Step One: Read & Analyze Poem

Poetry Terms Quick Review: stanza: a group of lines in a poem, set off from other stanzas by a space free verse: poems free of rhythm or rhyme schemes, meant to mimic natural speech metaphor: the comparison of two unlike things without using like or as personification: giving non-human objects human qualities imagery: descriptive or figurative language that paints a picture in the readers mind Step One: Read & Analyze Poem 1. Definitions: creed a belief that guides ones

actions tinge to color slightly pallid pale, colorless hue shade or tint luminous full of light in the darkness wring squeeze or twist to get something out of an object 2. Examples of Figurative Language or Imagery: -find 2 (personification, symbols,

metaphors, etc.) 3. Decipher the authors belief statement. Step Two: Your Personal Belief Statement Write down a belief statement. Use your draft from yesterday. Brainstorm two concepts related to your belief, and give each concept an image. Example: Concept ACCEPTANCEImage the warm blanket I

wrap myself in to feel safe Step Three: Outline/Draft Poem use the back side of your handout Write a poem that expresses your personal belief statement using imagery and figurative language to illustrate it. Structure your poem like Mistrals poem. Start each 5-line stanza with I believe Should not rhyme free verse You will have 2 stanzas of 5 lines each Insert line breaks and punctuation to help add meaning

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    Sonnet Structure - Weebly

    A fourteen line poem, with ten syllables in each line. There are two types of sonnet- the English sonnet and the Italian (Petrarchan) sonnet. Quatrain- a stanza consisting of four lines. Octave- an eight line stanza, created from two quatrains.
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