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Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Agriculture Monitoring Alyssa Whitcraft Agenda Item #31 CEOS 7th Working Group for Capacity Building and Data Democracy (WGCapD) Annual Meeting INPE So Jos dos Campos, Brazil 6-8th March, 2018 Many Activities Worldwide Global Programme = GEOGLAM Regional Networks

GEOGLAM Latinoamrica, AmeriGEOSS Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture Asia-RiCE AfriGAM EuroGEOGLAM/EuroGEOSS Some Contributing Funded Activities NASA Earth Observations for Food Security and Agriculture ESA Sentinel-2 for Agriculture China Digital Belt & Road Initiative EC H2020 AfriCultuReS Related Networks & Actors AMIS, GODAN, AgMIP, IICA All of the national, regional, and global monitoring organizations Workflow Diagram for GEOGLAM (reminder)

A flow from data through methods to information to decisions BUT The decisions at the bottom drive all information, methods, and data needs! Capacity development is positioned as CRITICAL step to operational monitoring [our goal] GEOGLAM Global Level

Governance Model GEOGLAM Global Level Program-wide News New Director: Ian Jarvis (formerly AAFC) o 2 year term with German support New working area: Knowledge Management System & ICT RADI-China Leadership (Xin Zhang) New leadership: Capacity Development ITC-NL (Andy Nelson) Renewed focus: User Requirements (17-18 April 2018, EC JRC) o Information Need Reporting chain o Variables o EO specifics o Discovery, Access o Visualization o Utilization

GEOGLAM Global Level Capacity Development Update Focus remains on developing institutional capacity alongside individual capacity o The holistic requirements assessment supports this Outcomes of April 2018 GEOGLAM User Requirements meeting include implementation priorities for operationalization and technology transfer o End-to-end needs assessment, research gaps, data services, feedback to CEOS on acquisition, services (e.g. Data Cube, ARD), and training requirements. The avenue for capacity development is via regional networks o Asia-RiCE, AfriGAM, AmeriGEOSS/G-LA A new Capacity Development lead ITC Netherlands (Andy Nelson) GEOGLAM Latinoamrica & AmeriGEOSS Regional Level

We now have funding for GEOGLAM Latinoamrica and AmeriGEOSS Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture WG development, coordination, and implementation (thanks, NASA!) o PI on NASA Project Alyssa Whitcraft (UMD) G-LA Coordinator & FSSA WG Lead: Alyssa Whitcraft (UMD) o G-LA Lead: Carlos Di Bella (INTA) Proposed joint working group, or co-community 4 Activities Particularly Relevant to CEOS WG CapD: 1. 2. 3. 4. Americas Ag CoP Growth; All things WG-related Stakeholder Identification and Multi-level, Repeated Needs

Assessment (parallel activity with GEOGLAM, EOFSAC) Linking with Related Working Groups and Activities (e.g. CEOS WGCapD, GEO CB WG, GEOGLAM CapDev) Comprehensive Capacity Development Plan Hilcea Ferreira (INPE) Anyone welcome to participate from WGCapD NASA EOFSAC Earth Observations for Food Security & Agriculture Consortium New 5 year NASA program located at UMD o

PI: Inbal Becker-Reshef; Funded by NASA Applied Sciences Division Over 40 partners from around the world o Governmental, Intergovernmental, Nongovernmental Organizations o Public, Research, For-Profit, Humanitarian, Defense Sectors Sample activities: o

Research: quantitative estimation of agricultural, environmental variables; yield gap; socioeconomic valuation of EO o Needs Assessment: stakeholder needs guide activities o Capacity development: heavy research-to-operations emphasis o Outreach & Communication: esp. new, un-targeted communities o Analysis/Visualization Tool EOFSAC Portal o

GEOGLAM Coordination: Crop Monitor, CEOS Ad Hoc WG on GEOGLAM Other Activities & Interactions Training at UMD this week (5-9 Mar 2018) Crop Mask Generation o Argentina (MAGyP), Brazil (CONAB), Chile (MinAg-INIA), Brazil (CONAB), Mexico (SIAP) o Led by Matt Hansen under EOFSAC 15 March 2018 Sen2Agri Webinar (introductory) http://www.esa-sen2agri.org/on-line-trainings-in-march/ In the Americas: o IICA (Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture) AgriPerfiles (link to CB Web Portal) o Matching funding for other funded activities (IICA, Fontagro) o Procisur, Procinorte Scoping interaction with AgriCultuReS (African network)

Mali: Food Insecure Country National Statistics November 2016 5/10/2016-25/11/2016 ESA UNCLASSIFIED - For Official Use ESA | 01/01/2016 | Slide 10 Growth Monitoring at Field Scale 4 3 2 25/10/2016 17/07/2016 05/09/2016 26/08/2016 05/10/2016

15/11/2016 1 0 Koutiala ESA UNCLASSIFIED - For Official Use ESA | 01/01/2016 | Slide 11 Sen2Agri Goes Public Sen2Agri processing system available as open source OS license - GNU GPLv3 Sen2Agri Version 1.7 is published on Sen2Agri website: http://www.esa-sen2agri.org/resources/software/ http://www.esa-sen2agri.org/resources/technical-documents/ Ongoing Online trainings Next on the 15th of March Registration: http://www.esa-sen2agri.org/on-line-trainings-in-march/

D 2 2 4 ESA UNCLASSIFIED - For Official Use DS A LO N OW ESA | 01/01/2016 | Slide 12 Sen2Agri in the Cloud Open Sour ce

Fully scalable Close to the Data (reduced bandwidth) In-situ Data GeoODK Cloud Technology (IPT / EODC DIAS) Continuous Monitoring Operational context (e.g. timeliness) South Sudan (Sept. 2017) WFP Household surveys

ESA UNCLASSIFIED - For Official Use ESA | 01/01/2016 | Slide 13 Supplemental Materials

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