Using Web 2.0 Tools for Esp Vocabulary Drill

TESLONTARIO09 A demonstration of a practical use of Web 2.0 tools for TESL Stephen Roney, College of the North Atlantic Qatar John Allan, Niagara College, Canada Web

2.0 Practical resource to share Drill & kill Teacher boredom factor Varies input modes Word lists Computer is suitable and patient CNAQ experience

Identify target Create target Amazons Vocab Grabber On line concordancer Establish parameters Association/Membership

Community Multimedia Rich Media of focus Contribution Marketing/Advertising Tagging/fuzzy logic Multisite Distribution

Personalized Space Pronunciation Spelling Batch entry Creates 12 different exercises Crossword, word search,

unscramble, audio word match, hang mouse, alphabetize, match it, which word?, complete the word, sentence unscramble Batch entry Generates 7 activities 1. Familiarize: flash cards

2. Learn: typing 3. Test: interactive tests 4. Scatter: drag definitions 5. Space Race: typing with speed 6. Voice Race: voice recognition 7. Voice Scatter: pronunciation

minidictionary Generates defs Based on grade quizmaker Claims to Problems

generate 11 activities List sorting utility Sorts by parameters set by user

Batch entry of terms Optional image upload Optional audio upload Distribute

visual slideshows Context interactive activity generator Quiz Matching

Crossword Scrambler Cloze Software must be downloaded Generates five drill activities JigWords

MatchWords WordSearch WordWeb SpeedWord Audio option (Audacity)

Does not fit the web 2.0 mold Games creator

CannonBall Fun Manic Miner Matching Pairs Fling the Teacher Teacher Invaders Half a Min Multiple-choice

Match-up Twenty activity builders Save Your Team Racing Cubes Dunkin Teacher Bingo Build It

including. On line wiki Common writing - collaborative area Multimedia Produce within a garden gate

Authentic audience Survey generator Report generator

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