VTAC Application Process and Selection 2009

VTAC Application Process and Selection 2011 for entry 2012 VTAC Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre - is the body that processes the tertiary applications is not a government body is a non-profit organization scales VCE Study Scores & calculates the ATAR VCAA Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority - designs VCE Curriculum & Assessment - provides VTAC with VCE Study Scores

How to use the VTAC Guide Important dates p 1 Relevant Information pp 5 - 46 Index of courses pp 47 75 Course Information pp 76 518

Interstate application procedures p 543 An index of major study areas pp 545 574 Types of Courses CSP Commonwealth Supported Places Course codes end in 1 e.g. 12201 (CSP) (Commonwealth Supported Place) Full Fee Course codes end in 2 Payment is required up front (No type 2 courses available for

admission into universities. only for courses at Independent Tertiary Colleges) 89612 (DFP) (Domestic Fee Place) International Fee courses end in 3 e.g. 26063 (IFP) TAFE Courses majority are government funded e.g. 57391 (VGF) 66014 (age 20+) Useful web site http://www.goingtouni.gov.au Independent Tertiary Colleges Colleges which offer courses on a full fee basis Courses range from one year full time up to four years

All courses are subject to a nation-wide accreditation system e.g Photography Studies College Endeavour College of Natural Health Elly Lukas Beauty College TAFE (Technical & Further Education): More vocational and practical RMIT, Swinburne, Holmesglen, & Chisholm University: Generally 3-4 years

More theoretical than practical Major- subject area representing most of your subjects. Minor- subject area representing the lesser number of your subjects. These can often be selected in 2nd year. Application Procedure 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Students must register for a VTAC ID by logging on to www.vtac.edu.au Students answer a number of questions VTAC ID will be given Students will be asked to select their own Pin number Students log into My Info to apply for courses (using VTAC ID and Pin) My Info is also where student will - apply for scholarships - apply for SEAS (can only proceed after preferences submitted) - change address - change pin - change preferences

1st 2nd To register with VTAC and enter preferences online you need Java installed on your computer Cost of applying $25 $35 $86 $111

immediate online payment (timely applic) mailed invoice Late application Very Late application Students responsibility to complete application accurately, answer all relevant questions and provide required information. Print an Acknowledgement of Application. Extra Requirements What is an Extra Requirement?

e.g. Interview,Form, Folio, Audition What is Additional Information? Information Session, Bonus Points Pre-requisites Units 3 & 4 a study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English (Raw score not the scaled up score) VTAC Pi Form access via MyInfo (submit by 28 October) Listing Courses

Courses should be arranged in order of preference Maximum of 12 courses Safety net .if still unsure students should. Assess skills & strengths Use Job Guide Know course options single degrees, combined degrees, TAFE Have obtained information from Institutions, Open Days, parents, teachers Employment prospects

Style of learning TAFE (hands on) Uni (theory) Location & style of Campus Investigate majors, minors .. Example of a course Results and Change of Preference Results will be available on 16 December - internet .resultsandatar.vic.edu.au - SMS (must pre register) Change of Preference 16 21 December (5pm) Period where students can add, remove or put preferences in different order.

Mrs Connolly available at school Offers Round 1 Round 2 16 January 2012 3 February 2012 Accepting an offer Offers and enrolment instructions can be accessed by logging into MyInfo (on VTAC website) at the specified periods for each offer round.

Students also receive an offer letter by mail if VTAC fees paid. Verbal offers have no status. To accept the course students must enrol in the course. Enrolment How do I enrol? Enrolment procedures will be outlined in offer letter (also available on MyInfo) Students can only enrol in one course and are required to attend in person on a specific date and time. If unable to attend sudents must nominate a Proxy..plan ahead

Irregular Offers You can apply if: You want to be considered for a preference listed lower than an offer you have received

You want to apply for a course not listed on your preferences. Irregular offer advice to applicants

Irregular offers Make sure you have done extra requirements and/or meet prerequisites otherwise you wont be offered and are wasting your time Do not send your form in the mail there are no guarantees Always telephone or visit the institution and dont give up the form unless it is signed by both of you A signed form means you have an offer and are no longer eligible for any other offers (including supplementary offers) Only one form per applicant is allowed in the system.

The first received will override any duplicates. Supplementary Offer Replaces Round 3 Offer Available only if student has not received an offer in Rounds 1 or 2 or Have not been granted an Irregular offer Have given VTAC permission to release their application to all courses with vacancies Scholarships Universities offer a range of scholarship

awards and bursaries to support and encourage students. These scholarships fall into two broad categories: 1. Access & Equity Scholarships 2. Institutional Merit Scholarships About Scholarships VTAC administers applications for scholarships at the following universities: Charles Sturt Uni, Deakin Uni, La Trobe, Monash, RMIT, Swinburne, Uni of Ballarat and Victoria Uni.

ACU and Melbourne University run their own Scholarship programs Access & Equity Scholarships These include Commonwealth Scholarships & Institutional Scholarships Commonwealth Scholarships are funded by the Australian Government and administered by Centrelink e.g. low socio economic accommodation costs Institutional Scholarships are funded by and governed by individual Institutions (check VTAC web site)

Institutional Merit Scholarships are awarded to high achieving students and are funded and governed by Individual Institutions. Check University web sites follow link to Scholarships. Not every course requires ENTER of 90highest achiever applying for that course may be 70s SEAS Special Entry Access Scheme SEAS is the umbrella program run by most

Institutions for applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage SEAS Booklet or on VTAC website SEAS allows Selection officers to grant extra consideration 6 categories Students apply online via MyInfo Closing date 11 October (5pm) SEAS - continued Key to a successful submission: -

Meet all the eligibility criteria Tell the truth Keep the application individual Demonstrate IMPACT Clear and concise supporting documents Things to remember

Applying Interstate Always check for new/cancelled courses Change of Address Change of Pin Number Deferring GAP year Dont panic Important dates VTAC Applications Open VTAC Applications Close

SEAS Schemes close VCE Results & ENTER Via mail Change of Preference closes First Round Offers Second Round Offers now 30 September 11 October 16 December 19 December 21 December

16 January 3 February And finally Social networking and VTAC - Join us now: Our blog http://vtacmedia.wordpress.com/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/#vtacguide

RSS feeds: www.vtac.edu.au Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/VTACVictorian-Tertiary-Admissions-Centre/ 143231095700606

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