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Committee on Earth Observation Satellites The CEOS Ocean Variables Enabling Research and Applications for GEO (COVERAGE) Initiative: Status Update Drs. Eric Lindstrom, Vardis Tsontos & Jorge Vazquez NASA CEOS SIT-34 Oceans & Water Cycle #6.7 Miami, FL, USA 3 4 April 2019 The CEOS COVERAGE Initiative Cross-cutting, collaborative effort within CEOS relevant to the 4 Ocean Virtual Constellations (SST, OST, OCR, OSVW) and GEO projects (MBON, Blue Planet, GOOS) to enable more widespread use of ocean satellite data in support of applications Response to needs of the ocean community for improved, more integrated data access for societal benefit in support also of SDG-14 relating to marine biodiversity & ecosystem-based resource management COVERAGE aims to develop a data rich Tech. platform for more seamless delivery of analysis ready ocean data in order to demonstrate the value added of multivariate ocean data integration in support of science, applications, and public engagement - Fusion environment leveraging emerging Cloud infrastructure & open source software

- Curated aggregation of high quality, interagency multi-parameter observations - Near real-time & longer-term series, collocated to a common grid, thematically organized - Access via value-added data services (data discovery, visualization, subsetting) - Illustrated in the context of demonstration applications Development concept: 4 Phases aligning with inputs to CEOS work plan (COV1-6) A. Scoping (9mo) SIT-34, 3-4 April 2019 B. Prototype Development (1yr) C. Full Implementation (1yr) D. Evaluation (6mo) 2 COVERAGE Phase A Status Phase A, the scoping & planning phase of the project, has concluded. Associated technical work completed has included: Inventory/review of target Interagency datasets Processing of the MUR-SST product at 0.25 degrees for inclusion in COVERAGE

Planning to address identified L4 ocean color product gap in coordination with OCR-VC Design of prototype COVERAGE technical system architecture for implementation in Phase B Specification of a focal COVERAGE pilot application in support of GEO-MBON for implementation in Phase B Formulation of a Phase B task plan & proposal Phase A has also involved extensive stakeholder engagement and outreach activities, including: o Interactions with the COVERAGE advisory board, CEOS VCs and Secretariat o Inputs to CEOS Reporting & Work plan activities (closeout of COV-1 to 3 WP items) o Workshop side-meeting event at 2018 SIT-TW (Darmstadt) o Numerous presentations to broader applications/user communities at conferences, including the recent Sargasso Sea Commission workshop (Bermuda, March 2019) SIT-34, 3-4 April 2019 3 COVERAGE Next Steps Currently in transition to Phase B as COVERAGE follow-on proposal is being finalized

Initiate Phase B prototype development activity (COV-4) per the project task plan pending approval Explore further the potential hosting of a COVERAGE Nexus node with target European datasets from CMEMS within WEKEO cloud environment (EUMETSAT): o Serve as proof of concept of the COVERAGE distributed system architecture o Facilitate interagency technical collaboration on CEOS COVERAGE initiative Continue active stakeholder engagement o Reconnect with the COVERAGE Advisory Board & VCs for Phase B o Engage COVERAGE demonstration application target community & stakeholders (RFMOs, Global Fishing Watch, GEO-MBON, OBIS) SIT-34, 3-4 April 2019 4 Backup COVERAGE Technology &

System Features Leverage JPLs existing Big Data NEXUS/SDAP open source Technology stack but adapt as necessary Distributed architecture, cloud enabled (reduce large data movements) Emphasis on Earth science data interoperability standards (CF, ACDD, ISO19115) Web-based Access via value-added data services o Search o Visualization (raster & vector data) o Subsetting (space-time bounding box/polygon) o Analytics (eg. time-series, area average maps, correlation) Interfaces

COVERAGE project Portal Interactive GUI-based tools & services Jupyter notebooks (user coding support) Data access Web service APIs SIT-34, 3-4 April 2019 6 Phase B Demonstration Application: High Seas Tuna Fisheries and the Environment High Seas & Regional Fisheries Applications involving integration of ocean remote sensing, physical model and in-situ datasets enabling decision support

and research investigations Habitat analysis for Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Tuna Spatial catch forecasting By-catch mitigation Integration of environmental information in support of fisheries science & ecosystem-based assessment Spatial distribution of commercial tuna Beneficiaries: catch RFMO data by species in the Pacific RFMOs, Fisheries Agencies, Research community Supporting Data Interagency satellite products prioritized by COVERAGE RFMO monthly spatial catch/effort time series by species, aggregated spatially at 1 & 5deg. resol., 1952-2018 (higher resolution data possible by arrangement) Electronic tagging datasets: high resol. trajectory-profile series Web-based Visualization of 4-year, minute resol. ETP Bigeye tuna eTag data (Schaffer & Fuller, IATTC)

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