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Trademark Prison Meighen Lowe and Morgan London General Characteristics

Adult Male Maximum Security Located in Rural Kentucky

Prison holds 100-175 inmates Prison surrounded by high electrical fences and barbwire Single person cells laid out in blocks in the shape of a pentagon Characteristics of Offenders Housing only the most violent

offenders Ages range from 21-65 years old There are no facilities to house mentally retarded offenders. Prison Philosophy Primary focus is punishment Inmates are to remain silent at all

times, unless necessary Inmates are locked down 23 of 24 hours a day There is no interaction between inmates at any time Services Inmates are

A Minister is allowed to have available for books, anything weekly that is available to consultation them

There will be no Health care is sexual activity available once a tolerated and no week or in visitation is emergencies

allowed Staff There is one prison warden The prison is equipped at all times with one guard per

every 10-12 inmates Guards are rotated to a new group the 1st of each month Every shift of guards has a captain

The captain of each shift deals with any problems and reports to the warden Privilege System Inmates who have displayed good

behavior receive A 10 minute phone call once a week for a month 2 days a week outside exercise or leisure activity They also will receive a deck of cards as long as the behavior remains good This is based on a month to month system

Privilege System Continued If inmates misbehave and or become unruly Inmates will be placed in solitary confinement for a period of a least 24 hours

Organizational Style The prison has a grievance system in place that follows the organization structure of the administration The prison organization is designed in a pyramid

The warden/Administrator Head guards of shifts Guard of each group of inmates Then inmates

Problem Areas In the event of a riot the prison will shut down fully and sleeping gas will be released through the heat and air ducts All prison mail will be screen and read to avoid contraband There will be no homosexual activity or any violence will be tolerated

Inmates are never in contact so it should not be a problem Rules and Regulations Silence at all times, unless necessary Wake up at 5am and lights out at 9pm

All complaints must be filed by captain of shift in a timely fashion Allowed to shower every other day Mail is distributed once a week

All meals will be eaten in cells When out side of cells inmates will be handcuffed and legs shackled Allowed to meet with prison minister once a

week Will receive pen and paper upon request only Allowed one book in cell at a time

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