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Egyptian Funerary Boats Group Members: Johnny Cash, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine What is a funerary boat? A funerary boat in most cases is an actual boat that the Egyptians believed would help carry a soul to the afterlife. Sometimes actual large boats were buried with the person, but they have also found small models that represent larger boats in tombs. All funerary boats, including models were made of wood imported from outside of Egypt. What was the purpose of it in Egypt? There are many different theories about why funerary boats were used.

However, the main theory is that they symbolically carried the pharaohs soul to the afterlife. Other archaeologists believe that it was used to by the dead Pharaoh to cross the sky with the sun god Ra. Archaeologists believed at first that they were only used by pharaohs, but other discoveries of small boats by basic tombs could lead one to believe that they were used by all Egyptian classes. The main theory behind why they used the boats is: The soul of the dead accompanied the sun on its eternal journey in the Upper Waters (the heavens) around the world. A boat or at least a model of a boat was therefore included in every tomb. What was the purpose of it?, continued General look: The mast was bipod. A lookout was placed in the stern, slave rowers rowed to the beat of a drummer and the pilot steered with the double rudder. The place of the

dead was under the canopy. The form of the boat is very similar to that of the reed boats. Both the stern and the bow were decorated with lotus flowers. Bipod means that it had two poles that met at a point. Lotus flowers: In Egypt the Lotus flower represented the sun and rebirth. 1. This wooden Funerary Boat model from 1990 BC came from the coffin of a courtier to the Pharaoh. 2. Model funerary boats were placed in the Middle Kingdom Egyptian graves to transport the deceased in the afterlife. The model has four pairs of oarsmen (missing their oars) and a single figure in the stern holding a steering oar.

3. From this source, one can learn the beliefs of the Egyptians. It can show that they were very skilled craftsmen with wood because the oarsmen were all carved out by hand. Also, it shows what someone who could not afford a full size boat would do as an alternative in their tombs. Someone who worked for the king could obviously afford detailed models like this. 4. This model is currently found in the Field Museum in Chicago. *A courtier is a person who is part of the kings court. In other words, he works Artifact #1- Johnny Artifact #2- Johnny This is an Ancient Egyptian model of a funerary boat from the Middle Kingdom (2040 - 1640 BCE). On this model, the boat carries the mummy of the deceased under the canopy. On top of the canopy sits a dog representing Anubis, the patron of embalming, who was often seen leading the dead to the afterlife. During the Middle Kingdom period, boat models were commonly placed in tombs to provide a means of transportation to the underworld. This is important because it can show the roles of some of the gods in Egyptian religious beliefs. It can teach use how they transported their bodies using

boats. Even though it is just a model, it can also show the way they designed actual boats and how they used oars to move their boats down the river. This source is currently found in the Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia. Patron- god Ancient-Egyptian-model-funerary-boat/ Artifact #3- Johnny Period: Middle Kingdom ca. 19811975 B.C. This is a great example of a smaller model of a funerary boat that would have been put in a tomb to represent the larger boat. The original paint colors

are still intact after almost 4,000 years. This source is important because it shows the details that the Egyptians put into their death rituals. They had very strong beliefs in their religious beliefs. Each small figure in the picture is very detailed. This model was created during the Middle Kingdom when their government was stable. This backs up the idea that during times when a government is stable that great pieces of art can be created. This funerary boat model is currently on display at the Met Museum in New York City. collection/the-collectiononline/search/577298 Johnny- Works Cited

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