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The Importance of Study Skills By Dr. Michele Cannata And Patricia Cassa Why should students learn study skills? Study skills are fundamental to academic competence. Jill Seibert professor of psychology University of South Carolina "That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved. Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are the elements of Study Skills? Organization Time Management Learning Styles Reading with a purpose

Active participation in class Note-taking Meta cognition Twenty first century skills Organization Write down assignments in an agenda book Devise a To Do List short intervals in the beginning

Rewards after tasks are completed Use a calendar to chunk long term projects and unit tests Time Management Keep To Do Lists short- 15 minutes for each task and build stamina over time Do hardest assignments first Reward with a favorite activity after homework is completed

Take a minute to reflect.. Were tasks completed during the time frame? Learning StylesKinetic Learner Team player with good motor skills Might need brief breaks between tasks

Fair to good communication skills Works well in study groups Prefers projects to quizzes and tests Visual Learners Gets the big picture but forgets the details Benefits from graphic organizers

Visualizes stories and events Prefers to shorten language to remember content Auditory Learners Benefit from teachers lectures and group discussions Will often ask questions for clarification

Prefer audio textbooks and novels Often repeats information to remember it Reading for a Purpose Preview assignment before reading: 1. Look at pictures and captions maps, graphs and charts 2. Read chapter titles and bold headings and vocabulary in bold print. Try to determine

big picture. Read the chapter. Summarize the main idea. It can be orally or in writing This is a skill that takes time and will not be achieved readily Active Listening Be prepared; if there is no time to read the chapter, use the text-tools to find the main idea. Have some questions to ask the teacher for clarification.

Be ready to participate in the class discussion Show interest in the topic Note Taking While Reading Text Two Column Notes Use the left column for main idea Example: Colonies declare war on England Use the right column for supporting facts

Example: Taxes on stamps, tea, imported goods Soldiers housed in colonial homes No representation in Parliament Taking Notes During Lectures Remember to record date and title of chapter Record supporting details First column for main idea 1. record examples 1. There might be additional topics that were

2. write questions that not included in the textbook need clarification 3. Write information that is repeated 4. Additional vocabulary not in the textbook Importance of Taking Notes Understanding of key concepts Retention of information Clarification of unclear topics Metacognition

This is a fancy word for reflection Review the preparation strategies What part of the study skills process worked well? What parts still need work? Be patient! How did test results improve as a result of increased effort?

Study skills takes practice and effort. It takes time! Twenty First Century Skills Critical Thinking- Problem Solving Skills Collaboration with Peers

Creativity Technology- use of the internet (reliable sites) 1. Blogs 2. Twitter 3. Skype 4. On-line learning Life Skills Global Awareness Work Cited Dipple, Shannon. Kids Learning Styles. Evidence Based Learning that Works, 2013. Kizlik, Dr. Robert Effective Study Skills,

December 28, 2012. Kruger,M.Ed. S. (2013) Soar Study Skills. Luckie, Ph.D., Smethurst, Ed.D. & Huntley, Ph.D. (2000). Study Power Book. McLoughlin, C. The Implications of the Research Literature on Learning Styles for the Design of Instructional Material. Journal of Educational Technology, 1999.

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