The Hero's Journey: A study of Archetypes

Tuesday, September 8 Learning Target: I can analyze archetypes in literature. Focus Question: Who is the protagonist, or hero of your IR novel? Who is the antagonist? Reminders.

Vocab Packet due tomorrow, Quiz on Friday Revision due September 16th Perseus Reading Check

1. Who were Perseus parents? What was the oracle concerning Perseus and his birth? 2. Who is Polydectes? What is the gift that he asks of Perseus? 3. What was Perseus task in the cave? 4. What happened to Perseus after he arrived back from the cave? 5. Perseus is often called the archetypal hero. Describe the ways in which he embodies heroic traits. THE HEROS JOURNEY:

A STUDY OF ARCHETYPES A study of Joseph Campbells The Heros Adventure Joseph Campbell (19041987) One of the Worlds Leading Mythologist Take notes on the handout entitled The Heros Adventure. Types of Hero Journeys

Intentional journey Journey that is thrust upon the hero Father quest (Telemachus in the Odyssey or Simba in Lion King) Volunteer in service of country (resurrected into a different

identity, new uniform, sacrifice of self, saving an ideal) Birth Drafted into the service Accidental or serendipitous journey (hero stumbles upon the adventure) Native American stories where hero follows an animal into the woods and encounters an adventure Commonalities among major world religions All major world religions teach that tests, trials or

temptations are common to the central figures journey. Moses: left his people, went into the wilderness received the Ten Commandments, returned and was not recognized by his people. Christ: tempted 3 times by Satan (economic, political and spiritual temptations) Buddha: tempted 3 times (lust, fear, social duty)

Mohammed: left society and went into a cave and meditated Belly of the Whale Click Here How does this scene represent the belly of the

whale in archetypa l terms? Garbage compactor scene from Star Wars Wednesday, September 9 Learning Target: I can use context clues to define vocabulary words.

Focus question: Choose a vocabulary word from List 2 and write a sentence about the protagonist in your IR novel. Be sure to underline the word. Reminders: Vocab Quiz Friday Revision on Wednesday, September 16 PSAT money Get a copy of Frankenstein by next Wednesday! This counts as a grade!!!! Stage of Journey Call to Adventure Characteristics of Each Stage

Can be by choice or by force Hero can accept or resist the call but if he/she resists, the journey is more treacherous Helpers along the way Helpers can be human (fairy godmother) or non-human (Luke Skywalkers light saber) Crossing the Threshold Hero leaves the realm of the familiar and enters the dangerous unknown Often this stage is a physical crossing over from 1 place to another. The figure that must be faced and defeated

Shadow Presence Tests Trials, temptations that the hero faces along the way Belly of the whale experience Supreme Test Must face and defeat or destroy (literally or symbolically) the Shadow Presence . May result in figurative or physical death or dismemberment of the Shadow Presence Reward May be in the form of money, marriage to a prince or deity, immortality, etc.

Return Hero brings restoration of life, peace, hope, freedom back to his/her people Five Stages of the Heros Journey I. Call to Adventure the heros impulse to embark on the journey May embark on adventure by choice or by force Helpers along the way may offer a

magic charm or weapon to aid in the quest. Five Stages of the Heros Journey II. Crossing the Threshold a passing from the ordinary world into the hazardous realm of the unknown Hero encounters a shadow presence which guards the entrance to this dark realm

Hero must defeat the shadow presence or resist it in the face of death This confrontation may take the form of a real or symbolic dismemberment, but it ends in the heros transformation or resurrection Five Stages of the Heros Journey III.

Tests difficult experiences These experiences culminate in a Supreme test Five Stages of the Heros Journey IV. Reward hero may be rewarded with marriage, recognition by a deity, transformation into a deity, attainment of a miraculous potion, etc. Five Stages of the Heros Journey V. Return hero leaves the dark realm with a reward that brings restoration to

his life or the life of his people if he doesnt make it out alive. What can myths/archetypes teach us? Click picture to view video Thursday, September 10 Learning Target: I can analyze texts using the archetypal heros journey.

Focus Question: Choose a different word from your vocabulary list. Write a sentence about that pertains to your IR novel in some way. Reminders:

Vocab Quiz Friday Revision on Wednesday, September 16 PSAT money Get a copy of Frankenstein by next Wednesday! This counts as a grade!!!! Archetypes What is an archetype? The word is derived from the Greek:

arche, original, and typos, form or model. Archetype means: Original Model. They are universal in human beings and occur in literature of every age. Each character in a story fulfills a role that was destined from the beginning of story telling Protagonist or Antagonist? Protagonist- the main character in a story.

The one the audience cheers for. The plot revolves around this character. Usually the hero, but does not have to be. EXAMPLE: Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men Antagonist- the character that opposes or goes against the

protagonist. Usually the villain, but does not have to be. Example: Shares a differing view from the protagonist or creates friction. Examples of Archetypes

Use your chart to fill in notes as we go The Hero/ Heroine The main character. Self-Sacrifice- the hero will pay a price to achieve their goal.

Not necessarily moral, but the one that the reader cheers for. Goes on a journey (physical, mental, or emotional). Must learn something/change by the end. The Heroes Journey The protagonist of a story must take a journey or quest where he/she

Learns something about herself/himself Learns something about life in general Accomplishes a difficult task Finds meaning or purpose in life. Examples? Heroes/Heroines Mother Figure Comforts

Nurtures & gives guidance to the protagonist. Can be called on in times of need. Examples?

Mother Earthsustenance for humans/animals. Fairy God Motheralways there when you need her! The Wise Mentor/ Teacher Gives wisdom in the face of challenges.

Aides and/or trains the main character. Gives them gifts that are important to the hero successfully completing their quest. Gandalf- The Lord of the Rings Dumbledore- Harry Potter

The Sidekick The trusting character, while a bit dependent and naive, has the optimism to take the journey. Works along side either the antagonist or the protagonist Examples? The Villain/ Evil Figure

Often takes the form of the antagonist (anti-hero), but not always. Often wants power/control at any price Usually amoral- no sense of morals Has many tricks to getting what he/she wants

Cunning & Wit Attractiveness Supernatural Power Trickster

The Trickster is a clown, a mischief maker. Can be associated with the villain, or the hero. Sometimes provides the comedic relief. The trickster usually uses his/her cunning and/or wit, against strength and brawn of other characters. Examples? Friday, September 11

Learning Target: I can identify vocabulary words in context. The city, for the first time in its long history, is destructible. A single flight of planes no bigger than a wedge of geese can quickly end this island fantasy, burn the towers, crumble the bridges, turn the underground passages into lethal chambers, cremate the millions. The intimation of mortality is part of New York now; in the sounds of jets overhead, in the black headlines of the latest editions. All dwellers in cities must live with the stubborn fact of annihilation; in New York the fact is somewhat more concentrated because of the concentration of the city itself, and because, of all targets, New York has a certain clear priority. In the mind of whatever perverted dreamer might loose the lightning, New York must hold a steady, irresistible charm... -EB White Here is New York 1948

Reflect on the significance of 9/11. You can refer to the quote above or just talk about what the day means to you.

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