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SCHOLARSHIPS Henry Wise Wood Fall 2018 The Top 6 Mini Version

HWW Website (ie Nov) *U of T National/Queens Chancellor/TD Canada/Shad Valley Remind APP Create profile websites (4) Post Secondary Specific (Apply/E-account) ie U of C scholarship tutorial on campus Nov 28 Post Sec visits to HWW (lunch or fairs)

AB post secondary fair at HWW Nov 8, 7-8:30 pm Gr 10-12 meetings at HWW (Fall, Duke of Edinburgh, U of C, Spring Ed Matters) Use resources: LINK handouts/Bulletin(s)/WW/HWW phone APP/Remind APP/counsellor Why Are Scholarships Important? Estimated living expenses: $2000-$4000 with parents $9000-$11000 independently

Estimated tuition, books, academic supplies, etc. Tuition - $4050 - $8730 Books - $1307 - $2000 How much will school cost? What Is A Scholarship?

A scholarship is a monetary award which is often based on a variety of criteria: Academics

Volunteer work Extracurricular activities Sports Financial need may or may not be a factor. What Is A Bursary? A bursary is a monetary grant that is usually based on financial need rather than

merit. The student is in need of financial assistance in order to continue their education. Student Government Loans Both

the Federal and Provincial governments provide student loans for post-secondary study. Students must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Apply through the province that considers them a resident. AB= automatic $1500 contribution expectation, Parent salary and savings not expected Canada= auto $1500-$3000 contribution, parent contribution required based on income see parent contribution calculator

Types of Scholarships 1. Institution Based Scholarships Every post-secondary institution will offer first year scholarships for first year students. Check the institutions web page for a list of these scholarships.

Institutions Based Entrance Scholarships Open to students admitted to the postsecondary institute directly from high school. Students MUST apply to the institute in order to be considered. Students are considered based on their grade point average from high school. 2. Membership Scholarships

Many organizations have scholarships available to members and their families. Example A.T.A. (AB Teachers Association) Could include employers, clubs, cultural organizations, religious affiliations, or teams. 3. CBE / School Based Scholarships Managed by the Calgary Board of Education

Selected at school or city level. The typical application time for these is in the spring of the students Grade 12 year. Go to: 4. Corporate Scholarships Nationally or provincially selected E.g. Toyota, T.D. Bank, Scotia Bank

5. Government Scholarships Alberta: Alexander Rutherford Scholarship 75% - 80% and higher average in 5 subjects in grade 10 ($400), 11($800), and 12($1300). Different monetary amounts awarded depending on average. Value varies from $300 to $2500

Apply after post sec acceptance Official high school marks Go to: for more information More Scholarship Information Have you created a profile? * NEW*

Other Websites to explore: Student Awards:

Myths and Tips Myth1 . I have to be a straight A student Myth2. Its a lot of work to apply Its Easy.

1. Start early 2. Ask early Rachel Coker Myth3. I have nothing to talk about What to Write 1. Read the question and stick to the theme of the essay

2. Share anecdotes and personal stories 3. Stand out Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and YouTube for more scholarship tips! EducationMatters @Ed_Matters EducationMattersCa lg

Let your passion shine through... Volunteering is a major part of my life. Through the several events that I have had the privilege of partaking in, I have been able to do many things for the betterment of my own self and the greater community. By volunteering my time and skills, I am able to let my own light shine and inspire others to realize that service to community brings back infinite rewards.

What NOT to Write Because for me, its not about loving your job everyday of your life, instead its all about the job security. I would rather have a job that I know I will have for a long time rather than one I love, but may not have it the next day. Once I get a job, I will slowly try to make my way up the corporate ladder as much as I can, before

retiring at an optimistically early age (maybe 50?). Myth4. There are so many students applying, Ill never get one! Realize Your Potential! 1. Research 2. Apply often Bonus tips.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Read award criteria carefully

Type your application /make it legible Include your name Grammar, spelling, & word count References: Choose wisely, secure early Make sure application is complete Financial need/Financial information Keep an extra copy of your application Contact information & important updates r t

Ex 1. 2. 3. 4. v i t o M

a . n o i at Share your story Be passionate Make your essay/application

personal Talk about your experiences HOW DO I FIND MORE INFO?? School Website -Students/Parents tab-Scholarships -Scholarship Handbook (see p 8!) -Monthly listings of significant $ awards, unique to Calgary, etc (posted 1 month in

advance; check last years listings if you are searching ahead! Check for variance in date!) Announcements, Bulletin Boards, LINK Wednesday Warrior Do you have the HWW phone APP? REMIND? EVEN MORE INFO?? Talk to your guidance counsellor Talk to the scholarship coordinator

Post-Sec visits (at HWW, Open House, Student for a Day) OOP, ELAA Parent/Student Post Secondary & Scholarship Night November

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