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The History of Flash By the inventor, Jonathan Gay His story Early days Play LEGO Began writing games, then graphics editor Writing games was an important part of his compu ter education

His early products Intellidraw SmartSketch (using pen computing, GO) LEGO-based Design Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Choose a problem: Build a LEGO ship. Develop a vision: What sort of ship will it be? How big will it be? What will it carry? Build: Build the framework of the ship. Fill in the details: Design and build the details of the ship, ramps, doors, etc. Test: Drive the cars around the ship and sail the ship while exploring the house. Refine: Take parts of the ship apart and make them better. Learn: Take what you learned from building this ship and use it to build a better one next time. The History of Flash SmartSketch -> FutureSplash Animator

Animation product Send graphics and animation over the Web (using Ja va, but horribly slow) Plug-in API in Netscape (ancestor of Flash Player) to i mprove performance His company sold to Macromedia MSN adopted FutureSplash to produce TV-like experi ence on the Internet FutureSplash = Macromedia Flash 1.0

Flash today and its original From the simple interactivity of Flash 2 and 3 to an interactive development tool that is capable of building online applications Flash started as an animation tool Flash has much of the code that was written for pen computers The story teaches us Teaching games and graphics Programming or use of application software is task-oriented

the students should have a problem It is a cumulative process and a step-wise refinement What are the basics ? The past versions provide some ideas. The teaching of Flash An elaboration of PCK and task-based learning in meeting 4 and 5

The teaching of Flash How do you classify or describe Flash as an application sof tware, a web tool, a programming tool, a graphics tool or an animation tool? How and what do you teach in the starting lessons on Flas

h? What are the basic concepts about Flash? State the teaching methods (names of the methods) you ha ve employed in teaching Flash. Do you have a Text? How do you prepare your teaching no tes? What teaching and learning resources do you usually adopt for your classes? Class activities Compare the major features added between Fla

sh 2 and Flash 5 What is new from Flash 5 to Flash MX 2004? Browse the Web site evel/index.html Trial run the demo Flash from the network driv eS A movie production house (Flash metaphor) Writers lounge, Casting couch,

Make-up room (Tool palette) Editing room (Timeline area) Library (Library) The performance stage (Stage) Audience (user) Features of Flash

Flash is a drawing tool creates assists in producing animations can be of ActionScript provides

high interactivity consist of rich media

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