Unit 5 - Stars

Learning Goals: How do stars differ from moons and planets, and from one another? How does the classification of stars help us understand how they evolve over their lifetimes?

What are the different types of stars? What happens when different types of stars die? Why is it important for us to 4. Complex Knowledge: demonstrations of learning that go aboveand above and beyond what was explicitly taught. 3. Knowledge: meeting the learning

goals and expectations. 2. Foundational knowledge: simpler procedures, isolated details, vocabulary. 1. Limited knowledge: know very little details but working toward a Bell Work 2-24-16

What type of star did you research yesterday? What type of star did the person next to you research? What is one way those two types of stars are different? One way they are similar? Star all sizes Are stars the and same colors size and color?

Our sun is big Antares instead of our sun. This is Betelgeuse instead of our sun Pistol Star, Rho Cassiopeia, Betelgeuse, VY Canis Majoris UY Scuti Usually Spectral

class O Radius (sun=1) 12-25 Mass (sun=1) 20-120 B 4-12

4-20 A 1.5-4 2-4 F 1.1-1.5 1.05-2 G

0.85-1.1 0.8-1.05 K 0.6-.85 0.5-0.8 M 0.1-0.6

0.08-0.5 Underneath your chart: Explain at least two trends that you notice so far as you move from Oclass stars to M-class stars Size comparison Star Diamet er

(sun =1) Color Sun 1 Yellow Betelgeuse 830* Orange/ Red

Bellatrix 6 White Sirius 2 Blue/ White Polaris (North

Star) 37 yellow Proxima Centauri (closest) 0.03 Red Measure string the length of the diameter.

Fold the string in half . Hold the middle and use your pencil to draw a scale diagram of these stars! Label the stars, Pollux orange 8 then guess their color Please get the string neatly back

on the cardboard!! Thanks Types of Stars by Size, Color and Life Cycle Watch video on mrhyatt.rocks. 1 thing you already knew 2 things that are new to you

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