Teaching Plot Structure Through Short Stories

Plot Structure Plot is the literary element that describes the structure of a story. It shows the a causal arrangement of events and actions within a story. Freytags Pyramid Freytags Pyramid uses a five-part system to describe a storys plot. This graphic organizer matches the way stories are constructed: The climax is the high point, and

its surrounded by rising and falling action. Modified Freytag Pyramid Freytags Pyramid is often modified so that it extends slightly before and after the primary rising and falling action. You might think of this part of the chart as similar to the warm-up and cool-down for the story.

Plot Structure Components Climax: The turning point. The most intense moment (either mentally or in action. Rising Action: the series of conflicts and crisis in the story that lead to the climax. Falling Action: all of the action which follows the

Climax. Exposition: The start of the story. The way things are before the action starts. Resolution: The conclusion, the tying together of all of the threads.

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