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Tools for Success: Application of UDL and Accommodations to Support ALL Students in the CCSS Presented By: Linda Mangum, Courtney Coffin, Melissa Ferrante SCUSD Inclusive Practices Coaches Share one strategy you are

using to facilitate Academic Conversations to reach ALL learners. Necessary Skills Fine motor/writing skills Comprehension, reasoning, and processing Reading skills Basic math skills

Organization, executive functioning skills Behaviors that support learning, i.e. attention skills, on-task skills Speaking and Listening Californias Learning Population http://

But what about those students who need more??? Accommodations: A change in what or how something is being presented or represented Does not alter or change the outcome or expectation Does not require an IEP Looks a Grading is the same lot like

UDL Universal Design for Learning Benefits Everyone! What is UDL? UDL gives all individuals equal opportunities to learn.

UDL provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments. Its not a single, one-size-fits-all solution, but rather flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs. Why is UDL Necessary? Individuals bring a huge variety of

skills, needs, and interests to learning. Neuroscience reveals that these differences are as varied and unique as our DNA or fingerprints. How we gather facts and categorize what we see, hear, and read.

Identifying letters, words, or an author's style are recognition tasks. Planning and performing tasks. How we organize and express our ideas. Writing an essay or solving a

math problem are strategic tasks. How learners get engaged and stay motivated. How they are challenged, excited, or interested. These are affective

Using a curriculum that is rooted in the 3 UDL principles: Teachers Provide: Students Have: Flexible ways of presenting lesson content. (WHAT)

Options for how they learn. Flexible methods of expression and assessment. (HOW) Choices for how they demonstrate their knowledge and learning.

Flexible options for student engagement. (WHY) Choices which will engage student interest. UDL is for ALL Students UDL is a framework to support the variability of learners that exist in all

classrooms. This includes gifted students, disengaged students, students with disabilities, students who are English learners, and even the mythical average student. Academic Conversation About Todd Rose Video At your tables, use the stems provided to have an academic conversation about the

video. Make sure you address all three questions: Implications of myth of the average learner What is variability and why is it important? Why is the myth of the average harmful Keep all these Things in Mind Mythical Average

Student Building Academic Conversations Physical Environment: Strategic use of heterogeneous and homogeneous groupings (see establishing expectations page) Use of engaging group selections Color cards Clock appts Meet me at

Visible Sentence Frames Wall charts Personal task cards, table charts Literacy bath: Provide environment and walls free of clutter with intentional placement of wall dcor, stems, supports , etc to increase accessibility for students Strategic placement of furniture and groupings Transition protocols (explicitly taught and practiced) Protocols in place for when students are absent or other surprise factors Building Academic

Conversations Establishing Expectations for AC Visuals for conversations skills, anchor charts Explicitly teach conversation skills: eye contact, body posture, tone, etc Explicitly teach how to have a back and forth conversation where content builds and is not a string of isolated ideas Modeling and role play Video demonstrations Fishbowl observations Debrief and feedback opportunities

Strategic partners and groupings Sentence frames and starters (explicitly taught, practiced and modeled) Video students and use for critique Building Academic Conversations Implementing Conversation Protocols Color code the 4 quadrants; develop consistent colors across the grade levels Re-voicing and validating common language with more academic language

Focus on student-selected stems; Student created charts and cards for AC Actively teach and practice specific stems for mastery before moving on to others Create a sentence stem wall of mastered frames that the class can own. Cross-grade Peer Buddies Incentives and reinforcement for using AC stems correctly Practice with comfortable, known material and topics Conversation protocols (implemented and taught one at a time) The Huddle 2 Cents 1, 3, 6 ( )

Pencil Activity: all pencils go in center of table and only the person who picks up their pencil may speak. Students continue around the table until all have picked up their pencil and added to the conversation (similar to 2 cents) Fishbowl Use of whiteboards (for reluctant speakers) show vs tell EEKK (eye to eye, knee to knee) Building Academic Conversations Increasing Depth of AC Continue evaluating skills and supports, reassess groupings

Visuals for conversations skills Modeling, role play, and video demonstrations Fishbowl observations Asking text specific questions Play devils advocate Teach language to respectfully disagree Provide text/materials that allow opportunity for depth and multiple perspectives Provide topics that are interesting and engaging to students to practice with Create opportunities and environments that promote a growth mindset

Less direct instruction, more student-led conversations Use AC for formative assessments Give your TWO http:// m

Multiple Means of Representation, Expression and Engagement www.bookshare.or g www.readbookonline. net Multiple Means of Representation, Expression and Engagement Online source for expository text in multiple lexile levels Multiple Means of Expression and Representation ech e

p s o Text-t logy o techn Voice recording that can be emailed and shared.

Multiple Means of Representation, Expression and Engagement Online source for elementary Scholastic books in multiple lexile levels with a comprehension component CCSS based interactive learning

Multiple Means of Representation, Expression and Engagement w. w w om c .

all f r sta ww m w.sp el l ing ci t y.c

o Thank you for attending. Please fill out feedback sheet before leaving. SCUSD Inclusive Practices articles, resources and videos related to teaching. References:

UNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING: Hall, Tracey, Meyer, Ann, and Rose, David. Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom. New York, New York: Guillford Press, 2012 ACCOMMODATIONS http://


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