Understand principles of business 01.00

Types of Business Organizations Compare the main types of business organization: Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and franchise Sole Proprietorship Owned by one person Examples Floral shops Bookstores Farms Advantages Easy to start Owner is his/her own boss Owner keeps all profits Disadvantages Owner must pay for everything needed for the business

Difficult to obtain capital needed to start Owner might lack business skills Unlimited liability owner has full responsibility for companys debts and can lose entire investment as well as personal assets Partnership Owned by two or more people Examples Law firms Medical practices Auto Body Repair Advantages Relatively easy to start Easier to obtain capital than in a sole proprietorship Partners share skills and talents Partners share risks Disadvantages

Partnership agreement is needed to start Partners might not get along well Partners must share profits Partnership must be reorganized if one partner quits Partners share unlimited liabilityall partners share the responsibility of a bad decision made by one partner (including Corporation Owned by many people stockholders, but treated by law as one person (can own property, pay taxes, make contracts) Advantages Corporations can raise money by selling stock Limited liability stockholders can only lose what they have invested

Corporation continues when stockholders sell stock Corporation can always make money by selling more stock Examples Nike IBM Google Disadvantages Corporations are taxed on their profits Government closely regulates corporation More difficult to start a corporation Must obtain a corporate charter Franchise Franchise is a contractual agreement to sell a companys products or services in a

specific geographic area Disadvantages Advantages Easy to start Franchisee can rely on good name and expertise of the parent company Franchisee can get needed guidance in operating the business Some franchisors are strict about how the business is run Franchise is limited in what products or services can be sold Franchise must operate like every other franchise Examples Taco Bell Blockbuster McDonalds

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