 Many repositories with different models. Each has its strength and weakness. None (except Rices Connexions)

close to OSS in building a OSS-like community. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 25 Current Section May 2004 Introduction Related Work: Existing Models The Basic UHCL OCC Model More UHCL OCC Model Details

Conclusions and Future Work http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 26 The UHCL OCC model Similar approach to Rice's Connexion project: Community-based Open source Differences:

Different use case model Object model May 2004 Finer grain More flexible structure http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 27 Model Design UCHL OCC:

May 2004 Lightweight Tightly modeling sourceforge.net. Educational materials: cut and paste. Courseware development: secondary. Courseware hosting: optional. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 28 Simplified Connexions Objects

Module May 2004 0..* use 0..* Course http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 29 Connexions Module May 2004

http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 30 Connexions Design May 2004 High consistency and ease of use CNXML to capture knowledge. Suitable for content development/courseware hosting. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 31

Potential Issues in Connexions Higher cost of entry: developers need to develop an entire module; cannot contribute just an example or a case study, for example; have pros & cons. Lower degree of collaboration. Lack of structures in modules: May 2004 To enhance completeness For browsing. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue;

[email protected] page 32 UHCL OCC Object Model May 2004 http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 33 OCC Modules May 2004

Modules: independent units for topics and subtopics. May contain or require other modules. Modules may contain embedded or external Knowledge Units (KU). http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 34 OCC KU May 2004 Knowledge Units (KU) are actual educational contents: lecture notes,

exercises, examples, assignments, resource links, case studies, etc. KU exist independently by themselves. A KU can be used by many modules. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 35 OCC Courses May 2004 Courses are collections of modules and KUs.

Unlike Rice's Connexions, courses are not necessarily hosted in the OCC site. Instructors pick, mix and modify to build their own courses. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 36 Current Section May 2004 Introduction Related Work: Existing Models

The Basic UHCL OCC Model More OCC Model Details Conclusions and Future Work http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 37 OCC users May 2004 Workgroups: create and manage the projects; plan required modules.

Developers: develop modules and KU. Instructors: access OCC repository to create courses; share experience. Regular users: access OCC repository to learn. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 38 OCC Object Contents Two options: May 2004

Any format the workgroup of the project wants to use. OCC's supplied XML. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 39 OCC Site Features (model after sourceforge.net):

May 2004 Support the OCC model. Version Controls. Community building tools: help wanted, module/KU request, bug fixes, etc. Quality Control: pre- and post-publication reviews. Browsing and searching features Promotional features http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 40 OCC Quality Control Support both kinds of review:

May 2004 Pre-publications Post-publications OCC provides a range of prepublication review mechanisms for projects to use. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 41 Benefits of the UHCL OCC model Low cost of entry

May 2004 Finer objects More flexibility: workgroups select the best format/process for their projects. High degree collaboration Structures to plan sub-modules for completeness Complementary to other approach, such as Rices Connexions. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected]

page 42 The UHCL OCC Solution May 2004 Copyright: open source Quality: varying Richness: high level of collaboration. Completeness: high level of collaboration; structures for planning sub-modules. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 43

Current Section May 2004 Introduction Related Work: Existing Models The Basic UHCL OCC Model More UHCL OCC Model Details Conclusions and Future Work http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 44

Conclusions (1) May 2004 Presented a model of OCC for developing educational materials based on OSS. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 45 Conclusions (2) Individual ideas: nothing new. Putting it together:

May 2004 Potentials Challenges Worthy to attempt: sourceforge.net for educational materials. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 46 Sustainable Business Model?

May 2004 Low development cost Low maintenance cost Sourceforge.net is a good precedence. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 47 OCC Team May 2004 Kwok-Bun Yue, Andrew Yang and Wei Ding (UHCL)

Ping Chen (UHD). http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 48 What Have Been Done? Have built a beta prototype system: May 2004 Support the basic OCC model

Some form of version control. Some community building tools: helps wanted; module request. Some browsing and searching features Some promotional features http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 49 Publications May 2004 Yue, K., Yang, T., Ding, W. & Chen, P., A model for open content communities to support effective learning and teaching, Proceedings of the IADIS

International Conference on Web-based Communities 2004, pp 533-536, Lisbon, Portugal, April 2004. Yue, K., Yang, T., Ding, W. & Chen, P., Open Courseware and Computer Science Education, accepted by the Thirteenth Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges: Rocky Mountain Conference, October 22-23, 2004, Utah Valley State College, Orem, Utah. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 50 Future Work

May 2004 Build a more stable OCC prototype with a fuller set of features. Invite developers/instructors to start projects. Get seed funding. Write technical papers. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 51 Summary

May 2004 OCC has the potentials to change how course material is developed. OCC may complement other approaches. The OCC team is working on various technical issues and proposal development. http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 52 Thank you and discussion! May 2004

http//dcm.cl.uh.edu/yue; [email protected] page 53

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