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Synoptic Assessment Essay question Synoptic Assessment - Essay 45 minutes of exam time for the essay Using knowledge and understanding from AS and A2 Show a understanding of the broad principles of experimental investigation. Breadth, not depth

Marking scheme Knowledge and understanding Breadth of knowledge 16 marks 3 marks Relevant and suitable examples 3 marks Quality of written English 3 marks

_______ Total 25 marks What should you cover...? At least 3 areas of the specification Stick to the point Finish each section before you move on Dont flit! If the question asks for relationships between or comparison: make sure you pair.

The Pitfalls How not to write a synoptic essay in biology .. Write an essay on: The uses made of ATP by Plants and Animals What NOT to do: Write an introduction. I am going to

Talk about how ATP is MADE Refer ONLY to Plants .. or to Animals Write at length ONLY about Muscles or Waffle. to fill up the time / space Write a conclusion I have told you about. The Pitfalls How the nasty people at the exam board try to catch you out 1. If all else fails. Read the QUESTION!!!!!

Write an essay on: The uses of ATP Mutation and its consequences Photosynthesis and its importance in ecosystems. You will lose marks if your essay is: Not SYNOPTIC enough: how many sections of the specification? Not RELEVANT enough: re-read No.1!!!!! Contains unscientific Terminology:

Messages passing along nerves Enzymes killed by high temperature Antibiotics fight disease Synoptic Essay Two main types of essays Two types of essays Structure and function Causes and biological importance Cycles across biology

Movements within cells Marking scheme Content Breadth of knowledge 16 marks 3 marks Relevant and suitable examples

3 marks Quality of written English 3 marks _______ Total 25 marks An exceptional essay reflects the detail that could be expected from a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of relevant parts of the specification

is free from fundamental errors maintains appropriate depth and accuracy throughout includes two or more paragraphs of material that indicates greater depth or breadth of study A good essay reflects the detail that could be expected from a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of relevant parts of the specification is free from fundamental errors maintains appropriate depth and accuracy throughout An average essay contains a significant amount of material that reflects the detail that could be expected from a knowledge and understanding of relevant parts of the specification. In practice this will amount

to about half the essay. is likely to reflect limited knowledge of some areas and to be patchy in quality demonstrates a good understanding of basic principles but will contain some errors and evidence of misunderstanding A poor essay contains much material which is below the level expected of a candidate who has completed an A-level Biology course although there will be occasional valid points Contains fundamental errors reflecting a poor grasp of basic principles and concepts Break it down Content : at least 5 areas, two key points and

an example Eg hydrolysis of ATP by ATPase releases energy than can be used for specific processes, for example, energy for active transport of mineral ions against a concentration gradient in root hair cells of a plant Or ATP is used for the active transport of ions in a plant Breadth 3 modules or kingdoms Structure and Function relationships of

carbohydrates Cellulose cell walls provide strength and support Long unbranched/polysaccharides/hydrogen bonds/microfibrils Find the hook.....

Cycles: List some Molecular (ATP etc) Cellular (cell, Calvin)

Systems: (breathing, cardiac) Organisms (life, reproductive) Populations (lag, log, stationary, death, repeat) Community (predator-prey) Environment (nitrogen, carbon) Gene Technology (PCR) Mutation and its consequences Two main aspects to the essay: mutations; consequences Mutations A change in arrangement or amount of genetic material in a

cell May affect one or more genes If in sperm or eggs, sex cells, it is inherited, hereditary mutations If in body cell it is acquired (due to exposure to mutagen in environment or spontaneous) Mutagens Copying error during DNA replication Ionising radiation Ionises DNA

Chemicals Alkylating agents, transfer methyl and ethyl groups to DNA Mutations Types of mutation:

Deletions Frame shift Insertions Substitutions nonsense, mis-sense, silent May affects the structure and function of polypeptides and the resulting protein due to the change in hydrogen bonding between R groups of amino acids making up the polypeptide chain. Affects the function of the protein, which may not function in its usual way May not affect if the new codon codes for the same amino acid. All

but two amino acids are coded by more than one codon Consequences of mutations Problems arising from mutations Tumour benign, malignant Due to mutation in proto-oncogenes, (genes which encode proteins which stimulate normal growth) generates oncogenes. Increased production of or activity of proteins: uncontrolled cell growth leads to tumour Tumour suppressor genes: (genes which encode proteins that

inhibit cell division, promote cell adhesion, repair damaged DNA Cell division continues inappropriately: tumour develops Disease states cause and symptoms (brief) Cystic Fibrosis

SCID Huntingdons Benefit of mutations: evolution, genetic diversity How to Beat the System!!!!! No.1 Read the Questions with Extreme Care!!!! No. 2 Select the one which gives you most SYNOPTIC content No. 3 Plan your essay using Spider Diagrams No. 4 Select approx 8 aspects and order them logically. No. 5 Write a paragraph for each aspect in the order you decided

Do NOT.. Write waffly introductions Use Un-scientific terminology Include irrelevant information Write waffly conclusions Lets give it a try Plan an ESSAY on

Molecular Shape in Biology Essay You should write your essay in continuous prose. Your essay will be marked for its scientific accuracy. It will also be marked for your selection of relevant material from different parts of the specification and for the quality of your written communication. The maximum number of marks that can be awarded is Scientific 16 Breadth of knowledge3

Relevance 3 Quality of written communication 3 Write an essay on the following topic: The importance of shapes fitting together in cells and organisms. (Total 25 marks) Past papers June 2002 The different ways in which organisms use ATP. How the structure of cells is related to their function.

January 2003 The biological importance of water. The movement of substances within living organisms. June 2003 The structure and functions of carbohydrates. Cycles in biology. Past papers January 2004 How the structure of protein is related their

functions. The causes of variation and its biological importance. June 2004 The process of osmosis and its importance to living organisms. Energy transfers which take place inside living organisms Past papers June 2006

How is shape related to function June 2005 Negative feedback in organisms. Mean temperatures are rising in many parts of the world. The rising temperatures mat result in physiological and ecological effects on living organisms. Describe and explain these effects. January 2005 How microscopes have contributed to our understanding of living organisms. Enzymes and their importance in plants and animals.

New Specification Essays 2013 Interactions of living organisms 2012 Shapes in Biology, Effects of bacteria on organisms 2011 Using DNA, Biological cycles 2010 Effect of CO2, Causes of disease Specimen: Global Warming, Variation

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