Things Which Prevent Unity - Bible Truths

Things Which Prevent Unity Unity is from henotes. Henotes, from hen, the neuter of heis, one (Vine). Division is from schisma.

Schisma, denotes a cleft, a rent division, dissension (Vine). Unity is not optional: John 17: 20, 21; I Cor. 1: 10; Phili. 2: 2, 3; I Pet. 3:

8; Eph. 4: 3. Things Which Prevent Unity Disrespect for authority

Things Which Prevent Unity Ignorance of creed

Things Which Prevent Unity Party loyalty Things Which Prevent Unity

Personality clashes Things Which Prevent Unity Lack of brotherly love

Things Which Prevent Unity Gossip, contention, and envy

Things Which Prevent Unity Captious fault finding Things Which Prevent Unity

Unconcerned members

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