The kite runner

THE KITE RUNNER Chapters 5,6,7 and 8 SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 5 In this chapter, we get a first glimpse of the future events in Afghanistan, The earth shook a little and we heard the rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire. The future events in the book are foreshadowed in this sentence, the onomatopoeia brings the idea of gunfire to life, helping

the reader to get into the mind of the characters. This is also the chapter in which Assef and his friends first torment Hassan and Amir, Hassan draws the slingshot and threatens Assef with the line I will change your name to one eyed-Assef, this is ironic as it shows Hassan in control, whereas in the future events, the roles are reversed. Baba also pays for Hassan to get his lip fixed which is also ironic as that is a factor that makes him stand out as a Hazara, even when it is change he is not treated as an equal. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 6

In chapter 6, Amir tests his and Hassans friendship, he says, would you ask me to do that? when Amir asks if he would eat dirt for him. It is clear that Hassan would do anything for Amir, however Amir is willing to test that friendship. In the later chapters we wonder if Amir is a true friend to Hassan as he does not stand up for him. Baba also buys Hassan a kite for his birthday, we understand that they are close and Baba treats them well, but all fits into place when we later find out that Baba is in fact Hassans real father. Amir is always jealous of the way that Baba treats Hassan and he eventually finds out why. This is also the night before the kite running tournament,

Hassan states that he thinks Amir will make Baba proud, this ironic as the events that occur on that day would far from make his father proud of him if he only knew the truth. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 7 Hassan has a dream in which Amir and Hassan go swimming in the monster invested waters and become heroes for convincing that there is no monster in the lake Amir is under pressure during The Kite Tournament as he wants to win to make Baba proud of him for once Amir and Hassan win The Kite Tournament and Hassan promises to get the last fallen kite for Amir Hassan runs into Assef, Wali and Kamal who threaten him to give the kite to them however Hassan is loyal

to Amir and refuses to give it to them As punishment for not giving Assef the kite, Assef rapes Hassan Amir is hidden and watches Hassan getting raped yet does nothing to stop it and acts like he does not know afterwards QUOTES OF CHAPTER 7 like paper sharks roaming for prey For you a thousand times over! And then? Well happily ever after, of course. What else? Theyd cornered some kind of wild animal that only Assef could tame

A loyal Hazara. Loyal as a dog I call for help but the wind drowns my cries SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 8 Ali talks to Amir about Hassan being distant and Amir acts like he does not know what is wrong Baba gives Amir more attention after winning The Kite Tournament Hassan kept trying to rekindle their friendship but Amir is constantly distant Amir questions Baba and asks him to get new servants and Baba reacts in a very angry ashamed way and refuses to replace Ali and Hassan Amir is trying to make Hassan get revenge on him and hit him with pomegranates so that he doesnt feel as

guilty but Hassan refuses and hits himself instead At Amirs birthday party Assef gives him a autobiography of Hitler Hassan is serving drinks at the party and Assef and his friends taunt him yet again. QUOTES OF CHAPTER 8 It had grabbed Hassan by the ankles, dragged him to the murky bottom. I was that monster. Id stand there, gasping in my own little airless bubble of atmosphere And Hassan Hassans not going anywhere, do you understand? I wished hed give me the punishment I

craved, so maybe I could finally sleep at night. CREATIVE RESPONSE: \\\dfsstore\Data\Intake_ 2008\UserData\08BrettAnn\English\Mr Gilbert - literature\The Kite Runner.docx

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