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The University of Queensland How to Apply for New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarship UQ Global Engagement Heidi Benjaminson

International Scholarships Unit NCP Scholarship vs. Mobility Grants Scholarship Awarded to Application by Given per year

Mobility Grants Individual student Cohort of students Individual student UQ staff Maximum 10 Hundreds per year Can get both

What You Get Tuition fees at host university if applicable In-country language training & assistance finding an internship Travel allowance $2,500 Establishment allowance $2,500 Monthly stipend $2,500 Health and travel insurance for duration of program Dedicated case manager

Pre-departure, advice on health and insurance, accommodation advice Fellows receive an additional $1,000 Possible sponsorship by Private Sector Organisation Your NCP Program Mandatory study component Receive credit towards your degree or concurrent diploma Internship encouraged Language training encouraged

Duration of 3 to 19 months Commence between January 1 December 31, 2019 Full-time program Full time study defined by UQ Internship is at least 22 hours per week Language training at least 15 contact hours per week Gap of no longer than four weeks between components Where You Can Go

2018 Results 120 Scholars were chosen 3 from UQ Scholars went to 20 out of 40 eligible destinations Hong Kong & Singapore (17) Japan (16) China (15) Indonesia (14) South Korea (12)

Fourteen countries had 1-5 scholars Eligibility Be nominated by UQ Australian citizen Not current or former dual citizen or permanent resident of host country Enrolled in Australian university (on-shore) during application process 18 to 28 years of age (inclusive) on 1 January 2019 Be undertaking Bachelor or Bachelor Honours Degree when scholarship

commences GPA of 5 in undergraduate course at the time of application One year of study completed at UQ at time of application Selection Criteria Academic excellence at the tertiary level (40%) Leadership in the community (30%) Adaptability and resilience (15%) Ability to contribute to NCP goals (15%)

Other Considerations When applicants are similarly meritorious preference may be given to applicants proposing:

Longer periods of study An internship/mentorship and/or language training Diversity across host locations Diversity across fields of study Diversity across home universities Diverse student groups Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Students from low socio-economic background Students from regional/remote areas/universities Students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds Students across genders Females in non-traditional fields Students with a disability Internships Do not have to be confirmed at the time of application

Assistance in finding an internship will be provided once you have been awarded an NCP scholarship Can be full-time (22-38 hours per week) before or after study Maximum of six months Can be part-time concurrent with study Can be undertaken in a location other than study Host Location An internship alone cannot constitute an NCP scholarship Language Training

In-country language training in a language that is an official language of the host country, or is widely spoken Must be undertaken in same Host Location as study or internship Full-time = minimum 15 contact hours per week Six months maximum of language-only training Nomination & Application Step 1: Expression of Interest to UQ Step 2: Application to DFAT

Expression of Interest to UQ Will nominate 10 students Online Expression of Interest Form Similar to DFATs application Online Expression of Interest open now until 30 June 2018 Covers both semesters next year Interview with UQ staff July 9 & 10

Application to DFAT Online application from August 1 30, 2018 Details of Host country Study component Internships/mentorships Language training Two referee reports Evidence of citizenship, letter of enrolment from UQ, academic transcript,

evidence of affiliation with host institution Tips to applicants Read NCP scholarship guidelines Strategic Objectives 1.2.1 Save electives to take overseas Work on leadership experience (over participation) Consider countries with fewer scholars Read DFATs advice to applicants

Talk to UQ Abroad about your overseas study uq.edu.au/uqabroad Timeline Deadline for UQS Expression of Interest: June 30, 2018 UQ interviews: July 9 & 10, 2018 Apply to DFAT: August 1 30, 2018 DFAT interviews in Canberra: September and October 2018

NCP Scholars announced: November 2018 DFAT awards ceremony in Canberra: November or December 2018 Depart for Indo-Pacific: From 1 January 2019 Submit Expression of Interest global-engagement.uq.edu.au/ ncp-scholarship

Contact Us Heidi Benjaminson 07 3346 9924 [email protected]

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