Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely and the Op Art Movement Victor Vasarely Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian artist who developed a style of art known as Op Art. Op Art is an

abbreviation for Optical Illusion Art. Vasarely worked as a graphic artist early in his career. Wow! That Mr. Torres is a handsome

guy. Crystals These abstract paintings were inspired by broken pieces of tile and glass. Vasarely was impressed with how glass when broken would shatter in

specific and unique ways. Bella Isle Vasarely would go to the beach and looked at the way the waves crashing on the shore would reorganize the

pebbles and shells on the sand. Bella Isle This idea of the pebbles on the beach served as the basis for these abstract paintings.

Zebras Vasarely painted few of these artworks inspired by the striped animals but they would serve an important role in the way Vasarely would see things.

Zebras Vasarely discovered that the zebra stripes would begin to meld and create optical illusions. Black and White Vasarely began to

explore the idea of creating optical illusions in his paintings. Black and White Still using the black and whites that he used for his zebra paintings these groundbreaking

black and white works helped Vasarely to further develop the idea of abstract illusions. Vasarelys Alphabet Vasarely studied geometry and looked at

the shapes of the circle, square, and triangle. Vasarelys Alphabet These basic shapes served as his alphabet, just like letters when arranged in different orders form words,

Vasarely rearranged his shapes in different ways to create new works of art. Vegas Adding form to the shapes, patterns, spectacular colors, and

gradients helped to create an idea of threedimensionality and fully defined his abstract optical illusion art works. Gestalt These works are some of Vasarelys most wellknown paintings and

illustrate his distinctive style. Tribute to the Hexagon Vasarely died in Paris, France in 1997.

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