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District Department of Transportation Workforce Development Initiatives Tia Plunkett-McQueen, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP Associate Director of Administrative Services 2018 1 2 District Department of Transportation General Statistics

Population over 660,000 residents with 1,000 new residents/month Washington metro area totals over 6.1M residents 6th largest metro area in the nation 22.0M visitors annually 1,392 linear miles of roadways 358 linear miles of alleys 1,495 linear miles of sidewalks 228 bridges 16 tunnels and underpasses 140,000 street trees 73,000 streetlights 81 miles of bike lanes 60 miles of trails Mission Enhance the quality of life for District residents and visitors by ensuring that

people, goods, and information move efficiently and safely, with minimal adverse impact on residents and the environment. Vision The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is committed to achieving an exceptional quality of life in the nations capital through more sustainable travel practices, safer streets, and outstanding access to goods and services. 3 DDOT Staff Demographics Hawaiian/Pacific American Indian; Asian/Pacific Chinese; Korean; Islander; 2 12 196 25 6 Asian Indian;

Islander; Hispanic; Not Reported; 61 White; 114 Not Reported; 61 Female; 424 Male ; 566 Black; 815 Gender Race 4 5

The Case for Workforce Development Environmental Factors: The labor supply and demand shortage of skilled trade workers has greatly influenced the way talent is acquired. 62% of DDOTs workforce (653 employees) are skilled trade workers. Talent Acquisition: Creating an active and passive sourcing culture. Gone are the days of post and hope in search of qualified applicants. Identifying skills gaps, leveraging internal and external resources, and engaging potential candidates before you need them. Strategic View: Cultivating an agencys talent pipeline must be a key organizational priority. 6 135 Q: WHAT DOES THIS NUMBER REPRESENT? A: THE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES WHO ARE RETIREMENT ELIGIBLE IN THE NEXT 3 YEARS 7 DDOT Staff Demographics

Eligible retirees may seem like a small number, but it represents key job classifications critical to front line operations. Demand and availability of qualified applicants with skills and/or certification in front line roles is a growing issue; nationally, and in DC. While economic opportunities created through infrastructure investments continue to remain strong, DDOT, like many state DOTs, have to leverage workforce development programs. Front Line Positions

Engineering Tech. (Electrical) Lead Safety Technician Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Technician Street Sign Installer MVO 8 Workforce Development Programs 9 Workforce Development Resources Sample 5 Talent Pipeline DC Department of Human

Resources and DC Department of Employment Services The DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) provides career counseling, resume assistance, job placement, vocational training, apprenticeship programs, on the job training. DC Department of Human Resources manages the Districts professional development programs through their Center for Learning and Development. 10 District-Wide Workforce Development Signature Programs The Mayor Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP) is a locally funded initiative sponsored by the Department of Employment Services (DOES) that provides District youth ages 14 to 24 with enriching and constructive summer work experience . DDOT typically provides 60-100 youth summer employment opportunities in both the field and office settings. Project Empowerment is a work readiness model designed to provide unemployed District residents age 22 to 54 with opportunities to grow in education, training, and subsidized employment placements each year . Since 2013, DDOT has had 44 participants, of

which, 5 were hired by DDOT. L.E.A.P. (Learn, Earn, Advance, Prosper) program utilizes the earn-and-learn apprenticeship model for skill development, allowing individuals to earn a wage while participating in an on-the-job training experience and concurrently participating in related technical instruction. Since the inception of the program, DDOT had 11 trainees, of which, 9 were hired by DDOT. The Capital City Fellows Program is a Mayoral initiative to attract recent graduates of master's degree programs in public administration, public policy, urban planning, and related fields, to work for the District of Columbia. Candidates compete for 18-month fellowship appointments, during which they may complete three, six-month rotations, working at different District agencies. Since 1999, 28 Fellows have been hired by DDOT, including Director Jeff Marootian. The District Leadership Program (DLP )is a undergraduate and graduate internship program designed to provide tomorrows leaders with the knowledge, tools, skills, and experiences that can be readily applied to their future challenges and pursuits; whether personal or professional. Employees first ninety (90) days The District ofDDOT Columbia Department of Human Resources administers theafter

nationally Certified Public ManagerASDs program in new hires receive customer care services theyaccredited start at the agency through partnership with The George Washington University. The program consists of approximately 300 hours of graduate-level instruction, Passport to Success onboarding program. beginning with the Basic Leadership Course (BLC) focusing on team building and leadership to provide a solid foundation for subsequent coursework.. To date, 23 DDOT employees have graduated from the program, of which many still work at DDOT. 11 Howard University Summer Transportation Institute

The Howard University Summer Transportation Institute program is funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the District Department of Transportation. The goal of the program is to increase the number of students seeking opportunities for employment in the transportation industry. Students are exposed to a series of academic experiences and activities, as well as careers in transportation. Students have an opportunity to interact with university faculty and professionals in the field of transportation. Howard University Transportation Research and Data Center Established in 1998, the Howard University Transportation Research and Data Center (HUTRC) serves as a community resource that assists local community stakeholders in fulfilling their missions to develop sustainable travel practices, improve transportation safety, and protect environmental resources. As a key partner, DDOT offers summer and year-round research internship opportunities for full-time undergraduate and graduate students from universities in the DC metropolitan area and across the country. Students conduct research on transportation-related topics over a 10-week period, culminating in a presentation event to staff and executive management. Since 2008, DDOT has hosted 121 interns, representing a variety of universities across the US. Students have been hired upon graduation as Civil Engineers, Transportation Planners, and Researchers.

12 DDOT Womens Leadership Development 16-Week Coaching Series Guidance on career branding Career profile assessment Skill building (negotiation, presentation, etc.) Interviewing techniques Connecting with women leaders in transportation and throughout DDOT

Discussions on work/life balance Networking/mentor matching Education/training resources Intensive one-on-one coaching experience Individual career development plan 13 DC Infrastructure Academy Launched on March 12, 2018, the DC Infrastructure Academy (DCIA) is a key initiative of the Bowser Administration, led by the Department of Employment Services. Modeled after successful programs in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Georgia. $5M in initial seed money from the Pepco/Exelon merger settlement dedicated to workforce

development and the District's investment of $16.75 million. A dedicated location that coordinates, trains, screens, recruits, and fulfills the needs of the infrastructure industry. Quick Path to Transportation (QPT) will connect District residents to employment in the transportation industry. Regional public sector apprenticeship program. Certifications (CDL licensure, Flagger Certification, OSHA 10 certification, and other trades). 14 DC Infrastructure Academy Public/Private Partnership Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Washington Gas Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority University of the District of Columbia AFL-CIO District Department of Transportation District Department of Energy and Environment District Department of Employment Service

District Department of Public Works 15 District Infrastructure Workforce Facts The District's infrastructure sector for 2017 included 6,753 jobs, with 2,231 job openings. In 2017, there were only 1,246 hires, representing a shortage of nearly 50%, in an industry with an average hourly wage of $48.75. Approximately 2.7 million infrastructure workers are expected to retire or leave jobs in the next 10

years. The infrastructure sector is expected to grow 11% by 2021 and almost 20% by 2026. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser opened the DC Infrastructure Academy to provide a pathway for the middle class and create a pipeline to indemand infrastructure jobs. . 16 DDOT Workforce Development Challenges and Solutions #1 Legalization of Marijuana vs. Drug Free Workplace Initiative 71: DC voter-approved ballot initiative legalized the recreational use of marijuana effective February 26, 2015.

Suitability: DDOT positions classified as safety sensitive are subject to pre-employment and random alcohol and drug testing, resulting in a high percentage of offers rescinded for failed drug tests. In FY 2018, HR screened 211 Safety Technicians and extended offers to 98 applicants with more than 30% failing suitability clearance. #2 Skilled Workforce Retention of entry-level workers: Entry-level workers lack soft skills and/or other occupational skills (e.g., technology skills) to advance to higher positions. #3: Training Incumbent Workers A key barrier to training incumbent workers is the amount of time spent in training, resulting in lost productivity. 17 DDOT Workforce Development Challenges and Solutions Productivity, Accountability, Capability, Efficiency (P.A.C.E.) Conference Launched in 2017, P.A.C.E. utilizes internal/external SMEs to train, enhance, and certify the skills and abilities of in-house personnel. The conference utilizes pre/post learner assessments to gauge learner knowledge and overall training experience. Introduction to Transportation Systems (ITS) and Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) Class participants were led through two scenarios that familiarized them with the assets--primary users and

contributors--and role of ITS and ATMS in traffic operations in the District of Columbia. Participants were also provided with a demonstration of the functionality of DDOTs ATMS software, and reviewed some examples of how DDOT plans to utilize ITS in the future to improve traffic operations. Pre-Assessment: 49% of participants scored above 70%. Post-Assessment: 81% of participants scored above 70%. 18 Productivity, Accountability, Capability, Efficiency (P.A.C.E.) Conference Course OSHA Construction Math Front End Loader Signs and Pavement Markings Roadway Lighting Back Hoe Forklift CPR / First Aid Work Zone IMSA Traffic Lighting Traffic Control Tech / Supervisory Traffic Control Tech

Skid Steer Asphalt Resurfacing Forming Placing Making Concrete Number of Attendees Certifications Issued 27 25 24 24 19 19 10 10 14 14 8 7 11 11 54 54

49 49 13 8 20 20 17 17 54 54 67 67 400 employees attended the 2017 P.A.C.E. conference with 379 re/certifications earned 19 DDOT Workforce Development Solution d. University DDOT obligates $1M in federal funding per year to support d.University and the following activities:

Tuition and direct educational expenses Employee professional development Student internships University or community college support Educational activities, including outreach, to develop interest and promote participation in surface transportation careers National Highway Institute course participation Local technical assistance programs 20 Thank you! 21

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