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Thesis Writing Literature Analysis Paper Making a Claim Make your thesis arguable. When analyzing a story, you make a claim about the storys meaningyou look for a reasonable way of understanding the story and topic.

This argument should be an interpretation of the text or topic. This claim should encourage your audience to say Thats interesting. Id like to know more. You should back up your claim with evidence and reasoning. Is this a claim?

A. 1984 is a novel that discusses the recklessness of the Russian Revolution. B. 1984 is one of the most important stories about totalitarianism ever written. C. The comparison between Winston and Julia is very interesting. Good claims

A good way to start I am addressing the issue of _____________ in 1984 in order to show ________________________. why, how, what, who, whetheryou must explain the reason for your essay. ***This statement will NOT be in your final

draftthis is just to get you started and focused. Example I am addressing the role of Julia in 1984 in order to show how Orwell views women negatively.

Thesis 1984s characterization of Julia not only shows the lack of importance of women in the Russian Revolution, but also Orwells personal negative view of women. Three Part Thesis In 1984, Orwell shows his inherent sexism to his readers through his negative depiction of Julias

female reproductive rights, his negative tone toward Julias self-absorption, and the weakness of Julia shown at the end of the novel. Warning It may take writing your first draft, before you find a good thesis. Your thesis will most likely change as you write this. In fact, I would be

surprised if it didnt. You may find better points, better ideas, better examples that back up a better point than what you have cultivated so far. This is ok. This is normal. Homework Due Thursday: Make a thesis out of the claim you have made in class.

Due Friday: Skeleton outline of Main Points Monday: Full Outline of Main Points & Evidence

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