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Using NativeScript to develop native apps for IOS and Android By Peter Messenger Senior Developer Kip Mc Grath Education Services What is NativeScript? A runtime for building and running native IOS, and (soon) Windows Phone apps with a single JavaScript (or TypeScript) code base Developed by Telerik Open Source

Runs JavaScript on JavaScript VMs JavaScriptCore on IOS V8 on Android Android 4.2 or later and iOS 7.1 or later Nativescript is not like PhoneGap no DOM Xamarian no cross compilation Appcelerator direct access to native APIs in JavaScript Why NativeScript? Skills reuse

Standard base JavaScript, CSS, optionally TypeScript Code reuse Npm modules, 3rd party Android and IOS libraries More than 50 plugins developed already Easily use Native Apis No wrappers to access native APIs Use native UI elements Open Source Angular 2 Integration

Ways to use Nativescript Telerik Platform Npm install g nativescript Telerik Platform Backend as a service Push notifications, cloud data, file storage etc Analytics App Builder Cloud builds (build IOS/android builds) Nativescript debugging and tooling

Screen Builder Cost $79 per month (and up) Telerik Appbuilder IDE Options In Browser Client Visual Studio Extension

Sublime Text Package Command Line Interface Nativescript Command Line Interface Free and open source i Requirements Android - JDK, Apache Ant, Android SDK IOS Xcode, Xcode CLI Tools, IOS SDK My recommendation Use CLI

Test on real devices, compile time very good Optionally use visual studio for editing Use TypeScript, not JavaScript Online platform Requires good upload speed for projects, particularly for large projects with lots of files (found it was painful) Compile times ok, but again internet speed in an issue Starting an New Project npm install g nativescript tns create hello-world cd hello world

IOS tns platform add ios tns run ios emulator Android tns platform add android tns run android emulator Project Structure App App_Resources

App.css App.js Main-page.css Main-page.js Main-page.xml Node_modules Package.json Tns_modules Platforms Android

ios App.js var application = require(application); application.mainModule = main-page; application.start(); Pages Xml markup structure Elements ,

Data Binding Improved var observableModule = require(data/observable); exports.load = function (args) { var data = new observableModule.Observable(); data.set(message, hello world); args.object.bindingContext = data; } CSS Label {

color : red; font-size : 20; width : 200; margin : 20 } .special { color : green; } Layouts, Gestures and Widgets Layouts

AbsoluteLayout DockLayout GridLayout StackLayout WrapLayout Gestures Tap Double Tap Long Press Swipe Pan Pinch Rotation

Features Location Camera Animation Widgets Button Label TextField TextView SearchBar Switch Slider

Progress ActivityIndicator Image ListView HtmlView WebView TabView SegmentedBar DatePicker TimePicker ListPicker Dialogs

Coming Soon Weeks/Days Telerik Listview Charting Curated plugin store November Calendar DataForm AutoComplete TextView January Canvas API Contact Picker Windows Support (maybe)

NativeScript- Site Main site blog, very good documentation and examples in JavaScript and TypeScript Twitter Source NativeScript Group

https:// My blog with NativeScript examples NativeScript Videos Presentations by TJ VanToll Welcome to NativeScript Beyond the Basics

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