The Road to High School

Managing the Transition Process Kyrene Special Education Parent Advisory Council (KSEPAC) January 7, 2016 Elementary to Middle and Middle to High School Kyrene Special Education Parent Advisory Council (KSEPAC) The Kyrene School District established the Kyrene Special Education Parent Advisory Council (KSEPAC) to promote collaboration between parents and educators and to improve the positive outcomes for students with disabilities in preschool through

eighth grade. Kyrene Special Education Parent Advisory Council (KSEPAC) The KSEPAC mission is to promote the academic and nonacademic achievement of our children with disabilities through collaboration among parents, educators and the community. To achieve this, KSEPAC will: Encourage the implementation of best practices and evidence based resources with consistent application across all schools Advocate for the continuous improvement of clear and open communication Provide educational opportunities for stakeholders Develop a series of activities that promote inclusive practices and a sense of community

Objectives of Meeting To increase your understanding of Special Education Services in Middle School. To increase your understanding of Special Education Services in High School. To understand what resources are available to support you with managing the transition process for your child to Middle School and High School. Kyrene Special Education Student Learning and Support Services (SLSS) Shari Dukes Director John Balles Assistant Director

Lori Conroy Special Education Teacher Specialist Danielle Pardon Special Education Teacher Specialist Jo Shurman Special Education Teacher Specialist Cindy Walters Special Education Teacher Specialist Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) Special Education William Santiago Director of Special Education Transition Thoughts The purpose of a smooth transition is to

ensure that the student begins the new year in a new school with all the necessary supports in place to allow him/her to be successful. Provide a high quality experience for each student and their family. Make appropriate transition plan for each student. Transition Process To ensure student success, new school staff needs to be made aware of the students needs and the necessary support(s) the student requires. Articulation meeting between current and new school special education teachers

Discuss student strengths and needs Recommendations for services No IEP decisions are made Special Education Eligibility Elementary to Middle School Special Education placement and services on IEP continue to middle school Student may have a 3 Year Re-evaluation to update assessment information in current school Same related service options (OT, PT, Speech) per IEP decision Educational services may look different Differences between Elementary and Middle School

All Students Students with Special Needs 5 different classes and teachers per day LRE option

Periods: 68 min per class (60 min on Wed) General Education Co-Taught Academic Lab (30 min/4 days) Pull Out Resource Transition between each class Language Arts Homework Math Electives/Exploratories Extended Resource (ED/DD) Lunch In other classes based on students needs No Recess Extracurricular activities

LRLRE Services in Middle School School LA and Math Pull Out Resource or CoTaught Extended Resource ED Emotional Disability Extended Resource DD

Developmental Disability Akimel A-al Altadena Aprende Centennial

Kyrene Pueblo

Pull Out Resources Middle School Math TransMath Reading

Corrective Reading Soar to Success Wilson Writing Step Up to Writing AT Read & Write Gold Transition Process: 5th 6th IEP meeting Aug-Dec: begin discussions about new school program at annual IEP

Dec-May: IEP meeting or addendum Discuss new school options for implementing IEP Include service times on IEP and address Specially Designed Instruction on IEP Meeting may include middle school resource teacher IEP and/or Re-Evaluation is due in August Should be done in Spring of 5th grade year by current school or district Open Enrollment (OE) Elementary to Middle School If a student is OE at an elementary school, the student is granted OE for the feeder middle school. NO application is necessary.

If a different middle school is desired, has to apply for OE OE is different from Least Restrict Environment (LRE) and program placement Special Education Eligibility High School Special Education services on IEP continue to HS Student may have a 3 Year Re-evaluation to update assessment information in current school Same related service options (OT, PT, Speech) per IEP decision Educational services may look different Unique to High School Post-secondary Transition Plan

Transfer of rights at age 18 Graduation Requirements Graduation Requirements Twenty-Three credits must be successfully completed in the areas listed below to graduate from Tempe Union High School District Schools. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS English 4.0 credits Mathematics 4.0 credits Science 3.0 credits World History and Geography 1.0 credit American/Ariz. History

1.0 credit U.S./Ariz Government 0.5 credit Economics 0.5 credit Health Education 0.5 credit Physical Education 1.0 credit Fine Arts/practical Arts/Vocational Education (CTE) 1.0 credit Fine Arts/Vocational Education (CTE) 1.0 credit Electives 5.5 credits 23.0 credits

For more information about class offerings, specific programs and course fees please refer to the Tempe Union High School District course catalog. Students IEP Team will determine the level of competency required to meet Arizona State Standards in reading, writing and math. Differences between Middle School and High School

Location Size Classes choices, age variability, requirements Expectations (homework, behavior, credits) Responsibility Access to teachers Seeking assistance self advocacy Extracurricular activities (no pass, no participation) Zero Hour and 8th hour Movement from one grade level to the next LRE Services in TUHSD School

Co-taught and resource classes Corona Desert Vista Marcos De Niza Mountain Pointe Tempe High McClintock Compadre

(Level A only) Emotional Disability Program (EDP) Functional Academic/ Lifeskills Class

Transition Process: 8th 9th IEP meeting Aug-Dec: begin discussions about new school program at annual IEP Dec-May: IEP meeting or addendum A students IEP must include age-appropriate

transition assessments related to training/education, employment, and where appropriate, independent living skills. The IEP must include those transition services (including course of study) needed to assist the student in reaching post-secondary goals. IEP and/or Re-Evaluation is due in August Should be done in spring of 8th grade by current school or district Transition Steps (HS) Students attend high school transition meeting. Students and parents fill out and submit required high school registration paperwork. Students and parents attend high school open house. Students submit schedules.

Scheduling After freshman orientation, 8th grade students will work with their 8th grade case manager to choose courses that align with their IEP. Freshman schedules will be turned in to the registrar/guidance counselors during freshman registration. Schedules entered in computer by high school chair NOTE: Electives fill up quickly, so please hand in registration/classes on time. High School Offerings High School Course Offering Booklet Required Courses Course of Study

Pre-requisites Regular Education/Special Education listings EVIT (East Valley Technical Institute) Extra Curricular Activities Clubs TUHSD Resources (varies by school site) Study Skills Class Math and Spanish Tutoring National Honor Society Tutoring Teacher Appointments/Office Hours Drop Out Prevention Coordinator Learning Lab Homework Lab Guadalupe Liaison

Math Lab Freshman Boot Camp Open Enrollment (OE) Middle School to High School OE for TUHSD is separate from Kyrene OE in Kyrene does not automatically mean OE in TUHSD OE policy is on TUHSD website Need IEP with Application Based on capacity at school Enroll at home high school while waiting confirmation Do not hold off transition meeting or sharing of information until OE acceptance Deadline for OE in TUHSD is February 1st

Middle School Information: February 4, 2016 6pm at District Office For parents of 4th and 5th grade students, Kyrene will be hosting a Middle School Information Night. Our District believes that education is about the whole child and must provide for the social, emotional, developmental and academic needs of every student and will discuss how this is addressed in all of our middle schools. Middle school principals will highlight information on the district-wide high quality programs offered by all of our middle schools. In addition, parents can expect to learn about: middle school expectations grading, homework opportunities for students to explore personal areas of interest through electives and extracurricular programs an explanation of class placements before and after school programs parent engagement how students can earn high school credit in Spanish and math

Specialized programs and options available in the various middle schools will also be shared. You can always visit our website for more information on middle school options. TUHSD Showcase Dates Parents of incoming 9th graders are invited to attend the Fall Showcase activities at any or all Tempe Union High Schools. The activities will be held in the high school auditoriums and gymnasiums. Counselors and department representatives will be available to discuss a variety of topics, including: Graduation Requirements High School Credit System Rules and Regulations Four Year Programs of Study (E-CAP) Special Programs Grading System Student Scheduling Corona del Sol High School - Monday, November 30, 2015 - 6:00 p.m.

Marcos de Niza - Monday, December 7, 2015 - 6:00 p.m. Mountain Pointe High School - Monday, January 25, 2016 - 6:00 p.m. McClintock High School - Monday, January 25, 2016 - 6:00 p.m. Tempe High School - Monday, February 1, 2016 - 6:00 p.m. Desert Vista High School - Monday, February 1, 2016 - 6:00 p.m. Middle School Visits: High school guidance counselors and other representatives will meet with our incoming ninth grade students two times as part of the course selection process. STUDENT ORIENTATION WEEK OF JANUARY 18, 2016 During Student Orientation, you will be given a course catalog describing all of the courses that are offered to students in Tempe Union. Please take the time as a family to review this catalog and the accompanying course selection materials. In addition to the information that these meetings will provide, the high school guidance counselors can discuss the complete curriculum and

specific requirements regarding your high school program with you. PRE-REGISTRATION WEEK OF FEBRUARY 1, 2016 High school counselors and the Assistant Principal for Academics will meet with each student at his/her middle school campus to collect and finalize the course selection process. Parent Information Kyrene: TUHSD: Transition Thoughts Power in Partnership Communication is critical

Home and school Current staff and new staff Trust All parties have the students best interest in mind Process If things arent working-revisit Adjustment period Students with disabilities are more likely to transition successfully if: They establish meaningful relationships with faculty and staff Feel connected to their school Establish meaningful relationships with peers Establish goals make a connection between

the here and now and their future Know and understand their disabilities and how to compensate for them. Questions Next KSEPAC Meeting March 24, 2016 What is Special Education? Parents who are new to special education or would like to increase their knowledge about the special education process will have the opportunity to ask questions.

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