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The Argumentative Essay Your OWN argument rather than somebody elses AP Free Response Questions ANALYTICAL ESSAY Analyze how an author achieves his purpose in a passage Periodical Project, Hamlet test essay, in-class prompts from 1st quarter, 1st semester final exam essay ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY Defend, qualify, or refute a claim. Hamlet essay

SYNTHESIS ESSAY Take a position on an issue, incorporating material from a set of 5-7 sources Saint or Aint, CARP The Argumentative Essay Presents an opinion/question and asks you to: Argue for, (support, defend, etc.) YES Qualify/Modify YES, BUT Argue against (deny, refute, etc.) NO

Support with your reading, observation, or experience The Art of Persuasion in Action Everything we have studied about rhetoric comes into play here. Rhetorical strategies Any strategy that can be analyzed in other essays can be employed here BY YOU! 3 Appeals (Pathos, Logos, Ethos) Details/facts, examples, analogy, personal experience Patterns of development Style: diction, tone, syntax, tropes and schemes!

The Format for Your Essay 1. Present a context for your claim. 2. State your claim. Be clear about your position in reference to the topic/quote. 3. Support your claim. 4. Acknowledge/Refute opposition. 5. Summarize and conclude. Not a be-all, end-all formula. An Argumentative Prompt Affirm, deny, or qualify the following statement. Support your position with material from your reading, observation, or experience. Illinois schools should eliminate the

current three-month summer break and adopt a system of year-round schooling, in which students attend school for six weeks at a time, interspersed with two-week breaks. As You Plan, Consider Implications/Consequences If this happens, what might follow? The Big Picture Who/what else might be affected? Counter-Arguments What are the downsides to my proposal/position? Grouping/Structure What ties my points together?

Context!more on that in a minute Argumentative Contexts Context: a unified angle or domain of support Is there a _________ argument to be made about this issue? You can argue a position from a number of contexts. This helps you to focus your argument, so that you can cogently and logically accomplish your task within the 40min. time frame. Your support need not all fall under one context, but frame it in terms of an overarching one Cultural Academic Health & Safety Political Gender

Historical Generational Medical Moral Religious Economic Aesthetic SelfExpression Environmental Social Legal e.g. Cars Should Be Banned. SIDE

YES CONTEXT SUPPORT Health/ Safety Fewer accidents, more exercise, less smog YES Aesthetic fewer lots/garages more naturally beautiful world YES, BUT

Generational Only ban gas-guzzlers; prior NO Cultural Modern car an American invention; ban robs us of a cultural institution NO Economic Lose 1,000s of jobs, exports ages got along without them! Youngsters must learn frugality.

As You Write Consider organizing by context, by chronology, by importance, or by scale (small picturebig picture) Avoid fallacies, especially generalizations & overstatements Avoid lazy/meaningless statements Nature or nurture? Its mostly based on what you do as a person. You cant BS your way through this. You must show an ability to think maturely about an issue. The Theoretical Prompt Sometimes the prompt wont present an issue, but a provocative quote. Its been said that good can come

from evil. Write a well-organized essay that affirms, denies, or modifies this statement. Support your position using material from your reading, observation, or experience. Reading, observation, experience LIME! Literature, Imagination, Memories, Events

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