VCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2017 - Gladstone Park

VCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2018 Units 1 & 2 WELCOME! Welcome to VCE Physical Education ( Year 10 and 11s) VCE PE consists of learning and understanding key concepts and then being able to apply them in a practical setting. Once a theoretical understanding is established we will then apply it to a practical setting, you are not entitled to weekly practical sessions. Unit 1 begins NOW and finishes in June with an end of semester exam, along with two AOS assessments during the semester Unit 2 begins in June 2017 and finishes in November with an end of semester exam, along with two AOS assessments during the semester EDMODO & COMPASS EDMODO

You will be required to have an Edmodo account ( and write down your username and password somewhere safe, your teachers will not waste time following this up for you) Your Edmodo account will give you access to pre and post topic tests, computer activities, a means of communication with your teacher, immediate access to your marks as they are uploaded by your teacher COMPASS Download the compass app onto your phone, this will allow you to gain access to room changes and any notes left by your teacher is they are absent. STUDY DESIGN & TEXT BOOK You will each be given a copy of the new, updated PE study design. Each of your subjects has a link to a PDF copy of the study design, this is like

the bible to the subject- it will provide you with all of the key knowledge (topics) and key skills (applications) you will need to satisfactorily pass the unit of study and you can only be assessed on topics within the study design. Please be aware that the PE course has been updated last year and previous years text books and study designs no longer apply. Macmilla n Live it up NEW!!! OLD!!!!! Do not buy Buy, buy, buy!

UNIT 1: The human body in motion Topics include: Musculoskeletal system Cardiorespiratory system Barriers to physical activity Injuries and illnesses associated with the MS and CR systems

Strategies to prevent injuries The use of illegal and legal substances to improve performance UNIT 2: Physical activity, sport and society Topics include: Sport physical activity and exercise influences on participation in PA

prevalence and trends of PA in the population health risks of physical inactivity physical activity and sedentary behaviour guidelines methods of assessing activity enablers and barriers of physical activity Contemporary issues surrounding PA

social ecological model physical activity promotion writing an individual activity program PE FOLDER You will need the following equipment for PE next year: An A4 Binder Folder ( preferably 4 hole) Dividers Plastic Pockets

Loose-leaf, lined writing paper or exercise book Text Book Complete PE uniform EXPECTATIONS You are responsible for your own learning, keeping up with class work and catching up with your teacher (and the work) when you are absent, keeping an up to date work book including note taking, text book questions and work sheets

You meet attendance requirements to pass the respective unit You provide a medical certificate if absent on the day of a SAC (School assessed coursework) You are respectful of your teacher and one another inside and outside of the classroom including incursions and excursions You follow school rules including no phones in class and only wearing PE uniform when you have been informed by your teacher HOLIDAY HOMEWORK Ms Domange [email protected] Mr Greaney [email protected] Miss Miles : [email protected]

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