Variation and Gradience in Phonological Theory

T-Orders and Variation Arto Anttila Stanford University Workshop on Variation, Gradience and

Frequency in Phonology July 8, 2007 3-syllables, t-deletion

3-syllables, no t-deletion 4-syllables 4-syllables, no t-deletion

4-syllables, t-deletion 5-syllables

5-syllables (partial graph) 5-syllables (partial graph) Compound stress effects

1. Initial trochee (in.ter)( *(in.ter.fe)( (in.ter)( 2. Initial dactyl

*(ko.les)( (ko.les.te)(ro.le)ja *(ko.les)( (tes.tos)(

*(tes.tos.te)( (tes.tos)( Diagnosis

(inter) and (testos) are words

koles is not Precision and recall 3-syllables 4-syllables

5-syllables Precision 1 0.956

0.857 Recall 0.417 0.586

0.633 thank you

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