The Parkers

Crapper Caper 2 The location was level, the

digging was in sand and gravel what more could you ask for?

Brian Lapadat takes his turn Ok Ron, deep enough!

Mike Fall and Ron prepare the base.

Brian and Paul held the back wall, Bob nails it.

The other end of Mike and Bob Ron and Brian nail in the rafters

Mike lays on the metal roofing

Then he screws it down Jack and Rick pause for lunch

And so does Paul Inscho

And so does everyone else Bob adds the sign

And Mike touches up a bulge in the wall

Rick does yard duty on the weed eater And so does Jack

Time for the group photo: Mike Fall, Rick Wanhill, Bernie Heinrichs, Jack

Toomer, Paul Inscho, Ron Busche, Brian Lapadat and Bob Kissinger

Waiting for the first client! (Paper in the coffee can)

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