Transition Attainment Record (TAR)

Click here to download the TAR Administra tion Guide (Required for completion of this training) Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Kentucky Alternate Assessment 2019-2020 1 Transition Attainment Record (TAR) The TAR will be used to represent the academic portion of

Transition Readiness at high school. Science has a benchmark of 16; that is a required benchmark for Transition Readiness opportunities along with mathematics for the Quantitative Reasoning (QR)/Natural Science (NS) options for academic readiness. 2 TAR (continued) The TAR: is in a rating scale/checklist format.

assesses specified content standards at high school. administration recommended by the Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) or Transition Team. contains student interview. 3

Grade Levels Requirements Administered at grade11. (may be given at grades 12 and 14 for anyone not meeting reading, mathematics and science benchmarks) Assesses items linked to grade level content standards in reading, mathematics, and science. Mirrors the college entrance exam. 4 TAR at Grade 12 Available for grade 12 students who did not meet benchmark in reading, mathematics or science (at

grade 11) Reading- 19 Mathematics-16 Science-16 The DAC, DoSE or district level administrator should contact Kevin OHair and ask to have the grade 12 TAR opened for score entry in the Student Registration Database (SRD). 5 TAR at Grade 14 Available for students who have not had a graduation code applied at the end of grade 12

Available for grade 14 students who did not meet benchmark in reading, mathematics or science (at grades 11 or 12) Reading- 19 Mathematics-16 Science-16 6 TAR at Grade 14 (continued) Any student who will participate in the TAR at grade 14 must first be registered in the SRD by the DAC, DoSE or someone with district level access. The DAC, DoSE or district level administrator

must contact Kevin OHair and ask to have the grade 14 account opened for score entry. 7 Test Security The TAR is considered secure testing material. OK Not OK Know the concepts and Reproduce test materials. teach those concepts. Share test items with Review TAR and anyone not involved in

administration of the test complete until May 29, without permission. 2020. Use test items to prepare File any notes from the students for the TAR administration in assessment. the AAAF. 8 Timelines To download the TAR, log into the Online Training System

(OTS) and go to the Transition Attainment Records tab under Teacher Tools. Administer the TAR anytime after lead team member has completed training and received certification. The TAR must be completed by May 29, 2020. TAR scores must be submitted in the Student Registration Database (SRD) by June 5, 2020. 9 Administration Members of the instructional team (part or all): Special education teacher

General education teacher Related service providers, guidance counselor, school psychologist, etc. Paraprofessionals (may provide information

but may not score) 10 Getting Started Lead team member completes the online training and quiz. Sign a Code of Ethics and file in AAAF the lead team member any certified staff assisting with the assessment

Sign a Nondisclosure and file in AAAF. para-professionals, volunteers, outside sources Review all standards and possible documentation locations. 11 Team Agreement Consult with team members to

Determine student performance on each item. Use team consensus (described on pg. 8 of Administration Guide). When team members cannot agree on a performance rating, the lowest rating considered must be used. 12

Steps to Completing the TAR Respond to every item and record documentation location. Design and utilize an assessment activity when unsure of students current performance (pages 89 of Administration Guide). Review the TAR to ensure everything is complete. Make sure the student interview has been completed. 13 Documentation AAAF (Alternate Assessment and Accountability Folder required for work samples would also include any

assessments designed for TAR administration) ILP (current Individual Learning Plan or the most current transition planning documents) Students working folder (due process folder, classroom working folder, etc.) Other __________________ No previous documentation 14 Rating of Student Performance Should provide an accurate representation of student performance. The team should develop a common understanding of the items, standards and their

enduring understanding. Provide a means for the student to use his/her modality of communication to demonstrate the skills. (pointing, eye gaze, etc.) 15 Item Rating Scale 0 Does not demonstrate skill 1 Developing/Prompted 2 Independent/Mastered 16

Sample Rating of 2 Item: The student is able to identify the central idea of a text. Observation: the student independently scored an 80% or higher on his class work sample for the reading standard and IEP monitoring Rating: 2 Documentation: IEP monitoring folder or the student working folder 17 Sample Rating of 1 Item: The student is able to identify the scale of a

given graph or data display. Observation: IEP data shows that the student could do this but only with verbal prompting. Rating: 1 Documentation: Student working folder 18 Sample Rating of 0 Item: The student understands that a sailboat is powered by the wind in order to move forward. Observation: No previous observation had been made so the team created an assessment activity. The assessment showed a boat on a lake with the question about what makes it move. The student was given three

answer choices. The assessment also included two other items related to motion. The student did not answer any items correctly even when given prompts. Rating: 0 Documentation: AAAF 19 Quick Review 1. Review TAR Administration Guide. 2. Complete the qualification quiz. 3. Download the TAR document. 4. Complete the student interview. 5. Rate items along with team members.

20 Finishing Up Complete the TAR by May 29, 2020. Make sure all team members are listed on the completed TAR document. Store completed TAR in the AAAF. Enter scores in the Student Registration Database no later than June 5, 2020. Click here to take the Transitio n Attainment Record Quiz OSAA:DAAS:KO/09/30/2019 21

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