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POP CULTURE, TV AND FILM IN the Late 80S AND 90s Soviet television & Film No commercial announcements on TV or radio Carefully filtered and approved programs and information High culture: ballet, theatre, film,

documentaries Stiff, formal concerts with old performers The new freedoms of glasnost Freedom from Socialist Realism Tendency to shock and scandalize Raw language (mat), scandalous sex scenes Pop and rock assimilates all kinds of

influences from Western music Film Developments Influenced by imported cassettes: Chernukha (black film) Pornukha (porno) Mokrukha (blood and guts) Triller (Thriller) Film: Chernukha

Shows the seamy side of life: sex, alcoholism, brawls, prostitution Ironical humour No happy end Interdevochka (1989) Taxi Blues (1990) Tv comes to life Perestroika and glasnost on the telly

Vzgliad (look) Friday evening youth program created on the 1987 decision of Central Committee of the CPSU (first suggested by Aleksandr Yakovlev) First program on 2 October 1987 on Central Television, later Channel One 26 December 1990 program stopped because it discussed Shevardnadzes

resignation The medium is the message News and entertainment program that played off the personalities of the presenters: Oleg Vakulovsky, Dmitry Zakharov, Vlad Listyev, Aleksandr Liubimov Called The Beatles of Perestroika Expressed the desire for change among the young

Did special edition of their program on August 23rd after the Putsch. Vlad Listyev January 1995 Listyev became director of ORT (Channel One) Struggle develops to control

advertising revenue 1 March 1995 Listyev murdered entering his apt. building 600 seconds (19871993) Fast-paced sensationalist news program out of Leningrad directed and presented by

Aleksandr Nevzorov Began as a use of tv to criticize bureaucrats, becomes more and more on side of conservatives, against reforms, independence of Baltic republics Nevzorov makes film Nashi in praise of the special forces sent to Lithuania in 1991 Mexican soaps Simplemente

Maria (1989) Fascinated Russians dropped everything to watch MMM and the power of television

A pyramid scheme created by Sergei Mavrodi in 1994 Brilliant tv com mercials Pop music: survivors and newcomers Estrada: the Queen Alla Pugacheva

Rock: Time Machine, DDT, Aquarium, Liube Popsa: new commercial artists: Filip Kirkorov Alla Pugacheva (1949-) 1983 song of the the year: A Million Crimson Roses Mary(1995)

Mal-po-malu (Little by Little 1998) Filip Kirkorov One-time husband of Alla Pugacheva Superpop Edinstvennaya (My one and

only) Above ground: Time Machine* Leader: Andrei Makarevich Marionetki (1992) Povorot (The Bend, Red Square concert

1994) *Mashina vremeni Lyube Kombat (1996) Group formed in 1989 There beyond the mists

Nationalist and military thematics and appeal Quit fooling around, America! Extremely popular among a certain demographic

The Birches The Birches a perfect expression of Putins Russia

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