Vertebral Column

VERTEBRAL COLUMN FRANJKA ANTOLI, 2nd YEAR 2013/2014 Mentor: A. mega Horvat VERTEBRAL COLUMN FUNCTION supporting axis of the body protection for the spinal cord SYNONYMS

spinal column, backbone, spine VERTEBRAL COLUMN CURVATURES cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral DIVISION cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccygeal COMPONENTS intervertebral discs and vertebrae

CURVATURES OF THE VERTEBRAL COLUMN 4 CURVATURES IN TOTAL cervical - secondary thoracic - primary lumbar - secondary sacral - primary SCOLIOSIS abnormal, sideways curvature of the spine dextroscoliosis (thoracic)/ levoscoliosis (lumbar)

SCOLIOSIS DIVISION CERVICAL VERTEBRAE C1 - C7 atlas, axis, vertebra prominens bony aspect of the neck THORACIC VERTEBRAE T1 - T12 thoracic = rib cage LUMBAR VERTEBRAE L1 - L5 strongest and largest SACRUM curved, triangular shape S1 - S5, sacral bones at birth COCCYX

tailbone Co1 - Co4 fused / separate vertebrae with limited movement COMPONENTS VERTEBRA an individual backbone vertebral body

exception : atlas lumbar vertebrae large bodies vertebral=neural arch: 2x laminae + pedicle COMPONENTS vertebral foramen intervertebral foramen

between arch and body triangular, round spinal=vertebral canal, spinal cord formed by the juxtaposition of superior and inferior notches in the pedicles processes

transverse articulation with ribs, lumbar vertebrae have mammillary and accessory processes superior and inferior articular processes = zygapophyses, articulation with other vertebrae spinous - located at the posterior aspect of the neck, in the midline, easily

palpable from C7 COMPONENTS INTERVERTEBRAL DISCS between vertebrae outer fibrous and central semi- fluid part bind the vertebrae give flexibility

shock absorbers SCIATICA pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve prolapsed intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus escapes posterolaterally VOCABULARY RECAP VERTEBRAL COLUMN spinal column, backbone, spine

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CURVATURES thoracic, sacral, cervical, lumbar SCOLIOSIS abnormal curvature of the spine dextroscoliosis, levoscoliosis THORACIC = RIB CAGE bony enclosing wall of the chest consisting chiefly of the ribs and structures connecting them COCCYX tailbone ZYGAPOPHYSES superior and inferior articular processes SCIATICA pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve REFERENCES

vertebral-column/ The Language of Medicine: Chabner, Saunders THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

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