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TRAVELLING Objectives: to develop students skills and habits of prepared and unprepared speech; to teach students to express their opinion; to develop students skills in listening, reading and writing; to enrich students vocabulary; to teach the students to understand and respect the traditions and the culture of other countries. Read and express your opinion. Do you agree with the thoughts of the famous people? Travelling is one way of lengthening life. Benjamin Franklin He that travel far knows much. John Clarke

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play and to look up at the stars. Henry Van Dyke IF YOU WANT TO GET SOMEWHERE YOU CAN GO THERE BY Find the names of means of transport: T J B C S H I P T





T E R While travelling we often go sightseeing. As a rule, tourists visit some of these places: cathedral palace church park monument bridge theatre statue THINGS THAT TOURISTS OFTEN DO ON HOLIDAYS:

look round; take photographs; spend a lot of money; buy souvenirs; do shopping; lose their way; go sightseeing; have a good Act the situation using the following key phrases;

What time does this plane get to New York, please? Which platform does the 9 oclock bus go from, please? Is there a train to Oxford at about 11 oclock, please? How much does the return/one way ticket to Paris cost, please? When is the next train to London, please? Have you ever been to these places? Which of them would you like to visit most of all? Its interesting to know

In Pakistan you mustnt wink. Its offensive. In the Middle East you must never use the left hand for greeting, eating and drinking. In Thailand you shouldnt pat a childs head. In Singapore chewing gum is banned. Bowing is the usual way of greeting in China. In Poland you should never take chrysanthemums to a party. They are only given at funerals. If you are invited to a meal in Brazil, you should arrive some time after the stated What does travelling mean to you? These are the extracts of two letters. Sort them and you will get two stories about ideal and disastrous holidays We planned to set C off very early to catch the 7 a. m. train. In the morning the car couldnt start. When we finally left it was 6.30.My dad is a very slow driver and I asked him to speed up.

When we were doing 120 km/h the police stopped us. We had to To make things worse our D pay a rather heavy fine. car began to jerk as we had Tomorrow I am going to E Dear Nick F run out of petrol. see London from London Ive been in London for We finally got to the station Eye. I was told the view almost a week now and at three minutes to seven. I from it is unforgettable. kissed my father goodbye and Finally, I should say that Im having a great time. I spend the first few days jumped on the train. But as London is fantastic. Ive going sightseeing soon as I reach the next taken a lot of photos. Houses of Parliament, station I realized that I had Youll see them when I the Tower, Buckingham got to the wrong train. get back home. Palace and all the usual

Hope your holidays were See you later. attractions. better than mine. Dear Jane A I am going to tell you about my last journey. I was ready to travel to Paris when one day I was knocked down by a car and broke my arm. But I decided to go anyway. My Dad promised to give a ride to the station, which was far from our house. Yesterday I decided B to have a look round the shops and I bought some souvenirs. Today Ive been to a couple of very interesting art galleries. On my way back to the hotel I discovered a really fascinating market. Im afraid Ive spent too much money.

WHAT KIND OF HOLIDAY DO YOU PREFER? 1. You are on holidays. Now you can. . . a) go to bed late. b) do what you want. c) visit unknown cities. 2. You are on a desert island. The first thing you do is. . . a) look for food and water. b) look for place to sleep at night. c) explore the island. 3. You are leaving for holidays. Your luggage is. . . a) one suitcase. b) two suitcases. c) one bag. 4. Holidays are the right time to . . . a) relax. 5. Your most enjoyable holiday is. . . a) a sea cruise. b) in a hotel with a

swimming-pool. c) in the wood or near the lake. 6. Why do you go on holidays? a) to relax. b) to see something different from everyday life. c) to discover new places. MOSTLY As You dont like holidays that are full of activities. You prefer relaxing in a quiet place. Holidays mean you at last have time to read a good book. Speak about your last journey. Write a letter about it to your friend Who/with? When? How/get there? Where? My Last Journey

Where/stay? was any problems? had How long/stay? good time? Weather /like? a What/do We always can raise our spirits singing a song: THE TRAVEL SONG Monday in Athens. Tuesday in Madrid. Wednesday in Canberra. Thursday in bed! Lets fly to Kyiv. Then to new York. Lets go to London and rock, rock, rock! He likes Tokyo. She likes Rome. They like Paris. We all like home.

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